Record-Breaking: More Than 6,000 Absentee Ballot Requests For August 11 Primary

Six thousand and rising.

That’s the number of requests for absentee ballots in this outlier of a presidential preference primary August 11 that also includes races for state legislative seats.

How does this number compare to a traditional primary season? Miles above that. It’s record-breaking for a city primary.

Why? Governor Ned Lamont’s Covid-related executive order allows all Connecticut primary electors to vote by absentee ballot in lieu of going to the polls primary day. The office of the Connecticut Secretary of the State mailed absentee ballot applications to all eligible voters in Connecticut.

So far in Bridgeport, the Town Clerk’s Office has received more than 6,000 of those applications seeking ballots. This comes about two weeks from the vote. Roughly 400 of the requests are from Republicans. Election workers are in overdrive processing the requests. The absentee ballots are then mailed back to the Town Clerk’s Office.

Both major parties have presidential preference primaries as well as primaries for state legislative seats. See sample ballots below. On the Democratic side, if the turnout tracks along the presidential primary percentage (26) of 2016 between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders it’s possible more electors will cast a vote by absentee. More than 11,000 Democrats voted in that 2016 primary.

Connecticut is one of the few states with excuse-only early voting. If a voter cannot make it to the polls one of six reasons must be checked off.

— Are you an active member of the armed forces of the United States?

— Will you be out of town during all the hours of voting on Election Day?

— Does illness prevent you from voting in person on Election Day?

— Do your religious beliefs prevent you from performing secular activities like voting on Election Day?

— Will you be performing duties as an election official at a polling place other than your own during all the hours of voting on Election Day?

— Do you have a physical disability that prevents you from voting in person on Election Day?

For August 11, Lamont added a seventh reason that anyone can check because of the public health pandemic. All they need to do is check the Covid box on the application.

Sample primary ballot for State Senate and State House.
Presidential and State House 130.
GOP presidential ballot including 128th State House.


  1. You moron. You cannot vote for Biden and Gabbard. They are both running for President.
    No wonder why no one pays any attention to you. You are clueless as to what you are talking about.
    Go back to sleep and wake up in four more years.

  2. For those who have a clue as to what is going on, I have no problem with no excuse AB’s. But that does not mean that they can still not cheat.
    If you have them then you need a different set of rules.
    You need to criminalize penalties for cheating and not make them just civil crimes.
    You cannot allow the follow up that you have today. Send then out random. Do not allow for public posting of when they are mailed out.
    Why do you need to fill out an application if everyone is eligible? Just send out the ballots.
    If you are going to reform, reform. Seems like there’s just too much left to human intervention.


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