Paging Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria–City Council Secures Special Meeting To Address Columbus Statue

After a lotta, well, waves, the City Council will get its special meeting Tuesday night at 7 to jawbone the return of the Christopher Columbus statue at Seaside Park while continuing a community dialogue about placing the monument in context.

Mayor Joe Ganim had the statue removed, he says, out of public safety concerns as debate rages around the country about Columbus’s colonization while community discussions were underway between a diverse coalition of interests to find common ground about working together.

Following public pressure Ganim signed off on the special meeting of the council.

This meeting will be conducted by teleconference.
The public may listen into this meeting by calling the following conference line and then entering the conference code:
Dial-In Number: (929) 436-2866
Meeting ID: 381 083 245

139-19 Resolution presented by Council Member(s) DeFilippo & Herron; CoSponsor(s) McCarthy, Taylor-Moye, Brown, Lyons, Vizzo-Paniccia, Castillo,
Silva, Valle, Pereira, Suliman, Martinez & Nieves re: Proposed Resolution
calling for the Restoration of the Christopher Columbus statue to its original
location in Seaside Park; Resolving to working together to unite the
community in reaching an amicable resolution regarding this sensitive issue,



  1. Since Caruso pulled the Parade for the city they have abandon their claim they had a decision to make. Make another one, because it’s not going back up. Personally I think a cool Indian statue with full head dress should occupy that space looking out to sea. We’ll call it October 11 the day the Indians starea out at the sea to the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria 🙂

    But whatever but whatever just don’t call Columbus conquest White Supremacy. 🙂

  2. Was the removal of the Columbus statue at Seaside the solution to one of Bridgeport’s major issues, or a temporary distraction organized by the Mayor for other than “property security” considerations? If tonight’s discussion, debate, or reflection on the value of citizen knowledge of history (Fact, fancy and/or viewpoint symbolically represented in a sculpture or placque) gets to a decision, will someone reflect that a public park with its environment of open and green is a great place for learning?

    Why don’t we identify a section of the park, closer to UB a current place for learning and farther from the beach and plan out a Bridgeport History Preserve? The Library and university historians can tell the story of the person(s) honored, the temperature of the times when erected initially, and the evolution of the background story? This preserve could be a destination in our city, useful in school visits, and could place examples of folks who were famous at one time and disrespected in others; such is the story of America that we continue to build. Let us not lose the foundations in learning more? Time will tell.

      1. Lennie, nothing new, it was business as usual with Hamilton Burger always in control, he’s the real svengali of Bridgeport politics some one the City Council can not challenge.

  3. Unfortunately Ron the City Council Members are looking for a reason not to work in the best interest of the residents of Bridgeport and Mark Anastasi just offers them that reason to say, We couldn’t because the City Attorney said we COULDN’T! Not an independent thinker among most of them and most are devoid of Common Sense!


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