Show Us The Money, Honey–Key Fundraising Period For Mayoral Candidates And Mario

The Democratic Town Committee’s Facebook page moderator Steven Auerbach has been encouraging attendance in the OIB comments section for Thursday’s fundraiser at Testo’s Restaurant, the epicenter of politics in Connecticut’s most populous city.

Ah, such financial measurement choices, $50 for a “friend” donation, up to $1,000 to join the “Chairman’s Circle.” Now that would touch the pleasure center of Town Chairman Mario Testa. Mario wants to load up for this event to help finance the elections of party-endorsed candidates.

According to the latest report filed with the State Elections Enforcement Commission for the period ending March 31 the party treasury had $10,214.80 on hand.

The next reporting period ends June 30 so the contributions received on Thursday will be filed for public view in early July. The second quarter fundraising deadline also applies to mayoral candidates, a key measurement of fundraising strength.

Mayor Joe Ganim’s next report is expected to show about $300,000 raised overall based on recent fundraising activity.

State Senator Marilyn Moore raised about $68,000, according to her first quarter report, a large chunk of that from residents of Greenwich and the Black Rock neighborhood of Bridgeport. Can she duplicate that number? The early money is always the easiest to raise when friends, neighbors, relatives and long-time supporters step up.

Moore is still weighing, publicly at least, whether to challenge Ganim in a Democratic primary or go straight to the general election as either a petitioning candidate or as the standard bearer of the Connecticut Working Families Party where she is well regarded because of her progressive credentials.

A September primary challenge would require her to secure roughly 2,400 validated signatures of Democratic electors in the city, a process that would begin in about five weeks during a two-week window the day following the party endorsement in July that will go to Ganim.

Moore’s upcoming fundraising quarter may determine her strategy. Going straight to the general election allows her more time to raise the necessary funds to compete against a well-financed incumbent.

State Rep. Charlie Stallworth, also challenging Ganim, raised under $10,000 in his first quarter report, so he has a lot of work to do.



  1. I would say that Stevie A. is in violation of the (Hatch Act) no different than Kellyanne Conway!

    Widespread allegations that local Democratic Party politicians used employees of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) during the congressional elections of 1938 provided the immediate impetus for the passage of the Hatch Act. Criticism centered on swing states such as Kentucky,[3] Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. In Pennsylvania, Republicans and dissident Democrats publicized evidence that Democratic politicians were consulted on the appointment of WPA administrators and case workers and that they used WPA jobs to gain unfair political advantage.[4] In 1938, a series of newspaper articles exposed WPA patronage, and political contributions in return for employment, prompting an investigation by the Senate Campaign Expenditures Committee, headed by Sen. Morris Sheppard, a Texas Democrat.[5]

    Despite that investigation’s inconclusive findings, many in both parties determined to take action against the growing power of the WPA and its chief administrator, Harry Hopkins, an intimate of President Roosevelt. The Act was sponsored by Senator Carl Hatch, a Democrat from New Mexico. At the time, Roosevelt was struggling to purge the Democratic party of its more conservative members, who were increasingly aligned with the administration’s Republican opponents. The president considered vetoing the legislation or allowing it to become law without his signature, but instead signed it on the last day he could do so. His signing message welcomed the legislation as if he had called for it, and emphasized the protection his administration would provide for political expression on the part of public employees.[6]

      1. So Lennie,
        Have you become Stevie A’s personnel time clock? Does he punch with you?
        Steven Auerbach says:
        June 17, 2019 at 12:32 pm
        Harvey Weintraub. There is nothing you have ever posted that anyone would care to remember. You are a most forgettable character. I am going to try and be nice to you but I can’t. You are just a sad and pathetic punk that has a need to belong to a club of losers. I think it is very special of you to go through Lennies blog and find my posts from 4 years ago. May make Lenny feel good that you go to his archives. As you see the only action on this thread is me. It is sad because I am just not that important.
        So again I remind everyone that there is an exciting Annual Fundraiser coming up this Thursday at 6 pm . Testo’s Restaurant- all are invited 50-100-250-500 and 100o contributions for those that support the Democratic Party

  2. One would think that a more definitive answer than “seems like lunch time” would be forthcoming.
    I believe Public Facilities, when I was with the city, tended to start their workday around 7:30 AM not 9:00 AM.
    But I guess when you have the kind of “job” that Stevie A has you make your own hours.

    1. Bob,
      Lennie drank the juice again…. Not the $1000 bottles of wine from before, but the juice…. Lennie, you should at least ACT impartial…. SMH

  3. One would think that to be careful he wouldn’t post at all between the start of the day to the end of the day and not worry about lunch or breaks but when you are protected, you are protected.

    1. You should see when the crew comes around collecting donations during the day. And let me tell ya, they ain’t asking… Their is a list that donated and a list that didn’t…….. If you want to keep your job, get your checkbook out!!

  4. Lennie, does the City still have a Ethics Commission on ethics?

    Chapter 2.38 CODE OF ETHICS
    2.38.010 Purpose of chapter.
    2.38.020 Definitions.
    2.38.030 Standards of conduct.
    2.38.040 Commission on ethics.
    2.38.010 Purpose of chapter.
    A. The code of ethics and commission on ethics ordinance codified in this chapter is adopted for the city and is established with the purpose of setting forth ethical standards of conduct and prohibited activities which will be consistent with the best interests of the city.
    B. This ordinance is intended to prevent City officials and employees from using their public position or authority for personal, financial benefit.
    C. The proper operation of democratic government requires that public officials and employees be independent, impartial, and responsible to the people in accordance with their oath of office. They shall hold their offices for the benefit of the public and shall faithfully discharge their duties, placing the good of the city above any personal or partisan consideration. Public office must not be used for personal gain.

    D. It is advisable that all city officials and employees should avoid any conduct having the appearance of violating any of the standards set forth in 2.38.030 of this ordinance.

  5. Bob Walsh- for the record I work for Public Facilities- we don’t all work at 7 am. We don’t all get peanut butter crackers and milk at 10 ‘clock break and we don’t all take lunch at noon. Most important , my schedule is certainly not open for discussion. I am a salaried employee. I take my breaks and lunch when it is convenient for me, not for you or anyone on this blog. Bottom line , good luck finding anyone that doesn’t think I am doing a GREAT job. I wouldn’t expect anything less of myself. My job and career will never be open for discussion on this blog. Politics does not exist in my day to day operations. But alas Bob Walsh, you love invoking me into any thread on this blog because you know I am a superstar and you just can not stand it!!! lololololololol.

  6. My, my, my
    Little Stevie A seems to be a little PO’d.
    Waz a matter Stevie? Can’t take a little scrutiny???
    As I said, someone as active as you with a city job should NOT even come close to questionable activities as to when you are on the job or not. Or else Joe’s going to get tired as this routine and be gone with you. Any one can install parking meters that are not ADA accessible.

    1. Bob, Stevie sounds like President 45 by telling us how great he is and that he can do what ever he wants whenever he wants and that there are no checks and balance on his taxpayers job. The City’s Ethic Commission needs to look in Stevie performing political work on taxpayers time.

  7. So Steve takes his breaks when he wants,takes his lunch when he wants,comes and goes whenever he wants etc?As a taxpayer,for Steve to have a lower level job like that and be able to come and go as he pleases,concerns me.We are a city who can’t even fund our BOE,but yet Joe rewards patronage jobs to his supporters that allow them to do whatever they want??I also read Steve is the Admin of the DTC facebook page.I wonder how many hours of his taxpayer paid,come&go whenever you want,job,are spent on that facebook page??

  8. Harvey Weintraub- serious you are an asshole– Takes me 5 min on DTC— such a bunch of low level losers on this blog. Seriously you are so going after the wrong dude.. But alas- keep it up- I will not be responding to assholes like yourself. I will make comments when it serves my purpose. an I certainly will not engage in any conversation that has to do with my position , The DTC or the Mayor. I will remain the star of his blog and want to thank Harvey , BOB ,Jim , Ron and Donald. You have fired me up and I am so ready to go. Not only do I love this city. I love this job that I do very well and a great service to the taxpayer. For the record I am the Face of the DTC facebook page– OMG how awful is that?????????I am also Park City Bridgeport Ct as well as Steven Auerbach. I have only unfriended 3 people in my life. 2 from this BLOG Robert Texeria and Jim FOx – what a fucking surprise. You folk on this blog do not exist in my world. This is just a diversion that used to be enjoyable. I get more responses in my personal inbox from people outraged at how I am abused. I explain Its ok. It really isn’t.

    So the Superstar of this blog just wants to remind everyone again that this Thursday June 20th we expect an amazing turnout of movers and shakers in the city and across the State, It is a great opportunity for Moore supporters to sit home and cry. It is a Fundraiser 50- 100-200- 500- 1000 – all are invited. It is going to be an amazing time and I am really looking forward to it. It is the DTC annual Fundraiser for Democrats but all are invited to the party.

    I also wanted to publically Thank Pete Spain and Michelle Lyons for all of their help putting forward and unanimously passing an ordinance that will help the city . Pete Spain and Christina Smith were both very thoughtful and engaged Councilmen. I thank them for their time and Pete thank you for the communications. You have made a difference. I am glad I told you that last evening. As for Michelle Lyons, She is just amazing and Thank you for continually standing up to Sacred Heart . We have made a difference here in the North End. This new ordinance that Michelle and Pete put forth will have a great impact citywide.

  9. I attended three of the five high school graduations today.

    I am not sure about the final graduation ceremony of Fairchild Wheeler High School which was the last one of the day, however Mayor Ganim was late for every single graduation I attended.

    When he was announced at both Central and Bassick he received a cool, unenthusiastic reception with tepid applause.

    At Harding, the stage was quite small. When it was time to move to the front to line-up across the stage to congratulate the graduates across the stage I was concerned that the three assistant principals were forced to stand on the basketball court floor as students exited the stage.

    I looked down the line and was appalled to see that City Councilwoman Nessah Smith and DTC Member Tyreke Bird had jumped onto the stage in front of Mayor Ganim to congratulate graduates.

    Here we have three individuals that have done absolutely nothing on behalf of our Harding High School students taking up space while the three assistant principals who worked directly with our students for four years were forced off the stage because three slimy politicians wanted a moment of glory none of them deserved.

  10. When I arrived at the CHS graduation City Councilwoman Maria Valle was in the seat next to me as the students were entering the gym.

    I asked her why she was on the stage. Valle stated she was invited. I explained you were invited to attend not to join the procession or sit on the stage. She stated a relative was graduating. I stated your district high school is Harding High School, yet you did not attend that graduation, however you think you should sit on the CHS stage where your constituents do not attend.

    Maria Valle has voted for two consecutive years to give the BOE crumbs while we will have made over $22 million in cuts during her two years in office.

    Please note the stage was packed with staff, student officers, student performers, the Superintendent, Central Office staff, and school board members. In fact, someone had to grab an extra chair for Board Member Jessica Martinez.

    I couldn’t imagine the City Council hold an event and just deciding I am going to sit or join them at the head of the room or in the City Council Chambers.

    She got so frazzled she asked me to move so she could leave the stage while mumbling.


  11. Sounds like Stevie A.
    There may be something to cheer about. I heard the FBI and Grand Jury is looking at twisting political arms for all these fundraisers.
    But that can’t be true. Ganim would have told Stevie to cut it out if it were. Or would he???


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