One Day After Bailing, She’s Back

From Linda Conner Lambeck, CT Post:

Angella Katrise Perera is back in the running for city schools superintendent.

A day after the school board was informed the finalist had withdrawn her application, she asked to be reconsidered.

The school board, meeting behind closed doors on Tuesday, agreed.

“The withdrawal was based on some pretty harassing and vile twitter messages she had received, purportedly from Bridgeport residents about her application,” Board Chairman Joe Larcheveque said after the session.

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  1. Yeah! Sounds like the majority of the BOE members disagree with that high-level official who said to Maria Pereira there was room for only one Pereira. I’m very interested in knowing who made the tweets.

  2. I don’t know much (and I have been bullied and attacked on OIB for my level of intelligence), but I can only assume the BBoE would pick one of the two candidates left. (How she got this far considering what Maria has posted about her, with close to 60 candidates, is hard to understand even to the most intellectual minds.) How can the BBoE pick her for the job after this? If she gets picked after this you can be assured the drama will continue with the BoE and all parties involved. With a budget that is practically equal to the city budget you can also be assure it’s more about the money than the children’s education. Good luck with your souls, people.

    1. Robert, unfortunately candidates read about what’s the working climate in Bridgeport and the infighting and a mayor with no vision for the future of Bridgeport. Now they’ll take the exam just to feel out the system and test the waters in other cities just because they can.

      1. Ron, what climate are you talking about, the continuous battle of a permanent superintendent, lack of funding, poor educational results, State takeovers, etc.?

        Based on my limited research (Google) people ran a campaign to be elected to the BBOE. After they won a seat on BBOE they voted to fire themselves and have the State take over the BBoE. The State appoints a new board and fires the superintendent, but agrees to pay him his $220,000 yearly salary and benefits for six years. The court returns the BBoE back to an elected board.

        The City and the BBoE have been in a continuous constant battle over placing a permanent superintendent. That culminated with the current point in the latest drama where the BBoE asked the State to take over the BBoE again, because one elected member, Maria, was being a bully and passing out packets of board meeting agendas. Everybody is fully aware of all the drama about the boycotts, appointments by the mayor, court battles etc.

        Now you have a search process for a permanent superintendent that was close to 60 candidates. It gets down to two candidates and a final forum before a vote, I think, somewhat toward the end of the process though.

        One of the candidates drops out two days before the forum, putting the process in disarray. Then she says the next day she wants her name back on the list for the job. Now you have BBoE members wanting to start the process all over again. How much wasteful money is going to be spent on this lengthy process again?
        Ron, she said she asked for her name to be removed because of some mean twitter posts, and you’re saying it’s because of the climate of the BBoE and lack of vision that mayor has for the city?

        Perera fits right in with current climate, you have aforementioned drama and dysfunctional operation.

        I may not be a bright person but I can sit on my couch and see through the peephole, and I don’t know how deep this rabbit hole goes. However I will reiterate this. It’s more about the money than the welfare of the children. Matthew 7:21. Good luck with your souls, people.

  3. Come on, I thought you guys were in favor of second chances. In this case, Perera didn’t commit a criminal act. Let’s back up a little and recall that Senator Jeff Sessions was picked by Trump for US Attorney General. In my opinion Sessions lied to Congress during the confirmation hearings when he said he didn’t meet with the Russian Ambassador. After he was confirmed, proof showing that Sessions had in fact met with the Russian came out. Sessions later amended his testimony to congress.

    The point I want to make is this: If there were errors on Perera’s application, why not just point it out to the candidate or the search firm so they could be corrected or amended? Instead, trolls use Twitter to accuse Perera of plagiarism and Maria Pereira uses it to label her a Copier and Paster. Nothing wrong with copy and paste, I love it, especially when copying and pasting Maria Pereira quotes.

  4. Right, let’s hire a Superintendent who has had three jobs in the last six years, is currently unemployed, wrote in her application that working for the “Bellevue” school district would be a great opportunity, submitted a draft plan that referenced a “consent decree” and our “military leaders” when we have none, claims she withdrew because of Twitter posts/messages by 2/3 people she asserted were from Bridgeport knowing full well she could not attend tonight’s forum in Bridgeport because she has to be in Bellevue Washington for a community forum at 7:15am tomorrow so that taxpayers can fund her $260,000 salary, Healthcare, fringe benefits, expenses, etc. as Superintendent of the second largest school district in CT with over 21,000 students in which close to 40% live in poverty.


  5. I’ll reiterate what was posted previously, how could this flawed application get past the company hired by the search committee to screen applicants? I think a rebate is in order.

    1. I said the exact same thing to the consultant. Ray & Associates is conducting the search in Bellevue and Bridgeport.

      Conflict of Interest, anyone?

      1. Is that a question or a fact in your opinion? If you believe it’s a fact, please feel free to elaborate and defend your position. You were one of the BOE who demanded a national search for a School Superintendent be conducted. Yet days ago during your rant, you stated one of your reasons why you would have not voted for Ms. Perera was because she was a true southerner and had not been in New England. Contradiction?

  6. Call me a cynic.

    Dropping out was a bad negotiating tactic for Angella Perera. NO, not for the position in Bridgeport, but for any other position she is applying for.
    While an active finalist, Perera can pressure other communities to move fast to hire her because Bridgeport may quickly offer the $260K job and she will not be available.
    By agreeing to postpone/cancel its public forum, the Bpt BOE helps Perera in her negotiations with other communities. She no longer is an also-ran or turned-down applicant.

    I don’t know Ms. Perera and haven’t studied her qualifications. As a non-Bpt resident my interest is purely academic. However, I spent many years as a personnel director for a large corporation and I have seen this tactic before.


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