Ganim Announces Modest Election-Year Tax Cut

From Mayor Joe Ganim, in open letter to city residents:

This week, I will present my budget to the Bridgeport City Council. I will also deliver my State of the City Address to business and community leaders.

My administration and the City Council have had to make difficult decisions to get the city budget back on track after inheriting a $20 million deficit in 2015. In each budget thereafter, we have held the line on taxes while trying to balance increasing costs and continued cuts in state aid, including state funding for our schools.

Over the last three and a half years, we have worked diligently to cut discretionary spending, refinance and restructure the city’s debt, work with unions to find savings in wages and healthcare costs, and reduce where possible the amount of non-emergency personnel throughout our city departments.

On the revenue side, we are proud to see over $1 BILLION in economic development projects breaking ground across the city, including:

— Waterfront development at Steelpointe, $500 million;
— Renovations of the historic Poli and Majestic Theaters, $400 million;
— A new outdoor amphitheater concert venue, $20 million; and
— The conversion of blighted factories along I-95 into housing and retail space, $250 million.

Now, thanks to those and other great economic development projects happening in our city, we have seen a 5.2% increase in our grand list compared to last year, bringing the total grand list to over $6.3 BILLION.

Because of this growth and our diligence in holding down costs, I am pleased to propose a budget that includes a property TAX DECREASE–the first the city has seen in over twelve years.

Approximate Home Value

Last Year’s Property Tax

Proposed Property Tax

Approximate SAVINGS













This TAX CUT represents an approximate average SAVINGS of $150 per household.

While this may be modest relief, we understand that every bit counts towards lessening this burden and we do not take the hard-working residents of Bridgeport for granted.

Of the sixteen budgets I have presented to the city, fourteen have held the line or decreased taxes. I am pleased that this year’s budget is included in that relief for our overburdened taxpayers. A look back will reveal that this record of cutting taxes is unmatched by any Mayor going back at least 50 years of Bridgeport’s history.

Although it is difficult to cut taxes in a city of our size while still providing essential services to our residents, we are committed to keeping costs low and will continue to fight for our fair share of much-needed state aid.

As our city is experiencing an economic resurgence, we will continue to improve public safety. In 2015, I promised to prioritize public safety by hiring 100 new police officers. We exceeded that goal, and later this month we will hire an additional 30 officers. We are also recruiting brave men and women to join the Bridgeport Fire Department. Our communities cannot thrive without being safe places for our residents to live and work.

We are also proud to kick-off our anti-blight and beautification program, “Park City Pickin’ It Up.” This city-wide initiative covers all communities by addressing blight, illegal dumping, and littering. We invite engaged residents like you to do your part and join the Health Department and Public Facilities to beautify our city, one neighborhood at a time.

It is evident that our work on development projects and city initiatives hold a brighter future for our city, and for you. As your Mayor, I commit that we will continue to fight for the residents through balanced, responsible budgets, grand list growth, and for our city’s share of state aid. The most prosperous days of Bridgeport are ahead of us.

Thank you for your continued support and partnership in Bridgeport’s future.



  1. Ganim2 is a great campaigner and will quote the biggest theme of his last four years: “Finch Left me in a $20 Million Hole” so I had to raise your taxes. Whether only half true because of the capacity to refund bonds, renegotiate pension contributions, etc., the big jump that first year was right out of his Ganim1 playbook and was predicted before he opened his own mouth.
    What I find totally disappointing is his disregard of actual fiscal success. Please go back in OIB and find me the quote each year in 2016, 17, and 18 after June 30 when he showed up with surpluses, some substantial. Why didn’t he talk at that time? Probably because acknowledging the surpluses would have indicated that he did not need to increase taxes to such an extent originally, and then maintain the mil rate in budget discussions just completed. So, no victory lap when one might have been earned until focus on ugly subjects like diminished taxable grand list, continuing Overtime excesses for public safety and some serious developments where the City is being sued for behavior it failed to supervise in too many areas of the City including PD. (And of course Ganim2 had his mind and heart on the mansion in Hartford for too long that meant less time for the rest of us. Perhaps Joe will go to a local religious community shortly and express remorse for “two timing citizens of Bridgeport” in his second coming as mayor? Time will tell.

  2. Mayor Ganim MUST not be re-elected.

    It is already clear that he intends to propose a fourth consecutive budget with not one additional $ for our 20,400 public school students. If that is the case, the BPS will have made $58,000,000 in cuts under Ganim’s four years in office. Seventeen of our City Council members are equally at fault. Only Pete Spain, Kyle Langan, and Eneida Martinez stood up for our 20,400 public school student last year.

    I can only speak for my neighborhood, however I honestly feel that if I asked voters would it be more important for them to pay $100-150 less in taxes or redirect those funds to our school children, I honestly feel most would support investing those funds into our schools.

    Councilman Alfred Castillo has already been in Twin Towers filling out absentee ballot applications. There is a CNA who lives in my neighborhood who was helping one of her clients at Twin Towers. Castillo did not realize she was in the voters bedroom straightening up. It is March and the corrupt DTC is already out getting ABs. I will be watching ALL AB operations in my precincts like a hawk.

    What Alfredo Castillo should be focused on is paying his $15,000 in healthcare premiums he owes when he worked for the Housing Authority. He went out on workers comp., and failed to make his healthcare premium payments during his absence. In the private sector, if you were 30 days behind they would terminate your health insurance. However, the incompetent administration of the City of Bridgeport, let Castillo get away with it and he has failed to pay his debt. The taxpayers are left holding the bag.

  3. Case in point my response from a previous post, I remember Maria was solidly in Ganims corner when he first announced his run

    I’m not saying anything she said is not true, I’m saying she fights with everyone in Bridgeport & needs to spread some love before she has a heart attack.
    Maybe she should look into how the BOE has NO MONEY yet there is a small group of mechanics working every Saturday while some needed projects arent getting done as favorites are being played. If you look where all the OT is going it is one division. Everyone is so trained on the scrap metal stuff that under Marias nose mechanics are making the papers for making $140k while others make $60k and their base pays are very close. Do your job Maria instead of fighting with everyone.

    1. Mr. Dawson, Mayor Ganim broke EVERY campaign promise he made, except to hire police officers.

      I should demonstrate loyalty to a politician whose word means nothing. He is purposefully hurting innocent children. He ran on a platform of “STOP Raising Taxes!” and then passed the largest tax increase in Bridgeport’s history.

      I’m a bad person for NOT supporting a pathological liar. No, I don’t think so.

      I WILL fight anyone that hurts are 20,400 students. Do you understand me?

      Are you a physician? Do you know something about my personal health? No, so be quiet. I spread love to those who are worthy of it. I have helped three of my neighbors in the last 10 days, including a Charter School parent. What have you done to help members of this community?

      I have no tolerance for those who just whine, especially when they support the corrupt DTC.

  4. Bridgeport doesn’t have the smartest council members. I had a good laugh watching Channel 12 and seeing the idiots stand there while Ganim tries to sell the people of Bridgeport his bullshit on the budget. Ganim doesn’t care and his groupies just stand there. Someone please let them know how unimportant they truly are. If you can’t stand up to the Mayor and fight for the people in Bridgeport who voted for you.

  5. They are like dogs. Ganim and Testa show them a little affection, and then Ganim and Testa bark orders and they obey.

    Was Ganim patting any of them on the head? Did he offer any of his little friends doggie treats? Did any of them stand on their hind legs or roll over?

  6. Lennie I thought we got rid of fake handles on OIB especially since they are condescending to elected officials. How big of a job could they possibly have with the city that they are afraid of retaliation???? Usually Maria Pereirra will not carry on a conversation with a “Coward” that hides behind a handle. She apparently knows who this is– DUH! Fair and consistent should be the norm on the blog. People should stand behind their words or shut the fuck up!

    1. Mr. Auerbach not everyone has the job protection as you, simply because not everyone kisses ASS. You’re just upset because you’re one of the dogs in heat. CAIO!

    2. Im glad you weren’t talking about me Steve as obviously I’m using my name and location and school where my daughter goes. I think what I meant to say was blown out of proportion . I was just trying to say young Mr Felipe should be given a chance before the wolves come barking he is a young Dem who got the nomination now let’s see what he can do if he wins.
      I hate how this president has divided this country last thing I want is Dems fighting Dems

          1. No, it isn’t a good idea.

            Antinio Felipe has ZERO qualifications to represent over 7,000 residents in the 130th District

            The biggest problem is that he is a resident of Stratford residing on Bear Paw Lane.

            He will be an absolute puppet for Mario Testa, Mayor Ganim, Chris Rosario and his distasteful father,Ruben Felipe.

            BUILD CT is Chris Rosario’s pro Charter $school PAC while Runen Felipe is now the Director of North East Charter $schools, Meanwhile Antonio Felipe, the “kid”, was the Treasurer of the BUILD CT PAC.

            This is simply referred to as connecting the dots

  7. Lennie Grimaldi , only you can explain to the rest of us why Advanced Therapy has the right to post incognito. I work for the city and I am on the Town committee, why am I not entitled to do character assassinations incognito . Granted these posts don’t make its way to the main stream , but it just doesn’t seem fair to allow anyone the right to say what they will and not have to stand behind their words. Again, Maria P, usually doesn’t respond to incognito posts .

  8. Mr. Auerbach,

    I believe Lennie will be more than happy in issuing you a handle (alias) (incognito), but you would never. You love and live for all the drama.

    הֱיה שלום

    הֱיה שלום

    1. Advanced Therapy Actually I asked Lennie for a handle and he absolutely refused.. yes I occasionally enjoy the drama. I am happy the Ernest Newton has picked up the battan.

  9. $100 on a $6,700 tax bill? Am I supposed to be excited about that? I’m insulted by that.
    That insults my intelligence.
    That is $2 a week. Can even by a pack of cigarettes for. Can’t buy a medium coffee at DD and that would be a week not a day.
    Can’t buy a gallon of milk.
    Let’s all cheer for Joe Ganim and his $2 a week tax cut.

    1. Bob, that is exactly how we have to explain it to voters.

      Break down the reduction in their taxes by week. Most people will find it insulting.

      We simply have to message it

      1. Is…. not us……
        oh and I forgot… the other guy drinks for free as well. What’s his name on the zoning board…. the one Defilippo takes care of regularly…….sits in the corner…..
        More to come…… lol.


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