Jepsen: Bysiewicz Dancing Like Ginger Rogers

So, do ya wanna dance? With Ginger Rogers? Or Maybe Susan Bysiewicz?

George Jepsen, the leading Democratic challenger to Connecticut Secretary of  the State Susan Bysiewicz to replace Dick Blumenthal as attorney general, says SuBy’s doing a tap as she tries to make the case that she meets the legal definition, 10 years active practice as a lawyer, to run for AG.

Jepsen steps into the Pol Pod for a chat about SuBy’s decision to seek an opinion from Blumenthal, the political fallout of her qualifications in question, the chances of a court deciding the issue and his plans to become the state’s chief civil lawyer.

Fred and Ginger
Fred and Ginger

Susan Bysiewicz
George, shall we dance?

George Jepsen
Sure, only if I lead ... in the polls

Jepsen served as Senate Majority Leader and Democratic State Party Chair. He also ran as the candidate for lieutenant governor on the 2002 ticket, led by Bill Curry, that lost to John Rowland. He is an attorney with the Hartford-based law firm, Cowdery, Ecker & Murphy. But talk to George and his friends and it’s clear the job he’s been most passionate to secure is attorney general. His opportunity for the seat came when Blumenthal announced his run for Chris Dodd’s U.S. Senate seat.

SuBy didn’t waste a lot of time either entering the AG contest, sidestepping her gubernatorial bid and lead in statewide polls. Jepsen says, and SuBy won’t flat-out deny it, that what she really wants is Joe Lieberman’s U.S. Senate seat in 2012. And this, says George in the Pol Pod, will become a major issue for Democratic voters to decide. What’s SuBy’s commitment to the AG job? Ginger Rogers won the Academy Award for best actress for her role as Kitty Foyle. Will George Jepsen become SuBy’s foil? Shall we dance? So grab hold of your favorite dance partner and turn up the sound. {running time: 14:47}



  1. I will tell you this Lennie I have had enough of all of these politicians. Susan B is a fraud and an opportunist. Jepsen is a perennial politician and office seeker. They are all full of it.
    Last night I saw Donovan one of the leaders in Hartford talking about universal health care being how the legislature passed universal health care and Rell vetoed it. Donovan went on and on about adding the uninsured to the state insurance coverage. One thing this guy did not say was how this would be paid for. We have a deficit of huge proportions and he wants Connecticut to have its own health care like Massachusetts.
    On its face the premiums will be lower than what is paid for state employees but who and how do we pay for people that don’t have coverage? Before you go there don’t you think these AHs in Hartford should figure out how they are going to pay for this? Tax us or business any more than you are now and this will be a ghost state.
    You know the Dems have an opportunity to make great strides and changes but they can’t get their shit together. Look at the countrywide polls and you will see health care way down the list below terrorism and Jobs. What do they do? They spend a year on a health care bill that for all intents and purposes is dead. New jobless numbers today 800,000 new jobless claims last month, unemployment up to 10.1% and still no jobs bill. Obama has no plan and has told congress to come up with a jobs bill. Well we saw what they did when he told them to come up with a health care bill.
    I say let’s get rid of all of them and start over.
    One more thing did we elect Himes or Pelosi; I can’t tell the difference.

  2. “Dancing with the Bars!”

    Suby is a real Hoofer. Dances with two left feet and suffers from Hoof in Mouth disease.

    When did George Jettison come back from his hiatus in Florida? He’s another two-schlepper.

  3. *** The way things are going for Suby, she’s better off staying put right where she’s at for now ’cause she’s changing her mind much too often & may end up on the outside looking in! *** As for the P&Z debacle Walsh is right, why have any rules & regulations pertaining to city/state ordinances or sanctions on commissions & committees, if they’re not going to be followed because of individual preferences, politics or any other favorable reasons to make an exception to the rules. *** Hope C. Shays decides to run for CT Governor, I think his overall experience in government, political bipartisan ties from past history would be a plus over some of the present running candidates. *** The Park City “update” monthly paper seems to paint Bpt. city government real issues with disappearing ink? All the so-called bringing the city forward into the future developments are here today but gone tomorrow! *** FORGETABOUTIT ***

  4. What we have running for state offices are the same bunch of retreads we had 4 years ago. There is not an innovative thinker in the group. In the governor’s race we will get to vote for dumb & dumber.
    When are these politicians going to realize that the public wants Strong, Honest, INNOVATIVE people in office?
    When are the politicians going to learn that people do not want spendthrift people in government? Did anyone learn anything from the Scott Brown victory in Massachusetts? He made one of the most intelligent statements to date. He said and I paraphrase, it’s time to stop spending money on lawyers for terrorists that money should be used to fight terrorism.
    Rep Himes is typical of most politicians today. He has voted 100% with Nancy Pelosi. Not once has he stood up and said no that’s to costly. He just voted to raise the country’s debt service which right now means $.40 of every dollar is going towards debt service. You can’t run a government like that.
    I think that in Hartford and Washington DC they have a room where they take all the politicians and suck out their brains and their balls. Why else are we in so much trouble?
    People are losing their homes, people are losing their jobs, kids are going to bed hungry and the list goes on and on. What has been done in the last decade to stop this? Nothing of substance.


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