Pereira Pursues Upper East Side City Council Race With Samia Suliman Against Endorsed Dems

Maria Pereira, the self-styled piranha of city politics, is eschewing another run for the Board of Education to challenge party-endorsed City Council incumbents Karen Jackson and Nessah Smith to represent the Upper East Side 138th District.

Periera is joining forces with Samia Suliman, who waged a close primary two years ago, to run with her. Suliman resides at Success Village, off Boston Avenue, a treasure trove of votes for politicians working the JFK voting precinct. Pereira’s base of support is the Hooker School precinct so with Suliman as her running mate they have both precincts covered in the district.

They need validated signatures from five percent of Democrats in the district to wage a September 10 primary.

Pereira had supported Jackson and Smith in their initial runs for City Council but has since had a falling-out with them.

Pereira hasn’t wasted any time preparing a campaign piece for the district.

The campaign piece is paid for by For the People of the 138th District, JoAnn Kennedy Treasurer. Approved by Maria Pereira & Samia Suliman.



  1. This is the number one nightmare for all elected Democrats, A PRIMARY. You get the DTC endorsement then you are guarantee to win the election in November but a primary, that means the incumbent or the person who got nominated must now go to work to get voters to the polls and Democrats aren’t used to working hard just to get o the ballot. They depend on Mario Testa to stop other candidates from running or if they don’t follow Mario orders then they will find their self in a primary. Running in a primary is hard enough but running against Maria Pereira is a total different game. My money on Maria Pereira and Samia Suliman, this primary will force Joe Ganim to spend more time and money in the 138th district.

    1. Agreed. The Machine has to flex its muscle like it did with Kate and Antonio, just ask Jorge, who is now endorsed by the DTC for CC. How much influence does Mario have, which I can only assume Mario would’ve tried to get Anthony reelected, but lost, in the 138th. This is Maria’s first real campaign since her back issues, and after her lost in the DTC. Joe’s going to do Joe, Maria’s a thorn in Mario, soon to be one in Joe’s, if she wins, and if he wins. But first things first. This is a race to watch. Bust out the pop corn. This when from a freak show to a Thriller. Let’s not forget the Chronic. 🙂

  2. In 2015, Ganim spent ZERO dollars in the Thomas Hooker Precinct. Nessah and I canvassed the entire precinct for free, we phone banked every voter, all the poll standers were volunteers, and we even paid for our election day breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    Nessah, Karen ,Kevin Monks, pony tail guy, and more will canvass for Ganim. I always say it is not about quantity, it is about quality.

    I walked Nessah’s street today. Her neighbors are pissed off about their taxes, her calls to the police to issue tickets for parking on non -existent sidewalks, her voting record on funding our public schools.

    When I told one of her Black neighbors Samia and I were running against Nessah and Karen she said “Thank God someone with a brain is finally going to represent us.”

    Interestingly, she also had a problem with Nessah’s blonde wig.

    Marilyn Moore is being received well

    I am thoroughly explaining that Ganim and Nessah raised your taxes by 29 mils, which likely raised their taxes between $600 to $1,000. They confirm their tax increase.

    This year they passed a .38 mil reduction, and I explain you are saving less than $5.00 per week for everyone in your household combined.

    Voters get it and they are insulted by it.

    You always have to explain things simply and in a way that voters can connect to.

  3. Karen Jackson was recently evicted from Nob Hill Condominium, and is now claiming she resides in a room in the district while her children live with someone else.


    I spent time exposing their tax increase helps to fund a $9,000 stipend for each city council person.

    I have further explained that those funds are not for their personal use and are to be used for constiuent services or professional development.

    In reviewing Katen Kackson’s stipends I felt compelled to share with voters how Karen Jackson had been spending their tax payer dollars.

    She spent $750.00 at both Kids Footlocker and Footlocker 4 days before Christmas on her three children.

    She spent $800 renting vehicles from Rent A Wreck.

    She has spent $50 at the Hair Supply store.

    She has spent hundreds paying cell phone Bill’s when she is already provided with a taxpayer funded cellphone which means she is likely paying one of her children’s cell phones.

    She constantly purchases items at Cumberland Farms just one block from her home.

    She has made many restaurant purchases at Jamaican, Ralph & Richies, and many other food establishments.

    Needless to say voters in the 138th District were quite upset that their exorbitant taxes were being utilized as Karen Jackson’s personal piggy bank.

    I will be reviewing Nessah’s expenditures tomorrow.

    Can someone tell me what Ganim’s appointees in Finance are doing? Why are they allowing such an outrageous use of taxpayer funds? Where the hell is Ken Flatto?

    I contacted the IRS and they explained that if the stipends are used for any personal expenditures the city council members must file and pay taxes on those expenditures and report it as income.

    Once I finish reviewing the entire report I plan on sending it to the IRS with a cover letter to review the tax filings of many of the city council members.

    Many of them have outrageous expenditures. Marcus Brown spent $1,800 staying at the Ritz Carlton. Not a Marriot or a Holiday Inn, the RITZ CARLTON!

    Alfredo Castillo spent $147.00 at Macy’s. That must have been for that suit I heard about.

    I have seen absolute abuse of the City Council stipends while our 20,400 students cannot receive funding for their education.

  4. So basically some on the Council are stealing.They are following the example set by their boss.I’m sure the feeling is “Hey,he does it,why can’t I”?..The council’s stipends that I believe were started during the Finch/McCarthy era,has to be eliminated.Instead,if they have a legitimate expense,they should be made to turn in a voucher to Flatto’s office for payment.But I doubt anything will change.And if you think this is bad,think about how much Joe billed the city running around the state during his ridiculous run for governor!!…This is how it’s done in Bpt.

    1. Maria is taking the Stipend issue to the most basic level, one on one. This is necessary because the City Finance Office procedure in Finch’s final years was re-organized but does not follow the Ordinance procedure, that Tom McCarthy’s team tried to change but all changes expired. So Stipend process with quarterly % OF ANNUAL STIPEND AVAILABLE BY PLASTIC CARD. The business purpose is not entered contemporaneous with using the money. Honor system??? Oversight?? How many objections to bad administrative practice, in fact one could say, illegal practice, are necessary to get Ganim2 to reform?? Time will tell.

    1. Maria, that piece alone takes you half way to the winning finish line. Keep your strategy and information close to the vest. Don’t ever educate or forewarn your opposition.

    2. I agree with you ! I don’t always agree with Maria, however their is no denying that she is very knowledgeable and would be a great Councilwoman! She can do more to help the City as a whole and her own district from that position.
      Good luck Maria!!

  5. Harvey,

    I am the only non-entrenched DTC resident who has been able to beat the corrupt DTC on AB ballots in the 138th District.

    I do it lawfully and educate voters when they qualify and when they don’t.

    I got Ned Lamont 88 ABs in Thomas Hooker by myself last year.

    Samia and I beat them in JFK with ABs to help Turner vs. Bradley. We beat them 68 to 58.

    Don’t worry about us on ABs. 🙂


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