Republican Ethan Book Turns The Page To Run For Congress

Ethan Book

In Bridgeport he’s run for mayor, for State House a few times and maybe we missed a couple of things, and now Republican Ethan Book is setting his sights on Democratic incumbent Jim Himes for Congress. Book must primary GOP frontrunner Jayme Stevenson, ex 10-year chief executive of Darien, if he can qualify for the August ballot.

Ethan’s like a chihuahua nipping at your heels. When he bites he generally doesn’t let go, unless something else interests him. He’s a Don Quixote figure, very determined in his idealist beliefs, with a sternness for rationalizing everything he does.

Still, give him credit for trying.

From Book:

I’m very pleased to formally announce my candidacy for 4th District Congress.  I’m the credible Republican candidate for the 4th Congressional District:

I have a focused platform which gives the best chance of a Republican winning in a diverse district which is dominant Democrat.

I am well-qualified, with superior education, work experience including money center and international, success as a founder/owner of a small business and successful political experience.

My long-term experience in Connecticut has exposed me to and given me good understanding of the defects of our majority/near monopoly set of Democrat elected officials and the political establishment

I have record of accomplishment in important public issues.

I am well-linked in the urban community.

I’m fluent in Spanish.

A more complete public announcement is found in this 11-minute video. It’s logical, pungent, precise and timely! It goes with our campaign website, a website describing a platform with punch. A link for donations is included with it.



    1. The Democrat to Republican ratio in Bridgeport is 9.5 to 1. Even in that setting, I’ve accomplished much to reduce that ratio. In the
      broader more diverse 4th Congressional District, that ratio is about 3 to 2. The political pendulum is swinging. My platform planks may seem to some idealistic, but they are rational and achievable. Perhaps there needs to be more open discussion. The incumbent Jim Himes is VERY vulnerable. He is a leader in the Democrat Congressional progressive caucus, and he gave us Biden.

  1. At present, I’m not waging a primary campaign. I’m one of three declared Republican candidates for 4th District Congress. Each of us are vying for the votes of the various 4th District Republican delegates, that at the State GOP Convention which begins May 5th. One of the three must get most votes. If one other candidate gets 15% votes, there will automatically be a primary. Based on the factors, I have a good chance to get the most votes. If I don’t get the most votes, I have a very good chance of getting 15%. In all events, a primary would be very beneficial for all district voters and non-voting residents! Stay tuned !!

  2. Ethan Book , with all of that said the question voters want to know here in the 4th district and across America is where are your position on Jan. 6, 2022, Ethan, were you tell and what is position on n Jan. 6, 2022? What is position on the former Republican president in running for president again.

    1. Ron, regarding Jan. 6th, I support the majority who were there to make a peaceful protest. I do not support any unlawful conduct most particularly destruction of property or violence. Regarding Trump running for President again, I do not yet have a position.

  3. Ethan Book, then answer your own statement, you said, Jan. 6th, I support the majority who were there to make a peaceful protest, was that protest peaceful and was the results of that election was stolen? You said, Regarding Trump running for President again, I do not yet have a position, so you are saying that could support Trump even with the lies he’s saying that the election was stolen from him?

    1. Ron, I reiterate that I support the majority who were at the Capitol to make a peaceful protest.

      Regarding the 2020 election, you have no basis to say that Trump lied about it being stolen. To say that it was a lie, the statement must be false and the speaker must be aware that it was false. I’m one who has experience with defective investigations and defective court actions. I can’t say for sure that the election was stolen or not. But there is much evidence that some credible evidence was disallowed in the courts, also indications about defective court rulings. On this, I know much about courts not allowing relevant evidence, of not allowing discovery and of politically-biased decisions. I can refer simply to my pending lawsuit against Denise Merrill, Secretary of the State and the Bridgeport Registrars of Voters (discussed at my website at page titled Election Integrity). In that, I don’t even seek to overturn an election. All I seek is review of certain aspects of an election and a declaratory judgment. For that, Judge Elizabeth Stewart, with some clear issues of conflicts of interest, turned herself into a pretzel to avoid dealing with the real issues. Fortunately, inthe event the matter is not reasonably resolved in the Superior Court, I’ve protected my right for appeal. All that said, at the recent CPAC Convention, Trump told the audience not to worry more on whether the election was stolen. He said there are other more present issues.

      Further, although the question is important, we don’t really have to try now to decide if the election was stolen. There is abundance of evidence that the election was improperly influenced by social media giants like Facebook and Google, also the mainstream media, and by swing states which violated their constitutions (also CT), an issue in which the Supreme Court erred by refusing to hear based only on a legal technicality which ordinarily would not prevent the Court from full review. Also, recently, there has been credible evidence that the election was bought by Mark Zuckerberg. Further, the election was improperly influenced by our incumbent 4th District Congressman Jim Himes who, as a leading member of the Domestic Intelligence Committee, spent nearly four years talking about evidence of Trump Russia collusion; wherein more recently, after the election, it is revealed that there NEVER was evidence of Trump/Russian collusion. Given the attention his statements received from his colleagues and mainstream media, his actions had a real material role in altering the election and in giving us Joe Biden. Thus, his actions were VERY much unlawful and damaging to our democracy, much more than anything done by the minority of the protestors on Jan. 6th, whether those persons have been fully and properly investigated or not.

      Ron, I have given good response to relevant points which you present. Be aware that I’m not going to respond to any any every point of detail or minutiae that you might toss out.

      One more point, I’m not going to become a Democrat. Please check my website Home Page at my Reaffirmation of Republican Ideology and my Comparison with Democrat Practices;

      May God bless all the people of the 4th Congressional District, our “Constitution State” and our great nation!

      1. Ethan, I am not a fan of Joe Biden at any time but compare to the former president Biden is like the Pope. I can’t think of any politician who has been involved in more lawsuits, even his own Attorney Geneal Barr told the former president that he lost the elections, he lost 60 lawsuits in trying to over throw the election results and many of judges were appointed by the former president. You talk about a stolen election for president, Russia president Valdimir Putin did everything he could to see that Hillary Clinton lost.

          1. Ethan, HELL YES “Blacks better off now with Biden, try asking that question to blacks in your voting district.

        1. Ron, oh really!

          Here are inflation rates since 2019;

          2019 2.3
          2020 1.4
          2021 7
          2022 to date 7.5

          And COVID deaths have been greater under Biden than Trump, even though Trump gave Biden the vaccines;

          In addition, under Trump, we had energy independence with low fuel prices. Now we have neither.

          Also, under Trump, we had controlled immigration. Under Biden, we have a border crisis coupled with a fentanyl crisis.

          Further, under Trump, we had a relatively stable international scene. Under Biden, we’ve had multiple serious international crises.

          I’m still wondering!

          1. Ethan, how about his failure with COV-19, look at how people died under the former president.

          1. Ethan, where is the former president cheerleading rally to encourage Americans to get their COVID-19 vaccine shots. The former president did nothing to encourage citizen to get vaccine during his time in office and people died.

        2. Ron, you AGAIN pivot. My question is “Are Blacks better off now with Biden?” In addition, you would do better to do a little homework before you jump into the ring.

          There were no vaccines during Trump. But he’s the one who exercised leadership for implementing Warp Speed. Nonetheless, there were fewer COVID deaths under Trump than there have been under Biden.

          Also, there would have been even fewer deaths had the conventional Democrats and the social and mainstream media giants reasonably considered his early suggestion of proper use of hydroxychloroquine.

          In addition, there would have been and would be now fewer deaths if the conventional medical experts, the politicos and the social and mainstream giants would recognize alternative protections and remedies like vitamins (re: Genesis 1:11-12 and 2:5).

          Further, after Trump’s Warp Speed project had given us vaccines early in the current administration, Trump has frequently publicly recommended vaccines:


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