Plan A Day At The Zoo

Just $5 for Bridgeport residents on May 20.

Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo is proud to invite ALL Bridgeport residents to come to Connecticut’s only zoo on Sunday, May 20, 2012 for a reduced admission fee of just $5 with proper I.D. Meet and greet with town officials, business and civic leaders, friends, and neighbors during a fun-filled day for the whole family.

“Congratulations to Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo for 90 years of serving our city and the region with family fun and educational programming. Bridgeport is so proud to be the home to the only zoo in the state,” said Mayor Bill Finch. “What better way to celebrate this milestone birthday, than to give every Bridgeport resident the chance to enjoy our zoo at a reduced rate? I encourage all Bridgeport residents to take advantage of this opportunity and experience all that Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo has to offer.”

While at the Zoo on May 20, City residents and other visitors can learn more about the myriad of services the City has to offer including the Safe Asleep free smoke alarm program, the City’s award-winning Lighthouse after school program and BConnected, the City’s citizens engagement initiative, among others. Zoo visitors also will be able to learn more about the City’s BGreen 2020 initiative, a public-private partnership, of which the Zoo is a part, whose main goal is to help reduce the City’s carbon footprint through energy conservation and reducing the reliance on foreign oil.

Spend the day visiting new animals at the Zoo and enjoying the great outdoors. Over the past few months, the Zoo has welcomed many new animals including Canada lynx, Common rheas, and an endangered Chacoan peccary piglet, the first to be born in the northeast.

“Bridgeport Day provides us the opportunity to give back to the local community and residents who have continuously supported us throughout the years,” stated Gregg Dancho, Zoo Director. “Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo is thrilled to partner with Mayor Finch and the City of Bridgeport to offer such an enjoyable day for visitors.”

This event is presented in partnership with Mayor Bill Finch and the City of Bridgeport. Rain date: June 10.



  1. *** Don’t forget to pack a lunch and a question asking about the city budget or the upcoming tax increase, no? *** Please Don’t Feed The Animals Or Politicians! ***

  2. Mojo,
    Are there any captive watchdogs at the Zoo? Mayor Finch, in his City cuts over the past four years of 48 net employees (not nearly 200 as claimed include about 178 education department cuts where the Mayor tells us he has no accountability) that eliminated “internal audit staff.”
    Maybe we can find out what diet a real watchdog should be fed? And what training and education for the duties a watchdog faces? Dogs in general provide unconditional love so they are a significant early-warning system for a household or business when danger approaches. Taxpayers need them to see the danger and start barking. We know the position of internal auditor was shut down about four years ago by Mayor Finch although City documents until this year claim there was an “internal audit staff.” No such language in the 2013 book. Another Pinocchio moment for the Finchwood team. There are more coming. Time will tell.


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