Family Of Shooting Victim Turns Up Heat On Councilwoman Martinez

The family of 21-year-old Nyair Nixon who was shot inside the Barnum Avenue social club operated by Councilwoman Eneida Martinez is calling for a federal investigation into the death. Video courtesy of Steve Krauchick, Doing It Local.



    1. Ernie or any of the other Council Members are now in the state of shock that may never be removed from them. They have all gone too far this time.

  1. What you are witnessing is the pre-era self destruction of The City of Bridgeport and it’s affiliates. Bridgeport is now in the state of Pre “Sodom and Gomorrah”. Recall every prophetic word spoken over the city of Bridgeport to date and then you should understand exactly what is taking place. You reap what you sew. Apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Wheat is being separated from the tare….etc.

  2. I’m so shocked that people are calling out the Mayor, the Council Members and ANY form of injustice. There have been “OTHERS” that have had their entire lives uprooted by major calamities within then City limits and NOBODY had public outcries. Now…… EVERYBODY wants to call the FBI and call out a prostitution ring that has been in place for so long and so many years and for THEIR pleasures….. and now….. because THEIR CHILD has lost his life, they want to call out “INJUSTICES”!!! THIS IS HYPOCRASY!!!!!

  3. To Reiterate (with condolences for the family and friends of Nyair Nixon):



    The questions concerning the death of Nyair Nixon, as well as the aftermath of his death, dramatically-depicted in the OIB video of 10/1/20 (at City Hall II/Morton Center), and the killing-site video of 10/2/20, the former presenting a detailed description of the familial microcosm of life in Bridgeport, CT, given by grieving-mother, Nicole Tate, the latter providing testimony of of official impropriety/criminal activity/corruption/ineptitude over time, y all levels of Bridgeport City officials, in regard to the open operation of dangerous centers of vice/risks to public-safety, and the present situation of callous indifference of government officials toward the family and friends of Nyair Nixon, the latter a victim of the effects of the prevalence of dangerous “speak easies” throughout our city, is extremely powerful testimony in support of the undeniable, powerful indications that Bridgeport is an essentially lawless place, in political/socioeconomic chaos, rudderless, leaderless, with all of its citizens at the mercy of the circumstances of time and space, with respect to exposure to the increasingly random violence in the midst of the COVID pandemic.

    The need for Bridgeport to be taken over by the state — politically subsumed, charter suspended, the Mayor’s authority officially abrogated, in lieu of resignation, with the City Council similarly decommissioned — is becoming a de facto mandate for Governor Lamont and the GA.

    Bridgeport is not capable of governing itself and has obviously become the state’s wholesale Den of Iniquity and deadly violence.

    This is a city full of drug-alcohol-prostitution, violence-prone “speak-easy” “Keystones,” policed by a department encumbered by too many “Keystone” cops. The fact that most neighborhoods in Bridgeport are hosts to one or more such speak-easies, with obvious, often “open” drug dealing, is strongly indicative of too many “Keystone” cops on the Bridgeport force that are too willing to drive past such locations wearing official-issue “blinders”…

    The implications of the above situation is terrifying when pondered in terms of ordinary citizens trying to navigate life “normally,” in Bridgeport. Citizens in every neighborhood are exposed — in their neighborhoods — to shoot-outs or other deadly violence… It isn’t safe for out-of-towners to come here for even brief times, let alone for residents/citizens trying to live “normally” here, every day… And the chief danger for us isn’t COVID –it’s POVID (POVERTY, OPPRESSION, VIOLENCE, INDIGENCE, DESPAIR) on a background of political-economic exploitation…

    BPD is rudderless from within and without… There is no functional, effective branch of government in Bridgeport, with the same being true for Bridgeport’s municipal departments/agencies charged with effecting the socioeconomic functionality of the City. It is only through the competence and diligence of a shrinking number of individuals charged with overseeing and executing political and practical municipal tasks that total municipal dysfunction hasn’t occurred. But we are swiftly headed in that direction… It’s melt-down time in Bridgeport!…

    It is time for Mayor Ganim to resign, along with the entirety of the City Council, to clear the way for the State of Connecticut to politically subsume Bridgeport, as custodial-executor, and clean up the mess that has been condoned and facilitated by state government policy (official and unofficial), regarding Bridgeport, over a period of decades.

    STEP UP, Governor Lamont and Connecticut GA! STEP DOWN, Mayor Ganim and City Council! Bridgeport’s survival, and the safety and well-being of its people are at stake!

  4. Council Woman Martinez should be immediately jailed for these obvious illegal actions. The only problem is, Who is going to arrest her? There are too many ties to these “keystone” cops within the City of Bridgeport that would allow for such action, even though everyone can clearly see a crime has been committed. Not only has someone lost their life, but these crimes have been going on inside Council Woman Eneida Martinez’s club for a long time and everyone knows that. Can justice even occur in Bridgeport? I mean, think about the people that have gone through their life and been OPENLY and PUBLICLY shamed for NO GOOD REASON?

    Members of the City of Bridgeport and it’s affiliate have not been fully reprimanded for a system of illegal activities before, however, now is the season of “Sodom and Gomorah”……LADY JUSTICE COME HITHER!!!!

  5. Queen Princess, who are you that hide behind a pseudonym while excoriating Bridgeport’s politicians and city? I’m not saying I disagree with your observations, but you hide behind the cloak of anonymity and inscrutability and most here use our names because we never hide from our comments. So again, “Who Are You?”

  6. I have only heard from State Senator Moore. When will any of the Democrat state reps, state senator, US rep or US senators give their views on the endless parade of dysfunction, delusion, desperation or danger in Bridgeport?


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