Say Hello To Josh Parrow, Candidate For State House Special Election

Josh Parrow at Seaside Park band shell.

Republicans have nominated Josh Parrow as their candidate to fill the 130th State House seat of Ezequiel Santiago who passed away a few weeks ago. A special election will take place May 7. Democrats have nominated Antonio Felipe, vice president of the Greater Bridgeport Young Democrats. Others may petition onto the ballot.

Parrow shares this commentary:

Josh Parrow–community advocate, University of Bridgeport alumnus, and Downtown resident—has announced his candidacy for State Representative of CT House District 130, which is comprised of Bridgeport’s South End, Downtown, and West End, for the upcoming May 7th special election. Parrow was nominated by the Republican Town Committee to fill the vacancy left after the tragic passing of long-time leader and advocate, Ezequiel Santiago, whom Parrow admired greatly.

Parrow, a young Republican in a Democratic stronghold, brings a passion for all things Bridgeport, and views bipartisanship as the key to progress and growth for Bridgeport. Parrow describes himself as a Rockefeller or moderate Republican, with strong views on improvements to infrastructure and education, but liberal social philosophies.

As the Assistant Director of Development at the University of Bridgeport, Parrow has championed the city since moving there to join UB’s baseball team in 2009. In addition to his work with the University of Bridgeport, Parrow is the vice chairman of both the SouthEnd NRZ and the NRZ leadership committee, a core member of Bridgeport Generation Now, Leadership Greater Bridgeport Class 30, RTC district leader for the 131st (city council), and a member of the environmental task force. Parrow’s passion for the Park City is evident in his willingness to roll up his sleeves and go to bat for the community.

Of his goals, Parrow said, “My main focus will be to take advantage of what is the best district in Bridgeport and, arguably, the state. The 130th district is home to two wonderful institutions of higher education, two outstanding entertainment venues, countless parks and recreational facilities, and is rich with history. I believe these resources, along with the tremendous constituents of the 130th district, provide the foundation for unique opportunity to reshape a better Bridgeport. I want to be clear that a vote for Josh Parrow is a vote for sending a tireless community advocate to Hartford who will go to bat for Bridgeport’s students and their families, who are underfunded and overtaxed.

Josh also encourages community dialogue and can be reached by phone at (203)408-3123 or email at



  1. How about we forget about who is with which party. This guy seems like a breath of fresh air which we all know Bridgeport needs. NRZ, community advocate, UB alumni, employed by UB, RESIDES downtown. Says a lot I think.

    1. Is it true that Paula Romero, Ezequiel Santiago’s fiancee, is also running now?

      I was told she was out getting signatures this weekend.

      She is a registered voter in the Thomas Hooker Precinct. Paula Romero does not reside in the 130th State Rep. District.

      If this is true, how does one bury their fiancee on a Friday, attend a Latino Leadership ceremony in Hartford that very weekend, travels to D.C. for the Latino Leadership Conference and then run around getting signatures to take your fiancee’s seat all within days of burying him?

      It comes across as cold and calculating. What ever happened to a period of mourning?

      It just feels sleazy.

  2. Lennie, is it indeed a fact that as Maria says that Antonio Felipe lives in Stratford? Bridgeport is a city of over 140,000 people and the DTC nor the representatives of the 130th couldn’t find one qualfied Latino from Bridgeport to serve in this post? If this is true there is no need to wonder why people think Bridgeport politics is dirty and that the city is a joke.

    1. DD, glad you asked. Antonio Felipe, who has roots in the district, resides in Stratford. There’s no requirement to live in the district to run for office in the district. The law says you must reside in the district upon taking the oath. He says he’s moving into the district on Iranistan Avenue in the upcoming week. He was not the first choice of party regulars. Eric Amado, a town committee member, was the first choice of most. He declined. Others asked City Council President Aidee Nieves who resides just outside the House district on the East Side. She declined. Town Chair Mario Testa suggested Rosa Franco. Other names were floated. Meanwhile, Antonio Felipe pitched his case to town committee members. I’ve been of the belief for a while the town committee endorsement is overrated. The candidate must put the work in. This is why we have elections. Let’s see who qualifies for the ballot to challenge him. So far the other qualified candidate is Republican Josh Parrow. By Monday we’ll know more about others trying to petition onto the ballot. This special election is not a layup for Felipe.

  3. Electing Josh Parrow brings immediate access to the entire General Assembly and offers Bridgeport the kind of bipartisan appeal it sorely needs. When you double your options you double your chances. That’s what politics is about, right? Here’s an instant contrast to his opponent : he already lives in Bridgeport and doesn’t need to change his address.
    Besides, his story is better.
    Democrats for Parrow.

  4. What are you talking about, “Electing Josh Parrow brings immediate access to the entire General Assembly and offers Bridgeport the kind of bipartisan appeal it sorely needs, ” bipartisan? The General Assembly is 91 Democrats and 60 Republicans in the State House and in the State Senate is 22 Democrats and 14 Republicans, if that’s what you call ” bipartisan” then we need more” bipartisanship. Josh Parrow brings nothing to the General Assembly just like Antonio Felipe brings nothing to the table.

    1. Just because Ron Mackey wants to badmouth both sides of the aisle doesn’t mean we have to enjoy it. He’s a buzzkill. His negativity is endless, his knowledge is limited.
      I hear music in the distance.
      Democrats for Parrow (R).

  5. When the Bridgeport Delegation adds Parrow to its roster, its appeal instantly becomes bipartisan. When you double your voices you double your choices and that works in Bridgeport’s favor. Parrow could become Bridgeport’s secret weapon when it comes to legislative victory!
    Those who disagree are urged to use these pages to express their thoughts/beliefs/opinions or predictions.

  6. I know Josh. He has a congenial personality and he has some resume, but . . . .

    I’m having trouble with his ideology, his posture within the Republican Town Committee and questions about his endorsement.

    He describes himself as a Rockefeller or moderate Republican. The Rockfellers were not moderate. They were extreme. The Rockefellers, the Rothchilds and the Morgans were primary participants in the 1910 Jekyll Island scheme to remake our nation’s financial system in their favor. The group included the Rockfellers, the Morgans, the Kuhn-Loebs and the Warburgs. They together held 1/4 of the world’s wealth. It was the first time in history for a merging of the world’s five major banking cartels. It resulted in the 1913 Congressional actions including the approval of the 16th Amendment which gave the U.S. the power to impose a federal income tax in peacetime, and the approval of the Federal Reserve Banking Act which kept the regulation of our nation’s monetary policy in the hands of a quasi-federal entity which is fully owned by private banks including several European banks. What the Rockefellers did was NOT in the national/public interests.

    Josh says he’s liberal on social issues. That is a big concern for me. It deserves more explanation.

    He says he’s for infrastructure investment which certainly sounds like a good idea but he says absolutely nothing about the state’s financial crisis resulting from over-spending and excessive taxation.

    He says that he’s the Town Committee District Leader for the 131st municipal district. But he fails to address that the January 2018 caucus where he was supposedly elected to the District was rigged and patently illegal. Further, he apparently has done nothing to address the modus operandi of the Town Committee leadership to knowingly ignore various bylaw provisions with a view to suppressing loyal party opposition and bolstering their insider politicsl postions, at time at the expense of full party interests.

    He says he was endorsed by the Town Committee. He should have been endorsed by the 130th District members. In all events, given that the Town Committee meetings are not open to the public (contrary to state rules), I ask that Josh fully describes the process of Town Committee inviting, reviewing and deciding on the party candidate.

    Finally, he says that the 130th Assembly District includes the Bridgeport downtown area. It only includes part of the Downtown (up to Fairfield Ave). Above Fairfield Avenue is part of the 128th District!


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