Perez, Dunn To Enter Guilty Pleas In Police Chief Exam Probe

From Dan Tepfer, CT Post:

Former Police Chief Armando “AJ” Perez and Personnel Director David Dunn have agreed to plead guilty, according to court documents, to conspiring to rig the city’s police chief examination so that Perez would win and then lying to federal authorities about it.

According to court documents, the two men, who resigned from the city after their arrests last month, are due in U.S. District Court in Bridgeport Monday morning and expected to waive grand jury indictments and then plead guilty to reduced charges: conspiracy to commit wire fraud and making false statements.

On Sept. 10, Perez and Dunn were charged by federal prosecutors with defrauding the city of Bridgeport on allegations of rigging the 2018 police chief examination and making false statements to federal agents in the course of the investigation.

The federal complaint paints a picture of Perez as desperate to be appointed permanent top cop but frustrated with his inability to fill out the necessary paperwork and answer exam questions. So, allegedly, Dunn assisted Perez by providing him with the test questions in advance and two unnamed police officers helped Perez write his application and test responses.

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  1. That says it all. Now the dominos will start to fall…. Reminds me of the Nursery Rhyme — “Humpty Dumpty had as great fall…” We all know the rest, including the ID of Humpty I… There are probably Humptys 1-20 or so…

  2. Guilty as charged, with a plea of course. Let the continuing investigations roll. Will they give more up then they already apparently have? That’s the big question.
    AJ- no more espresso at Mario’s or Noval port wine for you, you idiot. What an uncomfortable existence he’ll have if he goes out and about. What a way to end a “nice guy” career. Can’t say I didn’t tell you to get out while you could. I hope your “friends” don’t totally abandoned you now.
    Salud pendejo!!! Y adios.

  3. David Dunn will squeal like a pig, pigs love to roll in the mud because its fun for them, Joe Ganim has to out there trying to get the best attorney that he can afford because he’s going to need it. Perez will be fair game in prison because inmates don’t like cops serving time with them. As I have written before , David Dunn actions have destroy the Civil Service system, honesty and trust is gone and the question is what other exams has Dunn hooked up people and the same for Randi Frank’s testing company, how many other exams has she changed for Dunn in order to keep getting contracts with the City. The worse they will get for helping the FBI is about 18 months in club med.

  4. Ron, that’s the BIG QUESTION that needs to be addressed, “What other exams has Dunn manipulated the system to hooked up people?” We’ve been saying for over a decade that David Dunn was manipulating the system and No One would listen. It is believed by some that Randi Frank’s Testing Company was complicit in this and other exams for the constant Bridgeport dollars and honesty and integrity was never an issue for employment!

  5. The Flucking Taxpayers need to be compensated, REMUNERATE, SATISFY, REIMBURSE, INDEMNIFY, RECOMPENSE, and no friendly repayment plan by the City Attorney’s office!


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