Off-Duty Rookie Officer At Scene Of Club Shooting Terminated From Police Force–Excessive Or Justified?

Kaitlyn Edwards and crime scene images courtesy of Steve Krauchick, Doing It Local.

Kaitlyn Edwards, a probationary police officer who was in attendance at an after-hours club Downtown in which two men were shot to death last month, has been terminated. She was off-duty and had lost her badge.

She was terminated by the Civil Service Commission at the request of Acting Chief Rebeca Garcia.

“I’m disappointed. I know my client is disappointed,” Edwards’ attorney, former Mayor Tom Bucci, told the Connecticut Post on Wednesday. “I think she would make an outstanding Bridgeport police officer given the chance.”

As a rookie she is not afforded the union protection of other officers with service status.

Charles Dimples Barnes, 38, of Bloomfield, and Norman Charles Peter, 40, of Stamford were gunned down inside the club’s basement. Police arrested Josiah J. Israel, 35, and Christopher Mojica, 37, on the charges of illegal sale of alcohol, conspiracy to commit illegal sale of alcohol and second-degree reckless endangerment.



  1. Excessive or justified?!!! Justified of course. She could’ve been an outstanding officer if given the chance Bucci says!! She was given the chance when she was hired. Bridgeports own as well right?
    Of course it was a church fundraiser of some sort though says you know who! How about a second chance?

  2. Justified. As long as the same form of punishment is applied on all other rookies.
    She displayed very poor judgement and does not deserve a second chance. But I had better not hear another similar circumstance and the rookie is not terminated.

    1. Bob, you are coorrect, what is the past practice with cases like this. Without knowing anything about BPD cases I believe that there’s a simular case that Attorney Tom Bucci will find.

  3. *** As a young rookie on probation, while on the B.P.D. & taking the risk of going to an after hour, “hole in the wall” in Bpt. where the alcohol is flowing, was taking a not needed risk! ***


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