One Ringy Dingy, Two Ringy Dingy … Mr. Lamont Where Are You?

Democratic-endorsed Ned Lamont was a no-show Thursday at the final gubernatorial forum before Tuesday’s primary organized by the Central Connecticut Chambers of Commerce. Joe Ganim being Joe Ganim he called Ned, eliciting a chuckle from the audience. See video.

Republican candidates Mark Boughton, Steve Obsitnik, Bob Stefanowski, David Stemerman and general election petitioning candidate Oz Griebel also attended.

The Ganim campaign also released a new video after Lamont declared he’d “probably not” support Ganim if he wins the primary. See below.

Does Ned Lamont Still Believe in Party Unity? #ProbablyNot from Ganim on Vimeo.



  1. Joe what is party unity? What does it get you if you are not in the elite stable? What has party unity meant and to what principles has it been addressed in most recent decade?

    Aren’t you beating a dead horse? Who has benefited most from Democratic voting….employees and their benefits which have been sponsored mainly by Democrats, who never gave serious thoughts to how the expenses can be met. Don’t we need a break and some reason used from that path? Whether Democrat or Republican. Have you told audiences of any color how your Pension Obligation Bond of 2000 to be retired in about a dozen more years has failed to work as promoted? Those are some of the risks of being a leader. Have you stopped to understand that your POB and other pension funding has crowded out school spending in the City? Perhaps if you told the plain unvarnished truth, the voter might stand a chance to try another direction, Time will tell.

  2. Less than a week before the primary Ned Lamont is supposed to debate 4 Republicans, 1 Democrat who is really a Republican and an independant candidate who isn’t even running next week before a Republican group (CT Chamber of Commerce).
    Good call Ned. I’d pass on that group to.

  3. And Joe I’m still laughing at your attempt at humor by making believe you tried calling Ned.
    The only thing it proved was that Ned Lamont could be bothered with accepting a call from you.

  4. *** Both Joe & Ned better “stop & smell” the coffee & stop acting like school children that can’t get their way or that are constantly competing to prove to themselves, “who’s the best”! After the primary, its all about beating the top republican candidate which appears to be Tiny Timmie. Weather local or on the Fed. level, its high time for Dem’s or Independents to get the majority of POL’s in the Local/Fed. level seats of the House & Senate. The original “Republican Party” as once known is merely a shell of itself & getting worse as long as Trump & his supporters remain in power level government positions in America, Local & Fed. political levels. *** UNITY IS A MUST, NOT VANITY NOR SELFISH PRIDE***


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