Policing The Police Commission

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

The debate over whether the city’s police commission answers to citizens or the political powers-that-be is coming to a head.

Last week, Mayor Joe Ganim forwarded the names of four of the seven members–Daniel Roach, Matthew Cumminotto, Thomas Lyons and Edwin Farrow–to the City Council for reappointment.

While the council’s public safety committee must review the request before they are re-seated, critics of the police department and its oversight body worry that reappointing long-time commissioners supports a status quo they say has failed the community.

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  1. With Councilman Kyle Langan and councilman Peter Spain you have a coalition of two and now the question is whether they can get other councilmen on board to make a difference and to do what’s right. My best guess is Hell No. Most are waiting for their matching orders from Joe. What say you Enida Martinez?

  2. This is nothing but excuses. And there is nothing with change for change sake. Especially in important boards line Police, Fire and zoning. 20 years for a politically connected individual is 20 years too many.

    1. Change is in the air, Bob. The underhanded tactics Mario Testa and Little Joe Ganim have used to game the electoral system, the former for sport and the latter for ego, have been exposed in a court of law. There are too many watching now, political activists that have the ability to mobilize large numbers of reform minded people.

      We din’t have to sing “a change is gonna come” and hope for the best. Change is here and now.

  3. Don, you made some good points and especially about Councilwoman Enida Martinez because she is a big time supporter of both Mayor Ganim and Police Chief Perez. Enida Martinez has not shown that she can be a independent voice as a elected councilwoman.

    Don, as you know the police commission and also the ire commission are run like a dictatorship with City Attorney Hamilton Burger acting like Al Capone’s enforcer Frank Nitti. The public is almost always locked out from asking questions or even speaking. Council member never attend police and fire commission meetings.

    Police and fire commissioners are selected based on their donations and contributions to the Democratic Party and to the mayor’s campaign and their ability to understand Joe and Mario dog whistle to act the way that Joe and Mario want. Being independent is not a option.

  4. I dont understand the reappointment process. Why are we reappointing all of these serving commissioners/ Why is Matt Cumminato being reappointed? Matt is a nice guy but he is a RETIRED POLICE LIEUTENANT. He does not belong on the police board.
    This board under the leadership of Roach has done nothing for the police department or their image. Lets take a look
    The last meeting the chief left before the meeting was over. That is bullshit.
    When is the last time the list ofpolice officer was checked for people out for extended periods and when were they seen by a department doctor.
    When is the last time the list of cops on injury leave checked nd the length of time people were out of work. Was anyone sent to see a doctor, was anyone told to retire and the list goes on.
    Now I understand that the city took the police commission out of the grievance procedure for those that dont know there are or were 4 steps in the disciplinary process 1. Police Chief, Police Commission 3 Civil Service and 4 Mediation and arbitration.
    All the operating systems are in place to protect the citizens however the upper management of the Police Department are not doing their jobs. The chief and his deputies should be retired and replaced by outside professionals . Here is just one example that I have mentioned over and over
    we have a cop that was retired on disability from the Bridgeport force.. He later shows up as a patrolmen in Meriden Conn where he justly shoots a burglar. Why are we still paying him disability payments and what was done about the fraud.


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