Newton Set To Endorse Foster–Jobs Discussion In East End

Former State Senator Ernie Newton, former mayoral candidate John Gomes and others will join Democratic mayoral candidate Mary-Jane Foster for what is expected to be an endorsement from Newton and a discussion about jobs for the East End. Newton says there’s been no job activity under Mayor Bill Finch. From the Foster campaign:

Foster & Newton to Tour East End Site & Talk Jobs, Development, Taxes, & Crime

TODAY August 11 @ 11:30 AM

Democratic candidate for mayor of Bridgeport Mary-Jane Foster will tour a development ready vacant property and will hold a press conference about the impact neighborhood development has on unemployment, taxes, and crime.

• Mary-Jane Foster, businesswoman and founder of the Bridgeport Bluefish
• John M. Gomes, business owner and former candidate for mayor
• Ernest Newton, former State Senator from Bridgeport

22-96 Williston Street, Bridgeport, CT.

When: TODAY, THURSDAY, August 11, 2011 at 11:30 AM



  1. Hmmm, I wonder if the MJF voters on here who dislike Newton will have a problem with this? I am not too happy to hear Foster’s name mixed up with Newton but at the end of the day I know it is politics as usual.

  2. So let’s see how she does in a big precinct on the East End. Dunbar School is the most Democratic precinct in the whole city and I think it had the 4th most voters of the 25 precincts in the 2007 primary. Well I am glad to see MJF reaching out to the Caribbean community and she will be at jerk fest at downtown Bridgeport McLevy green this Saturday. The Caribbean community in Bridgeport must be heard because there are so many Jamaicans in the city of Bridgeport who vote.

  3. I’m so NOT a fan of Newton (or Ganim for that matter), but I understand this is about making alliances that ultimately bring about positive change in City Hall.

    I volunteered on the Malloy campaign–all of the DTC were tied up with Lamont and the group who came together to support Malloy was a motley crew of people who would never have worked together in the past. But all of us saw it wasn’t about us–it was more important the candidate win. We came together, put past differences aside and got it done. (Congress should take note here …) John Gomes showed he gets it and put his city first and I commend him for that. It couldn’t have been an easy decision.

    So while I agree it doesn’t thrill me to see MJF’s name in the same sentence as Newton, I will hold my nose and my tongue and keep my eyes on the prize, which in this case is defeating Finch.


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