SOTS Chief Proposes 10 Days Of Early Voting To Legislature

Municipal electors would have 10 days of in-person early voting if a proposal by Secretary of the State Stephanie Thomas is approved by the Connecticut legislature.

Thomas is pitching lawmakers to commence early voting beginning with the 2023 municipal elections. Last November state voters approved a constitutional ballot question for some form of early voting.

In Connecticut voting prior to election day is allowed only by excuse-only absentee ballot.

More from Mark Pazniokas, CT Mirror:

“You now have the important task of shaping legislation that provides increased access to voters, creates minimal strain on our municipalities and election officials, and is easily understood by the public,” Thomas wrote to lawmakers.

Thomas, a supporter of early voting who was elected in November and took office two weeks ago, made her recommendation in a letter to lawmakers attached to a state-by-state study of early voting commissioned by her office.

The study by the Center for Election Innovation & Research found that the length of early voting in statewide general elections ranged from three to 46 days, with uniform standards in some states and town-by-town flexibility in others.

… A half-dozen bills concerning early voting already have been referred to the legislature’s Government Administration and Elections Committee. They would authorize as few as two days and as many as 14.

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