Recapturing The Waterfront At Steelpointe Harbor

From mid February installation of boat slips underway as marina readies for opening this spring. Bridgeport ferry, pictured right, approaching Downtown terminal across the harbor.

These views of the city’s waterfront looking east don’t come along often, unless of course there’s a webcam attached to the top of the 16-story People’s Bank headquarters (image above) and/or an intrepid photographer Elias Rosario captures a similar vantage point Feb. 22nd atop the city’s tallest building. His images follow below.

Under construction, the nearly completed 48,000 square-foot Dockmaster Building on the Steelpointe Harbor redevelopment area covering portions of the East Side and East End. The building will house the offices of project owner Bridgeport Landing Development as well as a 200-slip marina, harbor walk and Boca Mediterranean Oyster Bar managed by Yanni Taxiltaridis, general manager of the popular Crave 52 in Fairfield Center.

Boat shows and fishing tournaments are planned along the waterfront.

In the distance across the channel, Bridgeport Boatworks that offers repair and storage services.

Wider view of the development area with Bass Pro Shops, upper left, the anchor tenant. The next scheduled phase, foreground left, is the residential building in the corridor bordered by Stratford Avenue, Pembroke and East Main Streets designed with underground parking, retail at ground level and approximately 200 residential units above it.

The developers increased the height of the bulkhead, with six feet of clean fill, following Federal Emergency Management Agency regulations in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. The entire shoreline area is now above the flood plain, according to Robert Christoph Jr. a principal with Bridgeport Landing Development.



  1. Change of topic: Lennie, Lamont has requested the resignation of 150 state employees. Is Chris Caruso among the 150? Could he be on the way back to Bridgeport politics? Caruso for Mayor?

  2. It was called Harborpointe the day they unveiled this project,Irwin Stollman and Fred Frassinellu, under Leonard Paoletta, July 23, 1983- my first day on the job with the City as Director of Housing Site Development Agency-the agency appointed to implement the project, at our board meeting. Bill Randall (RIP), the Chair.
    What a surprise
    Now it’s $1 billion later!
    Only in Bridgeport!

  3. One would assume this is a win unless you lived there and had your home, hopes and dreams taken from you for pennies on the dollar. One would assume this is a win unless you live in Bridgeport when millions of dollars that were taken off the tax rolls for decades when they stole the home, hopes and dreams of Black’s and Puerto Rican families.

    Anything short of a casino, hotel and entertainment venue is a loss and a slap on the face of those people that had their homes stolen under the guise of uplifting Bridgeport for the betterment of all.

  4. The mayor’s office will put out a no-bid contract to hire a squad of mythologists. They will enter the peninsula armed with butterfly nets to recapture the waterfront…


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