Party Pizarro Pinched Again For Trumbull Home Soirée

Danny Pizarro lives the good life.

City employee Danny Pizarro, the bon vivant of the Ganim administration, has been tagged again by Trumbull police for throwing another raucous party. His festive event in January with friends shoe-horned into his house during a pandemic led to a $500 fine.

Pizarro party in January.

From Dan Tepfer, CT Post:

This past weekend Trumbull police said Pizarro, a project coordinator with the city’s housing code office, was charged with second-degree breach of peace and interfering with police when officers said Pizarro was uncooperative after they discovered him holding a large party at his home.

Pizarro, 48, was released after posting $500 bond pending arraignment in Superior Court on Tuesday.

“Mr. Pizarro denies acting inappropriately on the night in question and I’m confident this matter will be resolved amicably in the court,” said his lawyer, Frank Riccio II.

… In the recent incident, Lt. Brian Weir said officers were dispatched to Pizarro’s Huntington Turnpike home about 2:30 a.m. on Sunday on complaints from neighbors of a loud party and cars choking the narrow two-lane road.

“Officers tried to get him (Pizarro) to help them get the guests to leave the party and he was not cooperative,” Weir said.



  1. LOL… Danny just needs to buy a house that is more conducive to loud party’s.The man likes to throw big parties. Meanwhile,members of the administration who were there are trying to figure out who is going to take what excuse.
    Some from the last time for those to grab.
    1.I got there early,stayed about 45 mins and left.
    2. I had a ride there about 11:00, saw it was sort of crowded, so we only stayed about an hour and left.
    3 I dropped off a gift,said hello to some friends, and left in 30 mins.

  2. “Bon vivant” and “city project coordinator”!? ?? Really??? That’s the title that comes with being Mario’s driver?? Like they say “it’s a good job if you can get it”…..$$$$$….

      1. True. Actually, Adams being brought in by Ganim to keep things on the up and up has worked out fine hasn’t it? I mean look how the Police Department and Personnel has turned out starting at the very top of those departments. Oh wait… they were indicted and went to jail and Adams had nothing to do with that. Then theres Defilippo, but wait…I know that it’s “innocent until proven Guilty” but I brought that up years before he was arrested. Same with my musings about the “round table espresso crew “ that I opined about long before any investigations were announced. It ain’t over yet. Never mind. What do I know, but it’s been fun.

  3. Danny must have some good stuff on Joe/Mario,over the years Danny has caused Joe a few headaches,but yet Joe makes sure he still draws a city salary..Between the pandemic party,the failure to pay back taxes,the time a city owned Tahoe(a tahoe Danny may or may not have left the keys in btw) was stolen off the roof of the Annex and found in Kentucky.Then the accident with said Tahoe and the lawsuit to follow (which Joe quietly ok’d a $20,000 settlement to the victim).Throughout Joe’s reign,if any of his inner circle friends get in trouble,Joe turns his back on them and distances himself,but not Danny,Joe is true blue for some reason.
    The Tahoe accident

    And Joe quietly ok’ing a $20,000 settlement to keep things quiet..

    1. Yes and thanks for pointing that out. I’m tired of having all these negative “personal attacks” attributed to only my posts! Lol!!! In the meantime he still enjoys all the freebies at Wood & Suburban even if someone other than Defilippo is pouring them up. You never know when you’ll have to drive the boss!!! 😝 😆


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