Prairie Dog Cuts Deal! Beardsley Bart Promises Early Spring

Ganim groundhog day
Fronting prairie dog exhibit, Mayor Joe Ganim holds replica of Beardsley Bart.

Punxsutawney Phil projected early this morning six more weeks of winter. What a cruddy hoggish thing to do. So Mayor Joe Ganim and the city’s genial zoo director Gregg Dancho did the only sensible thing under the circumstances: they burrowed an early spring from Bridgeport’s own Beardsley Bart. Dancho served as Bart’s interpreter in the prairie dog exhibit. Hmmm, what treats did Gregg promise?

“Beardsley Bart is a very early riser and when he came out this morning, he confirmed that he did not see his shadow,” explained Dancho. “He’s happy to report spring is just around the corner and he looks forward to all his friends coming to visit him soon.”

Mayor Ganim added, “According to Beardsley Bart, spring is coming to Bridgeport, and spring is coming everywhere.” He emphasized that Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo is everyone’s zoo. “It’s a great place and it’s the only zoo in the state. We need everyone to come and enjoy it,” he said.

Dancho, Ganim
Gregg Dancho and Ganim cut deal with prairie dog. No, this is not a pet cemetery.


  1. Could Joe look any more stupid than he does in this picture? Was it PT Barnum who said there’s a Clown born every day? My bad, that was Ringling Brothers.

  2. So the Mayor enjoys playing around with stuffed toys he suggests are prairie dogs on February 2. Glad he has fun doing frivolous activity while the Governor is running a plan for fiscal accountability up the flagpole to see who salutes.

    Ganim2 had an opportunity to do serious planning and lifting with motivated, talented, and expert taxpayers within the past two months, brought to him by his own aides, but he turned away. Maybe he was out looking for prairie dog holes? Checking out weather forecasts? Interviewing new personnel to help him with communications at the taxpayers’ expense? What do you think he’s been doing about your tax dollars? And what do you think he continues to allow to happen without honest and comprehensive ACCOUNTABILITY on City fiscal matters? Time will tell.


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