Who Donated To Moore’s Mayoral Campaign? Thank You, Greenwich

Moore’s Greenwich fundraiser goes green. From Moore Facebook page.

This is how it works for an underfunded mayoral challenger taking on a well-financed incumbent. If the stars are aligned, you troll for money in Greenwich.

State Senator Marilyn Moore’s campaign for mayor raised $62,125 from 671 individuals, according to her first quarter campaign finance report. More than $10,000 of that dough, nearly 20 percent, came from residents of Greenwich backed by a March 27 fundraiser hosted by freshman State Senator Alex Bergstein. Overall, including contributions from political action committees, Moore raised $68,175.

Here’s the dilemma for Moore: traditional givers to a Bridgeport mayoral race are generally predisposed to the incumbent such as developers, lawyers, contractors and city employees. In campaigns you fish where the fish are, that means casting a wider net, if necessary, outside your backyard.

State Senator Alex Bergstein leveraged her contacts on behalf of Moore. From Moore Facebook page.

Moore reached out to her peers in the Connecticut legislature where camaraderie prevails. On Wednesday Moore filed her campaign finance report with the Town Clerk’s Office. An examination of the report shows that few local suspects donated to her race. Most of them have donated to Mayor Joe Ganim as they did to incumbent Bill Finch four years ago.

What emerges from the finance report is Greenwich, something of an economic powerhouse of its own during good times and bad. It’s also a study of a 70-year-old black woman from Bridgeport whose progressive credentials play well in a household of white social wealth.

Moore at March Greenwich fundraiser. From her Facebook page.

Moore seems most at ease when she addresses boutique audiences extolling the values of progressives: paid family leave, $15 minimum wage, affordable healthcare for everyone, corporate responsibility. She utilizes that discussion as a jump point: Connecticut’s largest city is an untapped economic driver that impacts a small state.

Greenwich wealth, and broader Fairfield County, has skin in the game when it comes to Connecticut’s urban areas. Where do you think all that money comes from to fund city schools and a bunch of other things? It goes to the state and redirected to urban areas. Translation: the economic vitality of Connecticut’s largest city matters to you.

Bergstein, an attorney, maxed out to Moore’s campaign with a $1,000 contribution. From Moore’s finance report, a sampling of other Greenwich residents contributions:

Belinda Badcock, $1,000
Denise Savageau, $1,000
Louise Brito, $1,000
Mark Brito, $1,000
Susan Lehman, $1,000
Stephanie Dalton, $500.
Gin Gladstein, $500
Sanford Kitvack, $500

What about Bridgeport?

The closest thing Bridgeport has to Greenwich is Black Rock, that cool waterfront hamlet. Moore represents the neighborhood as part of her State Senate district.

Select Black Rock resident donations to Moore:

Calabria Heilman, $1,000
Jim Carbone, $500.
John Soltis, $500
Nicole Chiravuri, $500.
Maxine Bleiweis, $500
Tim Rich, $250.
Peter Smith, $300.

Moore received hundreds of other smaller contributions from Bridgeport residents.

Two political warriors from the city’s past, former State Senator Ed Gomes and Charles Tisdale, the first black nominated for mayor by a major political party (1983) both contributed $1,000 to Moore, according to the finance report.



  1. I guess we can assume that Money Bags Bob Walsh will contribute 1000.00
    Donald Day 1000.00
    Jim Fox (I want my Casino) 1000.00
    Frank Gyure 1000.00
    DonJ ( I’m definitely voting for Moore) 1000.00
    Maria Periera ( You don’t need money, anything can happen 1000,00
    Ronald Mackey 1000.00
    John Marshall Lee 1000.00
    Mary Jane Foster 1000.00
    Jack McGreggor 1000.00
    Kelvin Ayala 1000.00
    Sauda Baraka 1000.00

    BTW- There is absolutely nothing wrong for Senator Moore to get Money from Greenwich. She should go to every town and get as much as she can get . I expect the incumbent Mayor will do the same. The power of incumbency with things moving forward makes things so much easier. I understand there is another huge fundraiser coming up. So many functions so little time.

    1. I never contribute to political campaigns. My vote speaks. If foster was not on the ballot 2015 finch would have won. I voted for foster 4 years ago but regret that decision as it was a close race between ganim and finch. I don’t see ganim doing well at all in black rock north end and also the black precincts of the east end. Having a minority on the ballot that is well known already in half the city is a big deal and I suspect that blacks who voted for Ganim 4 years ago will not this time around. Matter of fact both my parents voted for Ganim 2015 and will not this time around.

    2. And perhaps when Ganim2 goes to those other towns (the ones that have Finance Committees) and at least a handful of elected financial decision makers with some financial experience, he would be asked some questions about his budgeting, handling of Capital funds (with no routine reporting of progress, fund balances, or timelines), with no transfer of funds permission granted by City Council, and labor relations agreements by incumbents not shared with taxpayers??? Would that coax further funds for Joe from suburban matresses?? Or have community prayer vigils be held because the State avoided the “never in doubt, but often in error” Ganim2 administrative style?? Aren’t we the only “one-Town Committee run City” in the State?? Time will tell.

        1. I thought you did not comment on financial matters. Is it only when your nasty side is revealed??
          Regarding questions that I have been raising credibly for about 8 years or more, your “leader” never deigned to speak with me while running for his “second coming” although I made sure to provide him with a copy of prepared comments on a couple of sessions where he was in the audience during public comments.
          He still does not speak to any of us as taxpayers telling us his purpose or with us by being accountable for his actions. That would increase trust and credibility but it is easier to use UB (taxpayer?) and the BRBC (how many Bridgeport residents and property owners) to release his annual message. Talking to himself. That talk is cheap. One way talk. Where is the discussion and dialogue?
          Ganim2 is full of avoidable failures and ongoing expenses while he has us wait for the potential tax dollars to come from new structures coming out of the ground. And the folks getting the benefits of working in Bridgeport see their total compensation rise but most of them are not property owners and taxpayers in Bridgeport.
          Steven you are an inadequate “cheerleader” in the sense that while we see you and hear you, you are not to be believed because of your political track record and predictions. It is likely that I will return to one of Marilyn’s events where she is open to conversation about what needs reform and reset in the City and where my checkbook can open again. But unlike you I get no and expect no compensation for my offering opinion and resources. When are you going to cheerleading camp this year? Perhaps you can share with us the latest rap cheer for Ganim2 campaign? Time will tell.

          1. John Marshall Lee- G-d bless you as you continue to bore me to tears. Write the check and then tell me how wonderful NoMore is! $1000.00 . You can well afford it and have been singing her praises now write the check. You can be Moore’s number 1 cheerleader.

        2. Steve,
          You are a prime example of Political B.S. (and that does not indicate a Bachelor in Science) in the City of Bridgeport. You have campaigned for many over the past decade as a newbie cheerleader does. Often wrong, never in doubt about people. But rarely have you talked about any City leader and the way taxpayer money gets spent. Is that unimportant, too complicated for you to learn and understand, or embarrassing after the fact, when values are measured and leaders found wanting?
          Perhaps readers would be impressed by what you accomplish day in and day out as a City “parking meter” manager. How are budget estimates working out? Perhaps you have been moved to another responsibility? Tell us about that, why don’t you? What was the advertisement for the position you occupy? Or do I require an FOI letter to request same? Did your hiring require any education or years of experience in the field or not? Why do so many political appointments end up looking like amateur night at the ballfield?
          You have now on this thread instructed me to write a $1,000 check for Marilyn and that would be illegal at this time because of caps on contributions. You have commented on my private finances from the cheap seats because you have no factual idea. Where do you get any idea about what any other citizen taxpayer “can well afford”?
          Now you also nominate me to be Marilyn’s #1 Cheerleader? Is that because I have been critical of Ganim2 as an uninspired and dispirited leader whose wish to be Mayor, in retrospect, was a wish to be in position to campaign for State governor, so whatever scintilla of integrity he may have claimed was left in a sound defeat by Democrat primary voters around the state. And in this grim and lethargic state of mind, Ganim2 has forgotten the 20,400 school kids and the failing trend on revenues for operating the system of futures for youth rather catering to funding fully the current public safety overtime and comfortable futures in retirement for public safety operatives, hasn’t he? As a former substitute teacher how can you be so callously indifferent to justice for the majority of youth? Time will tell.

  2. Come on Steven, can’t you play ‘even’? Why should the above mentioned contribute $1000.00 when you contributed just $250.00? This is my suggestion: They shall match your contribution and be prepared to do it again when you contribute again at the next fundraiser. I was poised to attend the Brewport fundraiser, but days before the event, I got wind of a planned picket at Brewport by members of the Bridgeport Police Union 1159. I hold many in our Police Department in high regards, out of respect to them and sympathy to their struggle and cause, I decided not to attend. When nothing happened, I asked around to find out what happened. No, the Police did not back-off because Chris Rosario was present. No, they didn’t back-off since Lisa Honey Parzialle was present, so all must be good. As the story goes, in last minute negotiations, the city agreed to an additional 1% raise and the union called off the picket/protest. In the meantime, the leadership at N.A.G.E have their heads up their asses.

    1. Joel said, “days before the event, I got wind of a planned picket at Brewport by members of the Bridgeport Police Union 1159.” “As the story goes, in last minute negotiations, the city agreed to an additional 1% raise and the union called off the picket/protest. In the meantime, the leadership at N.A.G.E have their heads up their asses.”

  3. I’ve seen comments that say ganim does not even live in bridgeport on numbers ct post comments. Moore has my vote. ganim underperformed against lamont in bpt big time i really think moore will beat ganim.


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