Rosario Praises Passage Of Hoarding Bill

From State Rep. Chris Rosario:

Representative Christopher Rosario (D-Bridgeport) is pleased to announce House and Senate passage of bill to create a task force to study issues concerning hoarding.

“As someone with experience in the Code Enforcement Field and member of the CT Association of Housing Code Officials, I have seen first-hand the dangerous effects that hoarding has on families and in our communities. In 2014, I had a constituent perish in a fire in Bridgeport in a bedroom beneath piles of clothing that were stacked nearly to the ceiling–it was a deathtrap,” Rep. Rosario said. “Hoarding also puts the lives of our first responders in jeopardy. I am pleased that, through this measure, we can begin the conversation on how to address this disease.”

“This bill wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work and leadership of Rep. Chris Rosario,” said House Majority Leader Joe Aresimowicz (D-Berlin/Southington). “Hopefully this bill will bring awareness to the issue of hoarding and will begin to work on a solution for those who are affected by it.”

The task force will, among other things, review current methods used by various public agencies to address hoarding, and identify barriers faced by public agencies to intervene and assist persons who compulsively hoard. It will also create a framework to coordinate the efforts among state and local public agencies to address the public safety and health issues associated with hoarding. A report will be submitted to the legislature early next year on its findings and recommendations.

The measure now goes to Governor Malloy’s office for signing.

Rep. Rosario represents the 128th Assembly District and serves on the Appropriations, Energy and Technology and Transportation Committees. He also serves on the Transportation, Human Services and Judicial and Corrections Appropriations Subcommittees.



  1. I’ve been hoarding lots of evidence. I hope this bill doesn’t apply to the type of material I have stored. If it does, I’d have to release it all to the public.

  2. Give me a flucking break. Rosario should be working on getting some more millions of dollars for this ward of the State, called the City of Bridgeport.


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