Poise Your Tents (And Tokes) The Vibes Touches Down

Gathering of the Vibes
Gathering of the Vibes photo courtesy of Morgan Kaolian

Hey, GOTV is next week. No, not Get Out The Vote. Gathering Of The Vibes. The annual hippie fest returns to Seaside Park, the waterfront gem gifted to the city by P.T. Barnum and designed by Frederick Law Olmsted.

How many pols will show up this year to schmooze voters? So what that so many Vibes junkies are from out of state. We want to give them a nice Bridgeport welcome with an exclusive touch of city political hospitality. Could Linda McMahon and Dick Blumenthal make peace for the weekend and share a reefer along the reef?

“This is some good shit, Dick.”

“Yeah, just brought back some good stuff from Vancouver. But Rob Simmons turned me on to the primo stuff when we were in ‘Nam together.”

“What part of ‘Nam was that Dick?”

“Beats the Schiff out of me. Stuff was spiked with some hallucinogens. I can’t remember a thing about my service.”

“Yeah, my husband Vince says the same thing.”

Oh yeah, peace and love and goodwill, that’s what I say. No candidate-stalking trackers. Congressional candidates Dan Debicella, Rick Torres and Rob Merkle pledging peace and a pipe just weeks before their GOP primary.

But hey, if any two opponents need to share a doobie it’s those GOP Bridgeport Registrar warriors Linda Grace and Theresa Pavia.

Yes indeed, I say donkey and elephant tents featuring absentee ballots and a bong!

Check out the lineup, from The Vibes:


4 Day Music, Camping & Arts Festival Gets Underway July 29

BRIDGEPORT, CT – The fifteenth annual Gathering of the Vibes will begin next Thursday, July 29, at Seaside Park in Bridgeport, CT. The four-day festival anticipates 20,000-plus attendees per day. This year’s Vibes will be a weekend-long celebration of Jerry Garcia’s life. Fittingly, August 1, the last day of the festival, would have been the Grateful Dead leader’s 68th birthday. The lineup offers more than forty bands on three stages, and includes the only festival appearance this year of all surviving members of the Grateful Dead with their respective bands: Phil Lesh and Bob Weir with Furthur, Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart as the Rhythm Devils, and the Donna Jean Godchaux Band.

Among the 40+ acts performing are Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Jimmy Cliff; newly reunited Primus with Les Claypool; Damian Marley and Nas; Robert Randolph and the Family Band; The Radiators; Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings; Little Feat; New Riders of the Purple Sage; Beastie Boys’ DJ Mix Master Mike; Steve Kimock’s Crazy Engine; Umphrey’s McGee; Martin Sexton featuring The Ryan Montbleau Band; Dark Star Orchestra; and many more. Hippie Icon Wavy Gravy will once again serve as master of ceremonies.

Gathering of the Vibes music festival features four days of car-side camping for all ages, with on-site food and beverage; arts and crafts vendors; Kids Corner; Teen Scene; a non-profit organization village; and “Greenvibes” environment with an aggressive on-site recycling campaign. Seaside Park is conveniently located off I-9­5 in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and is easily accessible by Metro-North and Amtrak trains.

Tickets: A limited number of single-day tickets, weekend camping passes and VIP packages remain available online and at the gate each day of show. When accompanied by a parent or guardian, kids 12 and under get in free all weekend. For tickets or information, go to www.GOVIBES.com or call Gathering of the Vibes Festival 2010 Headquarters at 203.908.3030

From Ned Lamont:

Ted Kennedy Jr. Endorses Ned Lamont for Governor

Praises Lamont’s Values, Ability to Bring People Together in New TV Ad

New Haven, CT – Longtime Connecticut resident Ted Kennedy Jr. announced today that he is endorsing Democratic businessman Ned Lamont in the race for governor. In new TV and radio ads that will begin airing across the state tomorrow, Kennedy cites Ned’s long record of hard work and giving back to the community, praising his ability to bring people together.

“What makes Connecticut so special to me are the people that I’ve met here, people like Ned and Annie,” said Kennedy. “Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to become good friends with them and I know they share the same values I believe in – the values of hard work and giving back. I’ve seen Ned in action. I know he has what it takes to bring people together and move Connecticut forward, and that’s why I’ll be voting for him on August 10.”

“Ted and his wife Kiki are great friends and proud Connecticut residents,” said Lamont. “I’ll never forget standing beside Ted’s father singing ‘When Irish Eyes Are Smiling’ when he came to campaign for me in 2006. Senator Kennedy always believed that our best days were ahead of us, a belief that Ted Jr. and I share for the state of Connecticut. As governor, I will work every day to create jobs and make Connecticut a place where every family has the opportunity to achieve their own American dream.”

The new ad can be viewed here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=syKPS31XSR4

From Jim Himes

Himes Campaign Launches Food Drive to Support Areas in Need

BRIDGEPORT, CT–Congressman Jim Himes (CT-4) announced this week his campaign will hold a food drive in response to reports from local food banks that supplies are low.

Himes has asked those who are able to drop off food at the Bridgeport and Stamford campaign offices listed below, and he will deliver the food to local shelters and food banks. Foods that are needed most include:

* Large boxes of cold and hot cereal
* Pasta and jarred spaghetti sauce
* Boxed macaroni and cheese
* Large bags of rice or beans
* Ramen noodles
* Instant mashed potatoes or canned potatoes (28-ounce and larger)
* Canned vegetables (14-ounce and larger)
* Canned fruits
* Canned meats such as: beef stew, canned tuna fish, canned hams and/or SPAM
* Instant Jell-O mixes
* Granola bars
* Iced tea and lemonade mixes

WHO: Congressman Jim Himes

WHAT: Food Drive

WHEN: July 17 – August 16

WHERE: Himes Campaign Headquarters: 350 Fairfield Ave, Bridgeport, CT

Democratic Campaign Headquarters: 123 High Ridge Road, Stamford, CT



  1. We will be featuring an “All U Can Eat Buffet” at the Vibes. All the Bridgeport politicians will be there eagerly awaiting the opening with two forks in hand. We promise that it will be a real smorgasbord.

    “If you are too tired to eat, pass it down.”

  2. My sources tell me 30 layoff notices for NAGE employees will go out by Monday. That will make 80 NAGE employees laid off in 2 years.
    There will come a time when telephones ring in city offices and there will be no one there to answer them. Maybe when the citizens of Bridgeport see they are not getting the city services they need in a timely manner they will wake up and hold the politicians’ feet to the fire.

    1. Put in a request by phone at the Q Line more than one week ago and no response yet. Looking for info on the City of Bridgeport current handling of the parcxmart program. Maybe it is easier to ask OIB readers: What’s up with Fabrizi program that replaced coin-only meters with coin or card functions? But where to refill cards for convenience? And, more importantly, did this program initiative by one administration meet the initial claims of effectiveness and efficiency?

      Just heard Malloy radio ad this morning featuring two messages. One had a number of Stamford area voters providing support to Dan’s work at promoting job development. More interesting to me at this moment was a second part of his message talking about controlling property tax burden. That is something Bridgeport property owner voters should have interest following. Does that mean Dan will get the State to send more State money to the high property tax cities to support their programs? Perhaps he intends to fund PILOT payments at a higher percentage? Perhaps he will raise State income taxes? Are there other ways other than bonding, i.e. sending responsibility for payment into the future or looking to the Feds? To raise the property tax issue when you have no direct control over those taxes is most interesting! I wonder if the message makers understand the types of taxes used by different levels of government! What do you think?

  3. tc–The mayor will be announcing a plan to give every citizen a smart phone and a Twitter account. It will reduce the carbon footprint of Bridgeport and enable Mayor Moonbeam to “tweet” Bridgeport will be hosting a “Star Trek” convention. His tweet will be “Beam me up Scotty!”

    Mayor Green Genes is also planning on giving out S & H Green Stamps to all who participate in his BGreen 2020 initiative. The only caveat is they can’t be redeemed until 2021 at the opening of Steal Point, or when Ash Wednesday falls on Tuesday, or whichever comes first.

  4. Well the vibes and the drugs will be here before we know it. I have a question. Who is in charge of all the drugs that will be confiscated and this party?
    If memory serves me the drugs confiscated last year got lost and were unaccounted for. I hope the person who was in charge last year is not in charge this year.
    Let’s hope this is the last year for this meeting of the lost.

  5. I have heard Malloy speak many times, and he has a complete understanding of the inter-relationship of property tax, income tax and PILOTS, as well as making the most of Federal revenues. Go check out his website. danmalloy.com

  6. John B,
    Have to bow to the multiple occasions you have heard Dan Malloy speak. I have only heard snippets from him. Reason for my question …

    So I did what you suggested and went to his site. Had to look long and hard to find a reference in a July 7 release to “holding down property taxes” as one of several objectives, but no further explanation.

    Have you seen further explanation of this “plank?” I happen to think it is critically important. It is oft stated that fewer than 50% pay income taxes to States and US. Can’t vouch for it personally. But only property owners are liable for “property taxes” (cars, real estate and property used in business) and they become a lien against property values if not paid, but at this point in the real estate market cycle, property taxes are just another force pushing down values where much is underwater already. Not a vigorous and vital source for future City revenue, but it is the major source of support by City homeowners. So Dan’s point in mentioning and plan to control is …
    Doesn’t seem candidates are mentioning how we pay for government services in the future (if they are elected), today (a time of deficits at all levels of government) and regarding past promises (where benefits and programs have not been currently or adequately funded creating future payments plus interest for past commitments). And so it goes …
    What does Dan specifically say??? Devil’s in the details, so why raise the subject, and few do, unless you can be out front with what you expect, project, plan or prophecy. The subject could be a big campaign difference and indicate courage, prudence and creativity if on target! If Dan is a middle-class guy, he probably knows what his residential tax bill is. Does his opposition? Does having a home in Greenwich inoculate you from knowing or caring about property taxes?

  7. I wish I had the answer to all these murders but I don’t. I do not believe in these cases more police officers would have prevented any of these murders.
    It is a pattern of disrespect that is pervasive in today’s society that could be a cause for some of these murders.
    In today’s society no one respects anyone nor do they respect the laws. We have aggressive drivers who insist they are the only vehicle on the road and speed limits are for the other guys. We have the law breakers using cellphones and texting while driving. We have the people crossing streets in front of your car like it’s their right. More importantly we have parents who refuse to see what their kids are doing when they are not home. Standard reply from these parents “NOT MY CHILD.”
    Could it be some of the drug gangs from the ’80s are back from prison and looking to control sections of the city like they did in the ’80s when murders were in the 50-60 person range? In either case this city is moving backwards and we have no strong leadership to put a stop to it.

  8. Yahooy! My long lost brother, how have you been? Hey, are you going to work on my campaign? Glad to see you are back.
    On another note–I am leaving on a two-week trip to Alaska (family reunion on my husband’s side, two years in the making) and when I go by Wasilla I am going to see if I can see Russia from the bow of the boat. Anyone want to lay odds on the chance of that? I’ll be back to cast my votes, for Malloy, Wyman, Merrill and Lembo. See you all on the other side.

  9. Riding the train from Stamford today I thought Malloy says he created jobs but how many of those jobs went to Stamford residents? Many of those people whom he created jobs for are out-of-town people who live in Fairfield and the rest of the suburbs!!! I could care less if a mayor created jobs that benefited only out-of-town people what about your own residents? How many jobs were created for Stamford residents??? Vote Lamont!!!

    1. Don J
      Malloy says he created 5,000 jobs while mayor but the State of CT Dept of Labor says Stamford lost 11,000 when Dapper Dan was the Man.
      New math or same old problem???

  10. Dan Malloy knows about the property tax burden for sure.
    I heard Stamford had 11 straight tax INCREASES when Darling Dan was mayor AND he left the city with a budget deficit.
    Maybe some of the Malloy supporters would like to respond to that!!!


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