Pour The Coffee–Caffeine Surge For Budget Review

Mayor Joe Ganim’s $572 million spending plan for the budget year starting July 1 is under review by the City Council’s Budget & Appropriations Committee where the bulk of the legislative analysis is conducted. Ganim’s proposed budget includes a modest tax cut. This is the fourth consecutive year Ganim has proposed no tax hike.

Next year’s budget to start July 2021 is a wild card because of state-mandated revaluation of taxable property. Good luck with that.

The schedule below, set by the city, provides key timelines to execute the budget action.

The budget committee will likely vote on the financial plan next weekend. The full council must adopt the budget by May 5. It then goes to the mayor for possible veto action.

The public can listen to the budget review process. Put on a pot of coffee.

Budget committee members: Scott Burns, Michael DeFilippo, Ernie Newton, Jorge Cruz, Jeanette Herron, Denese Taylor-Moye, Matt McCarthy.



  1. There is no rule against it but I cannot remember anytime when three district out of 10 made up over 85% of the members of the B & A Committee.
    Think about is 85% come from 30% of the city. Something doesn’t seem right with that equation.


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