Police Seek Help Identifying Robbery Suspect

subway holdup
Subway holdup.

From Bill Kaempffer, public safety spokesman:

Detectives are seeking the public’s help in identifying an armed robber who held up a Wood Avenue restaurant Thursday evening.

The Subway sandwich shop, at 1552 Wood Ave., was held up by a white or Hispanic male at approximately 7:30 p.m. The suspect approached the counter near the cash register and began inquiring about a job. The employee behind the counter was giving the suspect information when the suspect pulled his hand out of his pocket, gesturing that he had a gun, and demanded money.

The suspect had a gray and white, non-skid sock covering his hand.

The suspect fled with a small amount of cash.

Anyone with information pertaining to this suspect is asked to contact Detective Michael Fiumidinisi at 203-581-5246.



  1. In a situation like this, what has the potential to be more useful as a public initiative? A yellow flag to help traverse a crosswalk? Or a TIPS envelope available to a neighbor who has “Trustworthy Information on Public Safety” issues, a neighbor who does not want to be tracked back by anyone, therefore remain anonymous, but be willing to safely provide the necessary info, perhaps including a name, a license plate, something of value combined with info otherwise available. Anyone wish to ask PR man Kaempffer? Time will tell.

  2. JML, now the PD needs help but prior to this they told you and the people who came up with the tips idea to go pound sand. Now the PD brass can go pound sand.

  3. This is the third time in the last year this store has been hit. Luckily no one has been injured, or worse, yet. Staffing a cash register at a convenience store or fast-food joint, especially in late hours, is one of the most dangerous jobs around.

  4. Why do they even bother buying a camera system when the only thing you can see is the top of the head and the picture is so lousy and far away the perp could be anyone?


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