Paid Sick Leave Passes

One of Dannel Malloy’s campaign pledges has passed. What’s your take? Good policy? Onerous government action? CT Mirror article From Malloy:


(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Dannel P. Malloy today released a statement praising final passage of a bill granting paid sick leave to service workers.

“Throughout my campaign and now during my time as Governor, I’ve been clear about my commitment to the concept of paid sick leave, and I’m pleased that a reasonable compromise has passed both the Senate and the House. As I’ve said before, this is good public policy and specifically, good public health. Why would you want to eat food from a sick restaurant cook? Or have your children taken care of by a sick day care worker? The simple answer is–you wouldn’t. And now, you won’t have to. Without paid sick leave, frontline service workers–people who serve us food, who care for our children, and who work in hospitals, for example–are forced to go to work sick to keep their jobs. That’s not a choice I’m comfortable having people make under my tenure, and I’m proud to sign this bill when it comes to my desk.”



  1. Start off comment, Lennie. If Ned Lamont himself were the governor (and boy did he blow the primaries with inept, naive, and self-centered (look at me I’m helping Ned Lamont) advisers and campaign managers, we would have had a governor with some business sense. Malloy credits himself (look at me and what I’ve done for Stamford) with the commercial revival of Stamford. That actually started in the 1970s when corporations were fleeing NYC due to the inept David Dinkins and remnants from Abe Beame.
    Unfortunately Lamont was surrounded by inadequate captains who didn’t know how to run a successful campaign and wouldn’t listen to us natives who have seen the shenanigans in Connecticut politics.

    1. Grin,
      This sounds like Finch sent his own plumbers unit into the Red Rooster. Steal some beer and leave a little incriminating evidence. Bill & Peter, the dynamic duo, will swoop down and bust them later.

  2. I believe the only people covered are the restaurant and fast-food workers. People such as limo drivers, box store workers, school bus drivers etc. are not covered. The lobbyists for those sweat shops did an excellent job. How much money do people need at the expense of other humans?

  3. Hey Lennie, does the paid sick leave apply to campaign workers? You wouldn’t want to send out sick people to knock on doors, pass flyers and have contact with the voters. You think the pols in Hartford thought about this? Talking about campaigning, if any of you guys are campaigning in the East Side, cross out 164-170 Brook Street on the voters list:

  4. I applaud the governor’s stand on this position. It shows he can look at the big picture and still focus on the minimal items as well. ATTABOY.

  5. Off the post,
    James Keyser, phone home. I still want to hear from you on your position on this election and possible involvement. I see a very real need to consider a Republican alternative. If you know James ask him to respond.


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