Lamont Dwarfs Ganim Campaign Spending In Final Days Of Primary

Days from the Democratic primary for governor, Mayor Joe Ganim’s runyonesque challenge of party-endorsed Ned Lamont has raised about $900,000 since the start of the campaign with about $173,000 cash on hand that will be drained before Tuesday’s vote. See finance report filed with the State Elections Enforcement Commission 7th day preceding primary here. Meanwhile Lamont who’s largely self-funding his effort has spent multiple millions more. See his report here

For the period from July 1-August 5, Ganim raised $102,733.00. For the same period Lamont’s total monetary receipts were $1,574,633.82.

Ganim has kicked up the rhetoric in the final days, especially after Lamont announced at their latest forum he’d “probably not” support Ganim if his longshot opponent wins the primary.

“We are on track to raise almost one million dollars for the primary, which has always been our goal,” said Ganim in a news release issued by the campaign … “Unlike Ned Lamont, we don’t have a multi-million dollar trust fund, but the support of grassroots Democrats who want a candidate who will work to build a new Connecticut economy that works for everyone, not just a wealthy few. Voters are tired of multi-millionaire candidates with no governmental experience who try to buy an election. And now that Ned Lamont has stated he won’t support the winner of the Democratic gubernatorial primary unless it’s himself, he’s given Democratic voters another reason not to vote for him.”

If Ganim shocks Connecticut and wins Tuesday’s primary his campaign bank account will be zeroed out while the fundraising continues for the general election while Lamont can simply write a check for millions. The winner of the Republican primary will have at least roughly $6.5 million to spend, the amount granted by the state’s public financing program. Mark Boughton, Tim Herbst and Steve Obsitnik have qualified for public dollars while self-funders David Stemerman and Bob Stefanowski are spending millions of their own loot.

Ganim is banned from the public financing program because of his 2003 conviction on public corruption charges. He’s raised it the old-fashioned way via large-donor contributions. He also loaned his campaign $60,000.



  1. Joe knows how to campaign. And he knows campaigns cost money. Perhaps Joe should have used his cleverness and family money to pursue a career of building an enterprise and then selling it for millions? Then there would be no sour grapes regarding Lamont’s deep pockets versus his own? Having seen how local campaign funds get spread around in Bridgeport elections year after year with poor enforcement of laws,I wish Joe was rich enough to use his own funds.

    Maybe following family practice of law school was just another poor choice when looked at in the rear view mirror? When Joe was a guest of the Feds, how did finances work for his annual bed, board, heat, light, etc?? Was he charged for his stay? How much did it cost? We hear from people when they do not get what they wish but if Ganim did not pay his way fully, perhaps he should thank the public in these daily requests for funding? Time will tell.

    1. JML asks too many questions. In this case, they’re regressive and look backwards.
      Those looking forward are progressive and busy preparing for the upcoming Ganim victory.
      His supporters have enthusiasm and vitality-the kind that’ll withstand the other guy’s media binge.

  2. JML, some of the items you listed is exactly what Steven Miller and Jeff Sessions want 45 to apply to legal immigrants, those on welfare and of course those in federal prison. Joe Ganim could have been making money if he had his law license back but the board refuses to allow Joe Ganim to practice law again because Ganim told them lies.

  3. But I was not talking about legal immigrants, or those coming to US to remove themselves from dangers in their homelands asking for sanctuary essentially. I believe that Miller and Sessions would find my posts to be offensive to their beliefs, don’t you.

    I was making a point about decisions and choices that we all face in life. Since I look at financial items I always am curious as to how choices are funded. If the public paid the expense of Ganim’s trial and incarceration, I was suggesting that Ganim2 be grateful for 3 meals and a roof over his head. Some folks in Bridgeport today whom we also fund at local and Federal expense are not so comfortably settled.

    Yes, enough power in the local bar has kept Joe from re-admittance, whether for lying or from lack of remorse for his multiple bad decisions in trying to get over on members of the public to feed his own excess needs.

    Instead of pointing to the life successes, financial or otherwise, of an opponent, perhaps he should be thankful for the expenses paid by Bridgeport to make up for his unilateral decisions? And assist taxpayers here with our daily problems? Perhaps his administrative abilities have been overblown? And thankful for the fact that in CT he was allowed a “second chance” which imo is not yet working well for locals despite the cheerleading of Steve Auerbach. Time will tell.

  4. *** Some is taxpayers money & some maybe tax-except next year! Then you have family, friends & political donations, along with wishful corporate money. And lets not forget the candidates own money spent through-out the campaign from beginning to end, no? ***


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