OIB Among Hyperlocal News Sites Reshaping Media

Holy cow, more reading for holy weekend. Even OIB. From Phil Hall, Fairfield County Business Journal.

In 2007, Lennie Grimaldi was offered the opportunity to run a Bridgeport-focused hyperlocal news website under the aegis of the Fairfield County Weekly, a publication owned by the Tribune Company. Grimaldi, a former journalist and one-time spokesman for Donald Trump, initially viewed the opportunity with bemusement. “At the time, it was a novelty,” he recalled.

One year later, Grimaldi acquired the Only in Bridgeport site and opted to run it himself. Fast-forward to today and the internet site is celebrating its 10th anniversary while the Fairfield County Weekly is a distant memory and Tribune Company is no longer publishing in the region. “As long as I have an audience, I’ll be around,” Grimaldi quipped.

The past decade has seen a proliferation of hyperlocal news sites covering the cities and towns across Fairfield County. Some of these sites focus on all aspects of their localities, while others aim at specific topics. Grimaldi’s Only in Bridgeport falls into the latter category, with the spotlight aimed at the city’s political environment.

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