Summit Place? City Council To Act On Paper Street

A largely quiet City Council agenda, see here, for Monday night includes a communication from the Office of Planning and Economic Development for a professional services agreement with Freeman Companies covering design and engineering for the $500,000 state-funded Black Rock streetscape project to improve Fairfield Avenue. It will be referred to the Contracts Committee.

Mayor Joe Ganim has tapped Aaron Turner to serve on the Planning & Zoning Commission, referred to Miscellaneous Matters and James Morley to serve on the Fire Commission, referred to Public Safety and Transportation. Turner is a legislative and campaign organizer aligned closely with State Senators Ed Gomes and Marilyn Moore.

Mayoral and City Council citations will also honor the Firebird Society of Bridgeport and the coaches and student athletes of the Harding High School football team for organizing a beautification program in the East End that included the painting of 50 Fire Hydrants.

There is only one item for the full council to act on, everything else referred to committees:

Public Safety and Transportation Committee Report re: Petition by Attorney Linda Pesce Laske from Green & Gross P.C. on behalf of Andrzej Nasuto and AKN Home Improvements, LLC re: Discontinuance of a Portion of the Paper Street known as Summit Place.

Drum roll …

“Summit Place” abuts 245 Alba Avenue and 215 Alba Avenue in the Whiskey Hill area of the North End.



  1. I see two very good moves by Mayor Ganim, first Aaron Turner being selected to serve on the Planning and Zoning Commission and James Morley to serve on the Fire Commission.

  2. And Aaron Turner is an excellent choice. Another good person who I am sure will take very seriously his duties on P & Z.
    Andy maybe your wife can give Aaron a good tutorial on Planning & Zoning Rules and Regs.

  3. Congratulations to the Firebird Society on this award, but it’s a damned shame the Mayor refuses to meet with my organization. He is the first Mayor in the 33 years of our existence who have refused to meet with us, but you can bet at our 32nd Annual Cookout in August he will be there patting niggas on the back telling them how much he cares about them.

    Mayor Ganim, you are an affront to all the Firebird Society has done for the Bridgeport community to make it a better place to live, work and raise a family and if my President won’t say it let me, you ain’t shit.

  4. Two questions. What happened to former Bridgeport Police Chief Wilbur Chapman and is he still on the City’s payroll and what is it he’s doing? Second, where is the decision on Police Lieutenant Lonnie Blackwell?

  5. Donald Day. Sorry to burst your bubble. A citation from the city council is not an award. There are no criteria. Any council member can do it with the approval of the council president. A city council citation and $2 will get you a medium coffee at Dunkin Donuts.

  6. Tom, okay, no bubble here to burst. This just provided me with another opportunity to rail against that racially unconscionable Mayor you call Ganim. Nothing to see here Tom, although I’m sorry to burst your bubble. Pop.

  7. Very glad to see Jim Morley selected to the Bridgeport Fire Commission. He is one of only two, along with Stuart Rosenberg, who have ever really taken their fiduciary duties seriously, and had always stood up for the people they were commissioned to represent, and when they were forced politically to compromise that duty, they chose the higher path and resigned!


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