‘Someday We’ll Be Together’–Up Next For City Council District Litigation, Connecticut Supremes

supreme bench
Seated, L to R: Justice Richard N. Palmer, Chief Justice Chase T. Rogers, Justice Dennis G. Eveleigh. Standing, L to R: Senior Justice Christine S. Vertefeuille, Justice Gregory T. D’Auria, Justice Andrew J. McDonald, Senior Justice Carmen E. Espinosa, Justice Richard A. Robinson. Image from judicial website.

The process to fill two City Council seats in the North End 133rd District will take several months and possibly longer, depending on the Connecticut Supreme Court’s willingness to accept the case on an expedited basis, according to lawyers of the various parties. Meanwhile, Jeanette Herron, whose seat is entangled in this legal case, and Tom McCarthy, outgoing council president, continue to represent the district until successors are chosen. McCarthy did not seek reelection.

Lawyers for the defendant parties, including Deputy City Attorney John Bohannon representing city election officials, are expected to file an appeal next week of Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis’ decision to order another Democratic primary. The judge concluded that absentee ballot abuses warranted a third primary involving party-endorsed Herron and Michael DeFilippo and challengers Bob Keeley and Anne Pappas-Phillips. The two top finishers will go on to the general election to face Republicans Michele Minutolo and Neville De la Rosa.

Keeley challenged the results of the second primary as well, with the endorsed candidates leading. The judge had previously ordered a redo of the September 12 primary, with Herron leading Keeley by one vote, citing a previously uncounted absentee ballot that found its way into a recount.

Lawyers will petition directly to the state’s highest court based on seeking a quicker resolution of an election challenge. The Supremes could take it on an expedited basis or simply accept it as part of their regular docket.

Overview of the court:

Between September and June of each year, the Supreme Court hears oral arguments on pending cases in eight two-week terms in the Supreme Court courtroom located at 231 Capitol Avenue in Hartford. Oral arguments are open to the public and you are invited to attend.

The proceedings in the Supreme Court differ from the trial court proceedings in three important respects: First, this court does not hear the testimony of witnesses. Instead, it hears the arguments of lawyers for each party, who have filed written briefs beforehand in which they have described the case to the court.

Second, this court does not decide questions of fact. Instead, it decides issues of law, such as the interpretation of a statute or the constitutionality of the procedures used in presenting evidence at trial.

Finally, this court does not decide a case immediately after the proceedings. Rather, after each side has had the opportunity to present its case to the court in a half-hour oral argument, the court takes the case under advisement and delivers its judgment within a few months.

If the Supremes refuse to hear the case, lawyers will then take the case to the Connecticut Appellate Court. So it’s hard to say when–if–a third primary will take place.

So resolution of the case will drag on for a while. The larger question is, sooner than later?



  1. To my layman’s eyes this looks like a case of black letter law. Judge Bellis has had a ruling or two reversed on appeal but this time the facts are on her side. There is testimony Mario Testa and Michael DeFilippo, the drink slinger at his pizza joint in Fairfield, manipulated the absentee balloting process to secure the latter’s election to the City Council. Bridgeport Police Officer Nikola, a veteran law enforcement professional, testified under oath he was sent by Chief Armando Perez to assist in the the collection of absentee ballots at DeFilippo’s direction. Max Medina’s report detailed absentee ballot discrepancies at  a nursing home and the mailroom at Bridgeport City Hall. 

    If Mario Testa and Michael DeFilippo have nothing to hide why did they refuse to testify in open court? And what about Chief Perez? Is he criminally liable for his part in this? It would be informative to hear what he has to say under oath.


      Reports are coming in of a white bald male wearing glasses and a female passenger driving around parts of the North End in Bridgeport in a 1963 Cadillac. A flood of 911 calls have been coming in with people complaining about this vehicle playing extremely loud music. The volume is said to be so loud that citizens are reporting broken windows on homes and businesses. Several witnesses have stated that they believe the driver is former State Rep. Bob Kelley and the song he was playing was this one:


  2. This is not a rehearing of the trial. It will be based on case law and the citing of the respective law and statutes.

    In 2007 Judge John Blawie ruled against Chris Caruso in his election case with Bill Finch. Caruso took the expedited route and the Supremes agreed with Judge Blawie based on existing case election law.

      1. They may hear the case on an expidited basis but the chances of Bohannon prevailing are somewhere between Jack and shit and Jack will not be going to Hartford that day.

          1. You have a serious obsession for Jack Daniel’s whiskey. Is the brand you keep stashed in your janitor’s cart?

    1. The nine wise souls in Hartford only rule in matters of law. Bellis’ ruling will stand up to legal challenge. Mario and his drink slinger are SOL.

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    First On topic

    Dose it really matter? The legal apparatus in place to collect ABs at nursing home or places where campaign operative control will continue. The way I see it. If you can stack the deck with ABs, stack the deck. Why wait to the last minute to make your move. This ain’t Cinderella. If you want to stop the obvious and blatant “illegal” abuse of ABs. since ABs is an accommodation, set to a law, stating all AB have to be in and tallied by the opening voting day. @ if you have the power to abuse ABs, stop being lazy with it. #hackerswin


    PS. TBK I know I’m a stupid asshole. Keep scrolling 🙂

  5. Back to topic, I hate to say this but kudos to Bohannan for outsmarting the plaintiffs attorney by convincing him to agree to the Feb. 6th primary date. First, Bohannon knows darn well there will be no Supreme Court challenge, they can’t afford another hit and they will get one if they proceed. Second, he knows this longer primary date will cool off the emotions of the voters, they will after all move on with their day-to-day responsibilities, and this will be a distant memory. It was so convenient to seize the moment, too bad. The plaintiffs attorney did an outstanding job,but he unintentionally blinked at the end.

    1. The Connecticut Post is going to remind its readers about this at every turn, Lisa. The reportage will become a bit more lower case with every telling. A few weeks ago Michael DeFilippo was referred to as “a bartender at Testa’s Brooklawn Avenue restaurant.” Lately he “slings drinks.”

      1. There can be an advantage. Others in Bridgeport can help out if it gets to another primary. The 133rd can become “Ground Zero” for Democratic politics in Bridgeport. I have mentioned this before. It is a travesty that the Democratic Party in Bridgeport does not have a working,functioning website. The reference for the Democratic Party in Bridgeport is a phone number and e-mail for Mario Testa. Certainly,Democrats in Bridgeport can do better.

  6. I believe Keeley will gain strength in the next election because of the judges ruling a whole new new ballgame not the same ole. The sleeping giant is awakened. Voters feel a sense of empowerment. Voters who haven’t voted since Obama will come out as Leeley Now has the moral high ground and the press on his side. I worked the neighborhood for Keeley. I brought out new voters. I will return to them and they will bring out additional voters. We really have a theme on this one: we are rooting outcorruption! We are getting our sea legs. We are an army at dawn!

  7. Absentee ballot fraud is no secret in Bridgeport. We all know it has been happening forever. Unendorsed candidates win the machine vote only to lose the AB tally. Now, thanks to Robert Keeley’s lawsuit, the fraud has been exposed in a court of law. Everyone’s suspicions have been confirmed: the democratic process was negated by Mario Testa. The following is an excerpt of dialogue from the 1976 film “Network”:

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