Pivotal Fundraising Week For Mayoral Candidate Lamond Daniels

This is a critical fundraising week for mayoral candidate Lamond Daniels who hosted an event Tuesday night at Circolo Sportivo on Park Avenue.

The ex Finch administration official is stepping up his social media presence, see video above, as his campaign readies the first quarter fundraising report for submission to the Town Clerk’s Office.

If he can fundraise with or better State Senator Marilyn Moore’s showing it will certainly elevate his appeal among progressive activists, many of whom have already left the Moore camp to bolster his campaign.

Mayor Joe Ganim and John Gomes will show impressive hauls for the first quarter. For Daniels, it’s about framing himself as the cutting-edge alternative who can raise the money to compete.



  1. So I genuinely think that he would mark a very new direction for Bridgeport because if you talk to anyone around the state and beyond The current administration is associated and perceived to be corrupt. But I must say that this is a very lackluster presentation. There’s nothing in this presentation here that stands out from what others say or do And even the presentation of being in front of the camera is very boring. speaking of not standing out, who selected this shirt and decided that the wall behind him and the shirt have to match?

    1. But it seems like haven’t ruled him out as your choice for mayor — you sound like a definite “maybe”.
      Just because you’re critical of his media practices doesn’t mean he wouldn’t make a great mayor.
      Every election is about the same thing: will the politics of the past remain the politics of the future.
      I hope Lamond Daniels is smiling. because I know he’s going to try to earn your vote.

      1. I definitely do not discount him and favor him over Ganim but I also have expectations. And this presentation was not invigorating. There is absolutely no umph to this message. I know this is critical but I also hope to be constructive and hope the campaign team shifts accordingly.

  2. Is it just me, or does he act like he’s talking to a class of second graders? His message is just mundane, boiler plate stuff. I didn’t see anything to get excited about here.


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