September 10 Ballot Lineup Set

The Town Clerk’s Office has set the ballot for the September 10 primaries. Both major parties will have primaries for mayor. On August 20, three weeks from primary day, absentee ballots become available.

The Democratic primary sample ballot above is for the Upper East Side 138th District that includes a three-way primary for City Council. The first nine candidates on each line are all running citywide.

City Council Democratic primaries will take place in three other districts. In the West Side 132nd District, Kyle Langan and Cynthia Torrez face party-endorsed Evette Brantley and Marcus Brown; in 131st District covering South End, Downtown and a portion of the West End it’s Mary Bruce and Samaris Rose versus Denese Taylor-Moye and Jorge Cruz; in 136th District covering a portion of the East Side, lower North End and Hollow, Carmen Nieves and Rigoberto Giusti challenge Alfredo Castillo and Maria Zambrano-Viggiano.

In council primary races electors can vote for any two candidates so it’s possible a split could occur within the contests.



  1. Actually, I went to the BPT RTC and Facebook and no Information at all. On BRTC FB,it’s political cannibalism-Republicans wasting Republicans. Maybe Lennie can get a list of BPT Republican candidate such as for CC .; I think we are aware that there is a three way primary for the GOP mayoral candidate. After that,its a mystery. But,then again,it may not make a difference.


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