1. Am I the only person missing the city employees and elected officials (with handles) writing here on what’s really going on behind the closed doors in Bridgeport?

    1. What the heck am I? I’m sure you really mean to ask what is going on behind closed doors in City Hall and it’s departments. You would love to hear as much vitriol as possible so much so that you are missing it. You aren’t the only one and the “closed doors in Bridgeport” is broad and general. Let me give you an example. Ron Mackey has for quite some time been wondering and indirectly asking: What’s really going on behind the closed doors in Dave Walkers campaign, home, office, and meeting places? Come on Jennifer, share the juicy details and tell us what’s really going on. Stop and think that the reason could be because there’s not much of the dirt you and others want to hear taking place. One thing that has taken place but getting NO COVERARE by OIB/Lennie Grimaldi, CTpost, etc. Is the obvious sabotaging of our city the State Senator representing East Windsor and their not so hidden agendas.

      1. Joel, not what I’m asking at all. Not everything happening is negative. Opinions are interesting, however I’m missing those who gave reasons, facts and policy insights. Ron has been asking about outreach. Specifics of Walkers plans were not possible until the budget was approved. He’s a policy with solid numbers problem solver. Until the finances of this state are put in order, nothing will improve. They will soon be published now that real numbers are public. The people who know where and why the bodies are buried seems to be missing, if you will, the history behind what’s happening-or not happening now. I didn’t forget about you, not chopped liver. It’s people like, oh Godiva for example …

  2. Joe Ganim has not been the mayor of this city since Ganim 2 started.
    He has had one goal and 1 goal only and that is to get his law privileges back. He is having all these fund raisers and building a war chest for a BS run for governor.Ganim knows he cant get the nomination but he hopes he can leverage his large war chest and a few delegates for his law License. He cant or wont govern Bridgeport how is he going to run the stae?

    1. Hello Andy Fardy, what you think about the Notorious BIG youtube video and most importantly the message behind it all. I like commandment number 7–Keep your family and business completely separated. Reading into this post of yours, it sounds like you will soon be walking around Bridgeport wearing a T-shirt that reads: He is not my mayor.
      Can’t you and all other simply accept the fact that Joe Ganim has proven that: There is political life after political death. Here it is again and I hope that after you listen to it again, you start behaving like a BIG man.


      1. What “political life after political death”? The city is no better now than before Joe Ganim bought his political “redemption.

        The most recent City Council election was marred TWICE by absentee ballot fraud. DTC chairman Mario Testa and Michael DeFilippo, his bartender and chosen candidate, refused to answer questions under oath in a court of law. Armando Perez, Ganim’s Chief of Police, has been implicated.

        So tell us, how are the people of the city of Bridgeport better off now that a notorious crook is back in the mayor’s office.

    1. Words from a very successful Indiana Governor-
      “Most fundamentally, government is a monopoly, the ultimate monopoly, and monopolies by their nature overcharge and underserve their customers. They can’t go out of business no matter how badly they perform, and without competition or the profit motive to spur quality service, they almost never deliver it. I’ve known many elected officials who, if they thought about it at all, took the defeatist attitude that nothing much can be done and that lousy service is the best one can expect.

      But that’s unacceptable. Taxpayers deserve not just decent performance from their hired hands in government, they deserve excellence. And with the right approaches, they can have it.”

      There absolutely is a way a formula to make government work – it’s finding the candidate with the vision, desire and need – Bridgeport and CT has not felt that need based on who they elect. Here’s to hoping that changes.
      Few examples, wait time at DMV in Indiana is 9 1/2 minutes – it used to be like CT, hours. That changed in less than one year. It’s not magic, it data, goals and structural changes, with merit based pay for public employees. Yes, it’s that simple. But first, the citizens have to know there’s a better and successful way, by leading how it’s accomplished in other states government. Then demand the same of their elected officials. And listen to and elect candidates who understand and talk about specific solution driven methods.

      1. Hi Jennifer.. I see your point about calling “government” as a monopoly. However,human societies have created “government” for thousands of years and this is a decision by a specific society to create an institution(government) which will take off the burden of individual involvement and transfer it to an “agreed” shared burden and responsibility so that society benefits. One scenario:is it possible to have volunteer police “corps” in light of the fact of the liberal interpretation of the 2nd Amendment where we are looking at a situation where criminals can literally out-gun and have greater firepower than public safety officials.Small government has it’s downsides as well and we need to be upfront and honest about the pro’s and con’s of big government versus small government.


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