Newton, ‘The Moses Of My People’ Released To Halfway House

Update: Former State Senator Ernie Newton has been released from a federal prison camp in Pennsylvania following his five-year sentence on corruption charges in 2006. News 12 reports that Newton, according to his brother, is in a halfway house in Waterbury.

A check of the federal Bureau of Prisons website confirms that Newton has transitioned under the authority of the regional corrections facility in Philadelphia that oversees two Connecticut halfway houses. Newton will be under the supervision of halfway house staff until the completion of his term in August. He’ll be required to perform chores. He’ll also be allowed to work in the community but must turn over 25 percent of his pay. Once he hits the last 10 percent of his sentence, and that will be soon, he’ll be eligible to serve out his final days under home confinement.

Ernie was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Alan Nevas following his guilty plea to corruption charges. Before Ernie left town he said he was the Moses of his people. Why do I get the feeling we ‘ll be hearing from Ernie very soon?



  1. Come on Leonard,
    Drag your sorry ass up to Hartford and get a podcast of this one!
    The traffic to your website will be so heavy you will be paying outside overtime to direct it.
    Maybe A J Perez can help with the congestion …

  2. The main difference between this regime that spreads the wealth to their cronies (with jobs ) is Ganim and Newton would keep the wealth for themselves. Then they would get the contractors who pay to play give them more wealth. Either way the city goes broke. Such a sad time in the City of Bridgeport. The betting line in Vegas has the BOE in a steel cage match and no one coming out alive.

    1. I was joking about Newton. But under Joe Ganim, the city was clean and green with parks in every vacant lot; no tax increases; qualified department heads and happy employees. Joe’s media campaign showcased the finer aspects of Bridgeport (zoo, parks, ferryboat) and there was an optimistic outlook. Yeah I know about the kickbacks, etc. but under Joe, there was hope for the future. Now there is no hope. Only hopelessness.

      1. I’ve stated it here before and I’ll do so again: In the 1990s, during one of the greatest economic booms (bubble) in our country’s history, what economic benefits did we get from Joe Ganim? Nada, zilch, bupkus, nicht (except maybe for Bob’s Store [Lenoci]). If either he or Newton runs for elected office in Bridgeport again and actually is victorious, well the voters of this city get what they deserve and deserve what they get.


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