Mayor To Submit Budget To Council

Mayor Joe Ganim on Monday is expected to submit his budget proposal to the City Council for the spending year starting July 1. It will be referred to the Budget & Appropriations Committee for review and action. Ganim is running for governor so a tax increase would undercut a fiscal message on the campaign trail. Look for no increase. Following his election in 2015, Ganim’s first budget in a revaluation year was a mixed bag with some neighborhoods hard hit while others stayed the same or received a modest cut. Last year he did not raise taxes.

These budget proposals are not how they start but how they finish following the council’s review. Most of the action occurs at the committee level. The budget committee consists of Denese Taylor-Moye, Maria Viggiano, Jeanette Herron, Mary McBride-Lee, Tom McCarthy, Christina Smith and Nessah Smith. Taylor-Moye and Viggiano are the co-chairs.

Also on the agenda:

Resolution presented by Council Member(s) Martinez & Co-Sponsor(s): Brown, Langan, Newton, Roman-Christy, Spain & Herron re: Proposed resolution regarding 180 Day Moratorium on WPCA Foreclosures, referred to Ordinance Committee.

Full agenda here.



  1. The city maintains they cannot collect on back sewer bills without foreclosing.
    Why put a lien on and wait 6 months if you can go for the jugular immediately. You’re collecting 18% interest!

  2. Watch Joe pull a rabbit from a hat and announce a tax break. Whats he care. One way or another he’s outta here so cut taxes and hope for a trip up to Hartford instead of a trip to Easton.

  3. Kudos to all of the City Council persons for their resolution for a 6 month moratorium on foreclosures. Somebody has got to keep watch on the City Attorneys Office. Otherwise Ganim will let them go crazy as long as they do his bidding.


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