Perez Urges Leniency From Judge For Cheating On Top Cop Test

From Dan Tepfer, CT Post:

Former Police Chief Armando Perez, facing up to two years in prison for cheating on the police chief exam and lying to the FBI about it, appealed for leniency Tuesday.

“The defendant, Armando ‘A.J.’ Perez, is a 65-year-old, former police officer of 37 years, who faithfully served the Bridgeport community his entire adult life, before losing nearly everything over the last seven months–his career, his reputation and most of his life’s savings–on account of his willingness to cheat during the chief of police selection process, and then lie about it to federal investigators,” states the memorandum filed in U.S. District Court by his lawyer. “It is a cautionary tale that will be retold long after this case is over. What was supposed to be the crowning achievement of a public servant’s career has instead been his undoing.”

… Perez is scheduled to be sentenced by U.S. District Judge Kari Dooley on April 12; Dunn is set for sentencing the following day.

In Perez’s sentencing memorandum, his lawyer, Robert Frost, urges the judge to impose a period of probation or house arrest instead of prison time. It states that a prison term could put Perez’s life at risk.

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  1. How pathetic. And no one even mentions his involvement in the first Ganim corruption scandal. About his hiding the wine for Ganim that Ganim took for favors. It is like don’t look any further, please. It can only get worse.
    AJ didn’t learn and doesn’t learn.

  2. And what about his disservice to the people of Bridgeport with his involvement in politics.
    His arranging to drive around and illegally pick up absentee ballots. It doesn’t stop and it won’t stop if he is not punished; severely punished.
    That is justice.
    But can the people expect justice in Bridgeport a nod Connecticut?
    Or will the corruption go unpunished and thereby unabated?

  3. I know AJ……a bit. He knows me….. I told him to get out when he was made ‘acting’ chief. Everyone knew he would be the guy to get the chiefs job. EVERYONE. I told him to get out and retire before that happened. It’s unfortunate but it was predictable. Sorry to say. Too bad. He’s a good example of “nice guys finish last.”
    EVERYONE knows Ganim’s part in this. He’s NOT a nice guy. He’s a crook. In more ways than one.

  4. Pérez allowed cheating and lying to cloud his better judgment? Everyone that ever cheated and lied allowed it to cloud their better Judgement and realized it only after they got caught.

    To allow him probation or home confinement is a SLAP in the face of anyone that he ever arrested that received jail time. Pérez deserves jail time to send a clear and concise message that “business as usual” will get you jail time, as it should.

  5. Two years is not enough for this felon. Clouded judgment, my ass. Just plain dishonesty and greed. Lock him up, take away his pension and benefits.
    He is in insult to every honest police officer.

  6. And please, let’s not forget the Boy Scout AJ involvement in the sex assault involving employees of Vazzano’s restaurant and the continuing probe of that.
    If the courts weighs all of this and still gives him house arrest the state deserves the nickname Corrupticut.

  7. Let’s see how much of a good and loyal friend Joe Ganim is to AJ Perez now. Let’s if Ganim as leniency from the judge for cheating on top cop test.

    1. Let’s see how much of a good and loyal friend Joe Ganim is to AJ Perez now. Let’ssee if Ganim ask for leniency from the judge for Perez cheating on top cop test.

  8. AJ is another victim, a casualty of Joe & Mario’s reign in our city.Their need to control at any cost…And does this surprise anyone? “There is no letter of support from Mayor Joe Ganim.”….Shocking!,,Joe uses his “friends” until they get caught doing what he asked them to do,then,he doesn’t know you anymore.At that point he tries to distance himself,and play the “I had no idea this was happening” alibi…This should be another warning to Joe’s other’friends”,watch yourselves,as soon as you get caught doing what Joe “suggest”,he won’t know you anymore…

  9. From today’s article in the Post about Dunn, according to his sentencing memorandum.

    “Based on the common knowledge of the close friendship between the mayor and Perez, the mayor having appointed Perez as the acting chief, as well as the frequent inquiries about Perez’s prospects by members of the city council, to the exclusion of the other candidates, David Dunn correctly assumed that Perez was the choice of his superiors for appointment to chief of police,” the memorandum states.

    But to this day,Joe is sticking to his alibi,denying any knowledge of the test fixing.He expects everyone to believe Perez,Dunn,did this all on their own..

  10. Harvey, you are absolutely correct and WHO were those CC Members that made frequent inquiries about Perez’s prospects by members of the city council?
    Why were they contacting the disgraced David Dunn and did they put pressure on the disgraced David Dunn to see that Pérez passed?

    1. Donald, I think we all can figure out which CC members contacted Dunn( on Joe’s urging no doubt)… The same one’s who till this day follow his orders..

    1. As long as the general population is passive, apathetic, diverted to consumerism or hatred of the vulnerable, then the powerful can do as they please, and those who survive will be left to contemplate the outcome.
      Noam Chomsky


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