Slater, GOP Chair, Cynical About Obama Cancellation, Claims ‘Convenient Cover Story’

McMahon, Slater
John Slater, right, with Linda McMahon in 2012.

Even though President Obama cancelled a visit to New Jersey as well to address an Ebola response, and state Democratic leaders say he will return to Connecticut, Bridgeport Republican Town Chair John Slater questions in a statement the motive behind the president postponing his Bridgeport visit Wednesday, adding “I find this to be a convenient cover story and believe the truth to be that Governor Malloy and Congressman Himes weren’t planning on being in attendance or associated with such an unpopular President in the heat of an election season.” Slater statement:

According to Mayor Finch “You can see President Obama’s fingerprints on all of our major projects.” I agree with the Mayor … High unemployment and outrageous taxes definitely have the President’s fingerprints on display.

In fact, no sitting President has ever treated Bridgeport as treacherously as President Obama. Why has President Obama decided to deal with this terrible Ebola situation at such a late stage of the game? Let’s be honest, a real leader would have issued a travel ban to stop infected people from entering the United States after leaving countries suffering from the Ebola epidemic. But this is just another situation that President Obama has seen through the rear view mirror.

I’d also question if Governor Malloy or Congressman Himes were planning on attending Wednesday’s rally in the first place. Democrats all over the country have been distancing themselves from the President so why wouldn’t they?

There are a lot of questions still remaining as to the short notice cancellation of Wednesday’s rally. In my opinion, I find this to be a convenient cover story and believe the truth to be that Governor Malloy and Congressman Himes weren’t planning on being in attendance or associated with such an unpopular President in the heat of an election season.



    1. Fardy, Slater’s position is as “bullshit” as some of the horses you picked:
      Andrew C Fardy // Oct 16, 2014 at 12:43 pm

      Foley, Debicella, Moore, Ayala.

      How can you pick or vote for two Sate Senators?
      Andres Ayala, really? You’re right in not picking Malloy, but Andres Ayala as a Senator voted for all of Malloy’s budget and policy. He was totally afraid in taking an open position on any of the battles we fought against here in Bridgeport–he worked against them behind the scenes. Slater has a skewed perception of what this Obama visit was all about.

  1. With public financing of campaigns, I would believe they asked all those who would benefit from the visit to pony up the funds. If any of those campaigns balked or didn’t want to “invest,” the visit WOULD BE CANCELLED. Funny, the Ebola Crisis didn’t stop the visit to a private residence in Greenwich.

  2. Hey John,
    Where is Chris Christie?
    Did Foley change his mind and decide we would rather go it alone?
    Or was Christie so utterly embarrassed by the sideshow in Trumbull where all they could round up were 100 loyal Republicans for a ticket that includes their own first selectman???
    Or maybe Christie was embarrassed by the fact the Republicans are so disorganized they didn’t even think to have a Plan B in case the presidential hopeful couldn’t get a Republican on the phone!!!
    Good thing Christie’s peeps didn’t create any traffic jams in CT. He couldn’t get his ass out of this state fast enough.

  3. I am sure John Slater is one of the Republicans who believe the Sandy Hook massacre never took place and it was part of a left-wing conspiracy to get tougher gun laws passed.

  4. John Slater is absolutely correct. Dan Malloy called me and told me if Obama shows up he is toast. Bill Finch also said if Obama does not show up he will at least release a speech he never would have delivered in person. Finch and family were actually going to book themselves on a four-day Disney vacation to get out of town. Everyone with a half a brain knows from listening to Fox news, Obama is the worst President ever. The only thing worse than Obama is the Republican Congress and Senate. Fox lets CNN and MSNBC report that. All the people who stood in line, myself included, received a 60-inch TV voucher from Best Buy with a handshake and thank you from Andres Ayala and I am sure Marilyn Moore at her Headquarters plus a $50 voucher to the Barnum Pub restaurant downtown. Yes it was a gross imposition on Columbus day but 2000 people showed up for a Channel 12 photo opportunity. My new TV is gorgeous. We need to listen to the Republicans more. Obviously, they have a pulse on what’s going on. Imagine, a pulse on a party that is basically dead.

  5. Is this guy crazy, what the hell is wrong with him, we’re talking life and death and this asshole makes a statement like that, people can see why the Republican Party can’t get people elected statewide with this type of leadership. That is a disgrace. Now we have a patient at Yale with Ebola-like symptoms.

    1. A President who goes golfing literally minutes after making a quick statement about the beheading of James Foley.

      A President who has golfed 200 times since he took office and has attended 60+ fundraisers this year alone yet fails to attend 60% of his intelligence briefings.

      Obama’s own communications director said in July when the ME and Ukraine crises were unfolding, “It is rarely a good idea to return to the White House just for show, when the situation can be handled responsibly from the road, White House communications director Jennifer Palmieri told the Washington Times. “Abrupt changes to his schedule can have the unintended consequence of unduly alarming the American people or creating a false sense of crisis.”

      Josh Earnest, Obama’s press secretary tweets this: “Pres Obama proceeding with 3 day Dem fundraising trip tomorrow and can do his job wherever he happens to be”

      … and here we are with repeated assurances from Obama’s folks that the Ebola threat is contained and Obama suddenly postpones a visit to Bridgeport right before the midterm elections??? Let us not forget in 2010, Obama triumphantly arrived at Webster arena to 10,000+ adoring groupies. What a difference four years makes, reduced to a 2,000-seat venue at Central High School. Did they find takers for all the tickets I wonder?

      For crying out loud, even the leftist Obama bootlickers at NBC and ABC have noticed the President putting fundraising and campaigning ahead of addressing all of the crises happening in the world right now.

      Put it all together and what do you get? In what we like to call the REAL WORLD, that’s what is called a PATTERN OF BEHAVIOR. Obama’s own actions have dictated the natural and deserved cynicism as to his reasons for suddenly failing to show up in Bridgeport ESPECIALLY considering the fact his handlers have repeatedly told us they have the Ebola threat under control.

      You leftists and Obama apologists simply cannot handle questions raised as a direct result of the President’s own actions. Instead, right on queue, you resort to Alinsky-esque attacks. The name-calling is pathetic.

      1. Scott Henkel, I guess you didn’t see President George W. Bush’s comment about the war and after he gave his answer he made his comment about going to finish his golf game.


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