Sports Authority Changes New Store Name To Bridgeport/Trumbull

Sports Authority
Sports Authority opens store in Bridgeport.

Feeling the outcry, Sports Authority Trumbull is now Sports Authority Bridgeport/Trumbull, according to its website.

The national retailer that opened its latest store in the North End of Bridgeport initially called it “Sports Authority Trumbull”–in a stiff arm to the city–in pursuit of suburban buyers. What, city folks don’t spend money?

Bridgeport is Connecticut’s most populous city surrounded by wealthy suburbs but it’s gotta be galling to city folks when the suits at a national retailer that operates more than 450 stores in 45 states highlights the Bridgeport store as “Trumbull” from a town that sends Bridgeport its garbage, sewage, sick and homeless.

The Trumbull line is just up the road from 4543 Main Street in the Brookside Center where the new Bridgeport store opened. City officials celebrated the store’s grand opening on Saturday.

Several OIB posters shared their irritation toward the corporate swipe at the city, including retired city firefighter Donald Day.

Until such time as it’s called Sports Authority Bridgeport, I won’t shop there. Bullshit the baker and you get a bun, bullshit Donald, you get none.

North End resident Steve Auerbach added:

It is sad the website refers to the location as Trumbull. It probably does them more harm than good. It shows the execs put thought into a stupid mistake. Modells is in Bridgeport. People will drive through Trumbull looking for this store. Isn’t it easier just to tell people where you are located? GOOD thing Mayor Finch was there to let people know it was located in the City of Bridgeport. The good thing, nobody is going to look at the website to find this store. Shoppers already know they are in Bridgeport and I trust they will do very well.

The suits took note of the outcry.



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