Poise Your Application, Municipal Employment Available

News release from Mayor’s Office:

The City of Bridgeport today announced that there are a variety of employment positions to post and fill immediately. Following Mayor Ganim’s announcement of plans to review and reorganize positions citywide, Chief Administrative Officer Hawkins and Labor Relations have identified positions that they are seeking qualified candidates and, in some cases, applicants that hold specialized skills or certifications. Filling these roles with talented experienced individuals is a priority for the city.

The positions that have been identified are noted below and will be posted on the city’s website when they open for applications. https://www.bridgeportct.gov/citycareers

Airport Certification Specialist (starting at $42,913.00): Public Facilities; Airport Division.

Benefits Manager (starting at $90,549.00): Labor Relations; Benefits Administration Division.

Budget Policy Analyst: Office of Policy and Management.

Civil Engineer I (starting at $75,021.00): Public Facilities; Engineering Division.

Director of Public Facilities (starting at $131,706)

Information Services Technology Staff: Various positions will be posted.

OPM Policy Analyst: Office of Policy and Management.

Public Library Staff: Library Assistant(s) & Librarian(s), various positions to be posted.

School Crossing Guard ($11.00 – $12.64 per hour): Police Department.

Tax Assessor (starting at $116,680.00): Finance Department, provisional position, available for applicants immediately.



  1. “Following Mayor Ganim’s announcement of plans to review and reorganize positions citywide”……Lennie, please help me understand your reporting. Ganim3 has announced that he will plan an overall City chart of activities, with duties and responsibilities, and seek to place folks with the best training, experience and service attitude (my words) in those positions?? Where is Ganim3 plan? Who is working on it? What is the timetable? How many positions are currently empty and looking for expertise?

    A plan to reorganize? Why am I doubtful? Has he had other announced plans, from four years ago until today, and what has come of them? Where is the follow through, first on paper, and then in other open and transparent activities to fulfill the PLAN? Where are the reports from external “CONSULTANTS” that have been announced but with no follow-up months later? What has the City paid for and not shared the costs with the citizen-taxpayers? (Mayor Ganim did lower taxes due this year. My monthly payment to the bank holding my mortgage reduced by $5 per month. But I would ask him not to take a bow for that just as he did not preen after the tax hike four years ago that has been maintained. Lots of folks have had to pay more, and suffer a loss in home values because of his failure to control finances.)
    What is the overall plan? Why do we not complete that first? By not filling currently open positions, Ganim2 has had surplus dollars to use in less obvious ways. How many “supportive contributions” to not for profit organizations are made each year? Total dollars? Whose budget is tapped for the payments? What process of oversight is used to be sure that the City funds are accomplishing what was intended? Which City Council committee can look at this issue? Time will tell.

  2. Lennie,
    Apology for using the wrong verb!! What through me off is the use of the word “announced” in the opening sentence rather than “announces” for instance. Did you release the entire news release? Which City employee did the “announcing” that you transmitted to us? A person to be in touch with if more specific info was desired? Thank you. Time will tell.

  3. IMHO,Ganim is building his resume if a Democrat wins the White House in LESS than a year. A “whiz kid” reorganizing dysfunctional municipal offices would be a great candidate for HUD.


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