Senior Pedestrian Struck By Car Dies

City news release:

An 87-year-old male pedestrian, who was struck at the intersection of Prospect Street and Myrtle avenue early this morning (Saturday), has died from his injuries.

William “Frank” Godwin of Park Avenue, suffered head, chest and pelvic trauma as a result of the accident, which took place at 6:30 a.m. He was transported to Bridgeport Hospital, where he died of his injuries at 11:45 a.m.

The operator of the vehicle that hit Godwin, Venzinia Colon, 42, or Atlantic Street, remained at the scene, and is cooperating with investigators.

Bridgeport Police Officer Fernando Oquendo came upon the accident on his way to work. He stopped and rendered medical assistance prior to the arrival of medics and notified ECC of the accident.

Colon, who was driving a Dodge Grand Caravan, was traveling east on Prospect Street, at the intersection of Mrytle Avenue, when she hit Godwin.

The Bridgeport Serious Crash Investigation is conducting the investigation. Senior Traffic Investigator PO Pete Garcia is the lead investigator and is being assisted by team members, Lieut. Tom Minar and PO Ed McKiernan. Captain Robert Evans was the at-scene supervisor.

There has been no arrest. Police are continuing their investigation.



  1. This may not get a lot of comment but in the last eight months I have become more of a pedestrian as I use Metro North and then walk to work. The large majority of drivers are CRAZY. As a pedestrian, I have to take special care because, otherwise, I probably would be dead by now. I walk against traffic and it boggles the mind how many people are driving while using/texting on their “smart” phone. I think the use of a smartphone while driving has become an immensely greater problem than DUI.

  2. The nicer the road the more dangerous they are. That intersection has new paving and sidewalks. The first thing that comes to mind when I read or hear of accidents like this is my late son who died nine years ago in a car accident in Waterbury at the young age of 19. Seems like yesterday. My condolences to the family.

  3. Not to say this man did anything wrong but there are more pedestrians at fault than drivers when it comes to the law. I can probably count on one hand how many people actually cross the street properly. There’s not enough fingers in the city of BPT to count how many people jaywalk, walk with traffic, cross streets from between parked cars, or not at corners. And the “Don’t Walk” signs? Total waste of money.


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