Newton: Maybe The Rest Of The City Is Smarter Than Black Rock

Ernie Newton, left, stands behind Joe Ganim on election night. At right, Ganim’s son Rob.

After an election it’s always instructive to recline for a one-week breather to assess the results.

East End City Councilman Ernie Newton, where Mayor Joe Ganim won by roughly 3 to 1 on his way to another four-year term, wonders why all those Marilyn Moore Black Rock advocates aren’t screaming about absentee ballots.

“How come they’re not complaining about absentee ballots now?”

The self-proclaimed Moses of his peeps has a point.

Following the September 10 Democratic primary in which Moore won at the polls to be eclipsed by Ganim’s absentee ballot surge, Moore’s Black Rock supporters filed a lawsuit contesting the results claiming absentee ballot irregularities. Superior Court Judge Barry Stevens, after a two-week trial, ruled the plaintiffs did not make their case to alter the results. The case is under appeal before the Connecticut Supreme Court.

To Newton’s way of thinking if you really care about fair elections why is it people only complain when absentee ballots make a difference in a tight outcome. Absentee ballots, he asserts, are just as important as in-person votes.

Moore’s Black Rock supporters from Bridgeport Generation Now who brought the primary lawsuit have not said a peep about absentee ballots after their candidate was defeated handily in the general election. Do absentee ballots become a convenient marketing monster only in close races?

Newton notes Ganim only had about 60 more absentee ballots in the general election versus the primary.

After all, Newton points out, Moore won only in Black Rock, that higher educated, waterfront hamlet that features degrees from Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, et al. They seem to be smarter than most, right?

Sometimes a degree in jail is better than Yale. When it comes to politics, anyway.

Says Newton, “Maybe the rest of the city is smarter than Black Rock.”



  1. Last time I check that lawsuit by Gen Now was brought after the primary and without Moore being part of it. The question is not how come Gen Now is not complaining about absentee ballots now? but What is Moore going to do for the Port, as it Senator, who was a victim of AB abuse? Let not forget what Judge Stevens said about warranting legislation, Or are we just going to complain during primaries? JS

  2. Ernie, what hell are you talking about? It states above, East End City Councilman Ernie Newton, where Mayor Joe Ganim won by roughly 3 to 1 on his way to another four-year term, wonders why all those Marilyn Moore Black Rock advocates aren’t screaming about absentee ballots. Ernie, 3 to 1 shows that you did your job for Mario Testa and Joe Ganim so tell me has your guy, Joe Ganim, what has he done for the East End? Ernie, why did the predominantly white voters of Black Rock voted for Marilyn Moore but your district which is predominantly black could not vote for a black woman who is a State Senator?

    Ernie you said, “Moore won only in Black Rock that higher educated, waterfront hamlet that features degrees from Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, et al. They seem to be smarter than most, right?”

    Sometimes a degree in jail is better than Yale. When it comes to politics, anyway.
    Says Newton, “Maybe the rest of the city is smarter than Black Rock.” Ernie, Black Rock was always Joe Ganim’s base of voters for years but they turned away from their once golden boy. Ernie where has your voice been about Lydia Martinez, the queen of absentee ballots? Now you got the nerve to question the Black Rock district on absentee ballots? Ernie, below is a some of Lydia Martinez’s past history on absentee ballots and maybe now you will speak out about the queen of absentee ballots.

    City Councilwoman Lydia Martinez, the queen of absentee ballots, agreed last month to pay a $500 fine for assisting a voter completing an absentee ballot during a primary for Martinez’ council seat in 2009. Ironically, as Martinez was working through her issues with the State Elections Enforcement Commission, she was in the middle of a flurry of absentee ballot activity during the latest primary challenge against her in September.
    This is not the first time Martinez has been sanctioned by the SEEC. She was found “liable to pay $664 to the Citizens’ Election Fund for the excess expenditures” her campaign committee made for her failed run for the State House in 2008. Maybe next time elections officials fine her they’ll make it four figures.
    Martinez, according to a consent order she signed, assisted the voter at Harborview Towers, a high-rise senior housing complex on the city’s East Side that Martinez targets for absentee ballot vote

  3. Black Rock spoke with its vote. If cheap, pressed, polyester, curtain-looking suits and supporting FELONS is smart, then you got that on us, Ernie. Don’t be late to the Player Haters Ball!! Hate, hate, hate.

  4. Ernie, I am appalled by your post as it reeks of a Black man with a servitude mentality. My brother I’ve known you for close to 50 years and watched you grow up on the East End to become the 1st non- black president of the city council and I thank God that the ignorance that you displayed with this post wasn’t on display when you ran for council president.

    My Brother, there is no way that I thought that I would see a Black president before I saw a Black mayor in Bridgeport. You do a disservice to every one of your constituents when you portray this “We Sick Massa” mentality to the detriment of all Black people from Bridgeport!

    Get your head out the ass of this fool that you put on a pedestal because while your head is up his ass you can’t hear or see what is going on around you! Who knew that Montgomery, Alabama, the seat of the southern resistance would have a Black Mayor before Bridgeport or that a Black man would be the cheerleader for an oppressive Mayor that only comes to the community when he needs a vote! Shame on you my Brother, Shame on you. They say that you should keep your mouth shut and let people think you are a damn rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt. You have removed all doubt!

    1. Don, when you look at the picture above with Ernie standing directly behind his guy Joe Ganim reminds me of Sammy Davis Jr.’s 1972 reelection endorsement of President Richard Nixon where Sammy Davis Jr. puts his arms around Richard Nixon and hugs Nixon.

      1. Ron and Don
        Remember one thing this is America i can support whoever i choose to support. Many Blacks and browns Voted for Trump. You may not like it. Ron you keep on bring up Lydia Martinez and ab’s I don’t know what your point is but she’s been fined by the State Elections and enforcement. You still can not explain Why Generation Now only targeted Blacks and Browns on absentee ballot fraud and not go after whites who filed absentee ballots in Blackrock? or in the North End etc.

        1. Ernie,

          Generation Now targeted voters in my neighborhood that were White Republicans which means they had absolutely nothing to do with the September 10th Democratic Primary.

          They did not discriminate in their harassment.

    2. Don
      First of all this was to point out how you and many others allowed Generation now run by white folks to hurt black and brown people and used The Good senator Moore’s campaign to hurt our people. You already know i don’t give a damn what you or anyone else think about me 1,013 voters in my district since me back to the City council. I can’t help because you and many on this blog dislike Joe Mario etc. Yes i may be a felon but i will never let anyone stop me from fighting against Groups like generation now from hurting our people. Don just because you see it your way i don’t have to agree with are starting to act like the people you talk about being controlled by The Man. Don you can call me anything you like I know who i’m.

  5. I forget, did OIB run a piece entitled

    “Maybe the rest of the state is smarter than Bridgeport?”

    when this happened in August 2018?

    Lamont defeats Ganim in landslide

    Greenwich businessman Ned Lamont easily captured the Democratic gubernatorial nomination Tuesday, outpolling convicted felon Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim in every community [168 municipalities] except Ganim’s hometown [allegedly].”

      1. Ernie,

        When we collaborated productively on the WPCA collections process as members of the Ordinance Committee — even being abused by the administration by being lumped into a CRHO complaint that didn’t go anywhere, and being ignored when, per the charter, we pointed out our right to subpoena people with relevant information to come before our committee — you and I never discussed with one another the schools we went to.

        I heard you mention proudly, in passing, being a Harding grad when Harding was playing an intra-city ballgame. Go Presidents!

        Apart from all that, let’s not forget that our Bridgeport Generation Now friends and constituents did excellent volunteer work in researching the injustices surrounding WPCA collections and in publishing productive ideas for policymakers. See I know I drew on this info, as did other policymakers, in helping to collaborate to lead the charge to address and meaningfully improve this troubling issue.

        If you ask me and those involved, I think we’d agree it was good work! And yet, there are many miles to go.

        This posting is not helpful to progress for Bridgeport’s citizens and their democracy. But, of course, no one would ever mistake that as the mission of this blog.

        1. Peter
          First let me say you were a great council person to work with. I didn’t write this article I spoke to Lennie about why Generation Now is not intimidating Voters like they did in the primary. I said Joe received 60 more absentee ballot in the general election then in the primary. Blackrock i guess was mention because the founder of Generation Now is from Black Rock. You would have to speak with Lennie on the HeadLines!

          1. He wrote that because it’s the only precinct Moore won on a 3/1 vote. Black Rock voted for a fool, in spite of her offering absolutely nothing. Vis a vis, take the city down with Marylin just to see Joe Ganim, who is running the city decently- out of office. That’s pennywise pound foolish. Her campaign was brain dead and Black Rock voted not on who is the more qualified and best candidate, it voted on hate. This is what I believe to be the nature of Lennie’s post.

            Glad to see the rest of the city protected Bridgeport where Black Rock failed to.

        2. Pete, your arrogant mission is showing people the proper way to pick up dog poop along Saint Mary’s. I consider that the highlight of your two years on the City Council. That and voting against senior citizen tax relief. You’ll be out of office in a few weeks. Can’t wait for the next Pete’s Poop video classic.

          1. Thank you Pete for this headline ‘gut check’.
            And Ernie you are right, in that you did not write this column nor, did you provide the headline, even though a conversation with Lennie may have lit a spark to his gas.
            Perhaps those interested in the AB issues, serious issues, are waiting to see how many State legislators may bring the subject to the legislature attention? When the primary numbers are shared with other state politicians, along with the records of all AB solicitors for both 2019 elections, will they be astonished by the disparity of ratios between machine counts and ABs in September? Will they applaud the 4700 “write ins” and understand the discontent in the City vs. the 9500 for Ganim2? (When Jarjura ran in Waterbury, how many ABs for him? Was he better known across that community than Senator Morton in half of Bridgeport a fact that was brought up more than once by Ganim supporters?) What was the count in Bridgeport on ABs that failed to count because there was legibility or other confusion? Any body know?

            Keep up the anti-Black Rock screed and what likely happens?
            Antagonism and distraction like that sowed by 45?
            Property owners were slapped with a lie by Joe four years ago. And he has not reacted to the very significant decline in property values in that area (as well as others). Higher taxes serve to discourage not only newer residents who found the lower price relative to other regional towns attractive, but older members of the community, seniors who have much of their worth tied up in the values of their residence. The value they lost, and the tax increase applied each year, is disappointing at best. You don’t like folks who have spent time, money, and energy getting educated with degrees from top institutions, and you don’t make it easy for them to engage in relationships with the Council members? And who has commented on the presence of PTPartners on the AB challenge? People who have resided in PTBarnum becoming politically active without a payment from a campaign and speaking the truth they see?

            During the past two years my mostly regular attendance at City Council meetings keeps me in touch with other Bridgeport residents with issues they expose. I continue to be amazed by a man of color who appears with signs and accuses the City of unfair process quite regularly for many years. If you feel he is on a fool’s errand for example, why not prepare a statement to him, with the support of the City Attorney’s Office that explains what it needs to go somewhere, or that there is no hope? Most leave him twisting in the wind, publicly, as if he had been lynched? Why?
            Linda Lee, complained about a police department action that claimed her van was abandoned. Within two weeks she visited the Council meeting, was introduced to Police Chief who made notes and indicated he could handle. Yet the van never returned thought I did keep the subject in play, and two passes by City Attorney said NO. Until late in year when an alert attorney presented the same facts. She got $5,000 and the attorney earned $3,000 it seems. Who listened to her? Kept the situation in play? Why wasn’t the subject handled readily without the extra cost to the taxpayer?
            And then Myron Dukes, a returning citizen, was denied his civil right to attend a public meeting, held in City Hall, that was free and tuned to violence, racial justice, hip hop, etc., subjects of interest to him. There is still no explanation as to why certain patrol officers and higher ranks, had his picture and asked him to leave without any explanation, etc. How does this happen to people in Bridgeport?

            By the way, is there a problem with a resident of Black Rock, who is proud of the educational opportunity afforded me more than 50 years ago, and the people I have worked with in NAACP the past few years, and previously joined with community partners at PTBarnum willing to be of service? Isn’t the divisiveness being sown in this column this day worse than distracting? Isn’t its purpose to leave folks with problems, issues and concerns, that are not attended well by City Hall, alone and desperate? Perhaps the feeling is that desperate people can be ignored? Summer picnics, some attention at Thanksgiving or Christmas, or book bags for kids with reading problem and no literacy interventionists on staff in the system? What help in healing the people and helping their need? Perhaps we need to return to fundamental responses from each person serving in an elected position, employed by the City, or appointed to a Board or Commission? Perhaps anyone serving needs to file a statement in writing that deals with ownership of their offense without equivocation, share it with those whom their actions harmed, and then ask for forgiveness? Put it on the record. Clear the air. Set it as a baseline for future activity? Especially those who have harmed the people of Bridgeport by their actions, should provide a written statement for future reference as they attempt to use their “second chance”? Anything less seems to be a mockery of the public in some way. Doing the crime against the people, and being judged to pay a fine and or do the time does not speak to those who are providing the “second chance.” How many “second chancers” are living here? What are we doing to heal the community? Maybe an article from a man of faith and lots of “behind bars” experience, Lyle Hassan Jones, could light the way? Time will tell.

        3. Pete,

          As you are well aware, it was Judge Lopez who conducted all the legal research on the WPCA, who drafted the resolutions regarding the WPCA and worked hand in hand with specific City Council members to address the WPCA collections practices.

          For you to try and highlight Generation Now for the incredible research, resolutions, and solutions Judge Lopez was responsible for is pretty outrageous.

          1. Nothing outrageous about it, Maria. It was a collective effort. Judge Lopez was terrific and was generous in what she gave to it, until the time she got so fed up and said at an Ordinance Committee meeting, “I can’t work with these people” and left to go have supper with her very kind and knowledgeable husband. I didn’t blame her. Besides, we’re all human. And yes, most of us have limits on our patience.

          2. I was at that meeting and it was pretty disgraceful that a Deputy City Attorney was attempting to block Judge Lopez from speaking and you and others just sat there.

            She was an invited guest of Co-Chair Eneida Martinez, yet she was being incredibly disrespected.

            The WPCA issue was lead by Judge Lopez who did the massive amount of legal research, wrote the resolutions, proposed the changes.

            As it started to get significant press coverage, others wanted to join the bad wagon and get credit and squeeze into photo ops.

            As I recall, then candidates Gubernatorial candidate Chris Mattei and Senator Marilyn Monroe announced a joint forum which canceled as quickly as it was announced.

            This is what is called a co-opting of an issue that they did nothing about, however we need to grab some of the press coverage to earn votes.

            It was appalling.

            Regardless, BGN had absolutely nothing to do with the incredible work and effort of Judge Lopez.

    1. Ron
      You keep bring up Lydia Martinez about absentee ballot she’s never gone out and intimidated our seniors like Generation Now did. Generation Now has done what republican have tried to do in the south to stop blacks and browns from Voting. Shame on you and DON for not seeing that. People have a right to Vote by absentee ballots.

      1. Ernie, there you again, back to your usual flip the script instead of answering the question, you want to bring up a brand new organization that his absolutely no history with voting or absentee ballots but you totally ignore Lydia Martinez who has a history violating multiple times but you won’t talk about that and we all know why because you have to use Mario’s and Ganim’s talking points, you know that you can’t speak out against Mario and Joe unless they tell you it’s okay.

        1. RON
          Let me say this to you and Don I have spoken on more issues on the City level and on the State level than all of you put together. I’m not one dimensional. Remember i didn’t need Joe or Mario to get elected look at the numbers at Dunbar and Harding. All my life i’ve fought against injustice against our people. The justice system didn’t come after me because of 5000.00 dollars no it was because they want to silence me. Do you remember on central ave after a person was killed by police officers and all he had was a little ass bat. I spoke out against it and said our young people are getting tired of how police treat them. Both of you know i have always spoken out against injustice from my council days in the 80’s and in the state house. you remember police officers put a noose on David Daniel car i Stood with him as president of the City Council and yes even though you and Don take all the Credit for The Firebirds successes in 1981 I stood with you all. I even ask Lenny paoletta to not challenge the Lawsuit as Mandini did. I truly believe that our police dept and fire dept could do better by hiring more Blacks and Brown in our city. My family has never work for this city nor myself it has always been for other people in my district and city. Mario and Joe has never told me what to do. I’m my own MAN and i don’t need you guys to think for ME!

          1. Ernie,
            FYI you stood by the dude who put the noose on his own dam car. Smh….
            I like ya Bro, but the fact that you don’t see anything wrong with taking a $5000 payoff is what’s wrong with this City….. 🤦‍♂️

  6. Ernie, are you out of your damn mind when you say, “how you and many others allowed Generation now run by white folks to hurt black and brown people!
    Kneegrow please, there has never been a white person or white group that have used Black and Brown people more than Mayor Ganim and the DTC with your approval and your assistance as well as the approval and assistance of the other Black political whores!

    You say you don’t care what I say, but you did care when you needed me to write a letter to the courts on your behalf for your sentencing. Don’t YOU ever invoke the misuse of our people since you’ve become a whore for the Mayor and the DTC to the detriment of our people. YOU don’t give a damn about Black people or you wouldn’t let the white Mayor or the white DTC misuse my people on a daily basis. If YOU care so much about my people then take your head out of the Mayor’s ass long enough to ask him how come a Black woman can’t be a firefighter any longer under him and Dunn? If YOU care so much about my people then ask ya boy Mayor Ganim how come two years ago they put on a class of firefighter’s without any Black’s for the first time since 1977! I’ll close with a quote from Malcolm X.
    “The white man’s primary interest is not to elevate the thinking of black people, or to waken black people, or white people either. The white man is interested in the black man only to the extent that the black man is of use to him. The white man’s interest is to make money, to exploit.”
    Doesn’t that sound like Mayor Ganim, Mario and the DTC?

    1. DON
      Maybe you should be asking The Firebirds to do there JOB and stand up and be heard Not one Firebird has said a word about hiring women you should be leading them. o i forgot many of them are just glad to be there. Where’s your great leadership Mr. Day and Mr. Mackey. Women aren’t there because the Bridgeport Firebirds should stand up and fight like you and Ron did before you both retired. now the only thing you are fighting for is to come on this Blog and bitch and complain about Joe Ganmin and Mario and the DTC. You should be asking your fraternal brothers where’s they commitment is to hiring more women on the fire dept. before you start with the bullshit. The only fighting you guys do is on this BLOG. Remember i knew both of Kneegrows too. you guys are my friends but don’t get it twisted. Don if you don’t like whats going on you can always move back to Bridgeport. lol!

    2. Don, remember a little while back that the was getting ready to give a firefighter entry level exam and how Ganim was in the video to show everybody how easy it was to take the CPAT agility exam and giving free pre-test to help people to pass, well the City has a new class of firefighters in training with NO WOMEN, NO BLACK WOMEN, NO WHITE WOMEN, NO HISPANIC WOMEN OR WOMEN OF ANY NATIONALITY, NOT ONE WOMEN in 12 years has ever been hired. Ernie where is your leadership with this problem? Side bar: the City of Chicago just was just ordered to pay out $92 million from a lawsuit that was started im 1998 then again in 2008 and tge Supreme Court refused to hear the case, pay me now or me later but the x will be paying taxpayers dollar out. Look it up.

  7. Lennie:

    Yes, the video about PICKING UP AFTER YOUR DOG, public sanitation and health, was made by my wife and me, while on a lunch-break walk, and posted to my Facebook page. You decided to repost it. It was not newsworthy, but it became more fodder for ridiculing Bridgeport from there, with help from the old geezer on WTNH. Some days are like that. The reality was: There was a big pile of dog poop on the public sidewalk right next to a well-stocked city-installed “mutt mitt” bag dispenser.
    That struck me as contemptuous toward our community, smelly and lazy — coincidentally, like much of your reportage vehicle OIB.

    Providing real relief to senior property owners is important, but not what that campaign-year shenanigans did. Another thing that the journalists who covered the story know is that the supposed senior tax relief was a half-baked revision that passed the Council has no functioning process for a co-op resident. The administration, by its own admission, will “have to figure this out this winter” (2019-2020).

    As for accomplishments, I’m sorry that many of my constituents seem to appreciate them, but none lives in Redding like you do. 

    In fact, this Sunday, I and my family have been invited to I’m told what will be a standing-room-only award ceremony to thank me from the community and the Ash Creek Conservation Association (ACCA) for my efforts in getting the city park restored on St. Mary’s, getting Black Rock Harbor into the Save the Sound Unified Water Study to finally get a handle on how to clean up that precious resource, leading community clean-ups in the district that collected nearly a ton of rubbish and recycling, spearheading the an ordinance ban on storage of fracking waste in our city (the City Attorney issued an opinion against this sensible ban, but I worked to get the votes for it), preserving a public area for an established osprey nest, and, yes, putting taxpayer-funded stipend dollars to work for elderly, early literacy, and stocking those “mutt mitt” dispensers with bags. With the community and city, we also fixed chronic troubles with snow removal at the muni lot in the heart of Black Rock, and got a no-dog-poop sign at the request of Black Rock School. And I happily took a dunk tank half-hour shift for the Black Rock School PSA. And I pulled together an excellent bike-safety rodeo at Claytor School, which 3 or 4 public schools participated in, with amazing help from the Bridgeport Police Dept and Officer Sigrist, PSEG, and Trantolo and Trantolo. Some of this was covered in my newsletters to hundreds of constituents — for example, see:

    I’m humbled by and grateful for my fellow citizen volunteers in our community for bringing their passions, efforts, and resources toward our collectively achieving those things. And my thanks to the Council folks I worked with on those items and on others, including good governance resolution, and as I mentioned before with Ernie Newton on the much-needed improvements to the WPCA collections process, etc. 

    Maybe I should start a blog called “Onward and Upward Bridgeport”. 🙂

      1. In his own small group of tree cutters and nature destroyers he’s quite popular. He get’s a Participation Award. Frame that. That’s the last office you’ll see in Black Rock. He’s not MVP of Black Rock. Of his own club yes. A preaching to the choir remark is not heroism. But I’ll give him that, he served and he’s out. Now onto bigger issues for Black Rock.

        1. Stevenl would be a pleasure to meet you for a coffee or tea some time. I’d love to bring you up to speed on the tree planting and native flora restoration as well as resiliency that’s happened. Tree plantings, with use of your taxpayer money from my stipend, have occurred on Fairfield Ave, Seaside Ave, and out at the public park at St Mary’s. The trees removed from St Mary’s were all non-native invasive species … and the plan to do so and replant with salt-tolerant natives was approved by the Parks Commission with oversight/follow-through from an expert in the field, Bryan Quinn of OneNature, and the Parks Dept’s Special Project Manager.

    1. Pete,

      You have really worked hard for your constiuents in Black Rock.

      However, I would also ask that you list a similar list of accomplishments for the residents of P.T. Barnum, the largest public housing complex in CT, and the residents of the Aquaculture Precinct.

      1. Thanks for asking, Maria.The few things I listed above are not exhaustive. Just some highlights.

        Some highlights that come to mind for the “Aquaculture Precinct” which is the east side of Ellsworth over to Howard Ave (middle of street) and to North Ave. 

        Anti-blight — in collaboration with the City of Bridgeport’s Anti-Blight Team and Health Department (great thanks to Director Bond) — responses, clean-ups for these addresses:
        850 Hancock Ave, payment by absentee LLC;
        92 Hansen — bank ended up paying for excellent city clean-up
        60 Lenox Ave (daycare next door plagued by this for years)

        Many See Click Fix reports for debris in this part of the 130th — with mostly excellent responses by City. I commend the Mayor’s Pickin’ It Up program — I wore the t-shirt in the Black Rock Day Parade — and the 365-day-a-year clean-up response team.

        Community clean-ups along State St, from Chaves Bakery area.
        Community clean-up along Commerce Drive/State St Extension, from McDonald’s area.
        Two community clean-ups along Albion, Wordin, Stop and Shop, and Fairfield Avenue.

        Albion and Hansen; note Howard Ave was to be paved from 95 to Fairfield Ave this year … long overdue but won’t be done now until spring 2020. No streets in 130th were paved after spring 2019. The $300,000 allocated must be carried over into 2020. Future council reps have been informed. 

        Front-lawn parking issue raised to me by West Side/West End NRZ board. Ordinance revision to ban long-term parking on front lawns. Good work with the Ordinance Committee on this. It wasn’t easy.

        Secure and clean the perimeter of abandoned Whittier School.

        Work to resolve “parking hog” situations on Waldorf and Ocean Ave (improving, but not perfect; we really need a parking authority). 

        $200 in Target gift cards to 4 deserving graduates, per teachers and administrators, at each (end of school year, both in 2018 and in 2019):
        Bryant School, Claytor School, Black Rock School.
        $500 each for early literacy program from my taxpayer funded stipend:Bryant School on Poplar Ave Claytor SchoolBlack Rock School (this was a real battle to do this due to City Attorney interference, which I overcame).

        Towers — multi-unit section 8 housing for elderly and disabled at 199 Yacht St and 55 Shell St.
        Regular attendance at tenants meeting.
        Purchased, installed, and collected readings off of digital thermometers for winter-long gathering of temperatures and reporting to Health Dept (Health Dept was excellent to work with on this! Thank you Director Bond) paid for by taxpayer-funded stipend.Collection and delivery of space heaters donated by community.Summer public picnic at Wordin Park for everyone at BR NRZ-funded rehab to park — largely attended by Towers and PT Barnum residents.Ongoing discussions on responsiveness to requests for repairs, less toxic pest management, and better maintenance inside and outside the building, including in the parking area (still long way to go).Helped residents gain legal representation for suit, which they won in court.Recently met with new manager and tenant association leaders to go over pressing items for a majority of tenants. This won’t stop when my term ends.

        PT Barnum Apartments — City of Bridgeport Park City Communities public housing

        Meeting re mold with Park City Communities at its HQ with Mr. Slaughter, his staff, and Mr. Adams.Follow-through on mold remediation (ongoing) — thanks to State Rep Stafstrom for getting the HUD folks to bring their authority onto this and to installing long-out-of-service fans for bathroom vents.
        Two meetings with HUD and Housing Authority to improve communications and accountability … which I pressed for and got residents to attend and speak at.Some the problems stemmed from lack of reasonable accommodation; results from that investigation (begun before I took office) led to a $1.5 million settlement by the Housing Authority (Park City Communities) and the US Attorney, announced on 11/5/19.Screens for windows — even this took a lot of follow-up and the screens didn’t get installed until late summer and fall.Periodic contact with residents and a person who volunteers many hours in PT Barnum community each week.
        Business owner on Dewey taxation issue resolved through multiple queries. 
        Food truck problem resolved in front of NEST Arts Factory with excellent help from the City Health Department and the Police Parking Division.

        With Council rep Langan, aided a homeless, recovery couple — encountered in area of 130th but they were residing in an illegal apt in 131st — to get emergency food and shelter and met for job training program.

        Sanborn Library preservation-development and public safety efforts failed and the building was demo’d. Many many meetings, including with community members, alternative investors and experts in the field of preservation and adaptive re-use for 21st century development, with assistance from people at state and federal level. Still keeping an eye on the proposed development, which the ZBA just granted a variance for; if it goes to court, that variance will likely be reversed. More importantly, supporting preservation-minded community members who want to establish an independent trust for preservation, which would permit cataloging historically important buildings with underwriting from SHPO, etc., as part of, yes, long-term economic development (e.g, Cherry Street Lofts).

        In Black Rock: Helped a paraplegic constituent and her veteran spouse to seek job training and educational opportunities as well as to deal with what they claimed was unfair treatment by their residents board. This was possible because of AWESOME help from ABCD and HCC.

        1. Pete can you please post the response from PT Partners when you wanted to do the bike rodeo. You know the one right? Can we also talk about your involvement with regards to anti Semitic actions of your council members?

    2. Pete,
      As a fellow Black Rock resident, Thank you for all your hard work. You were one of very few Councilman who was honest, truthful and didn’t have your head up Ganim’s butt….. You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone. Pleasure working with you on neighborhood clean ups……

  8. I must say I am shocked that CNN or MSNBC have not scooped up Ernie and Lennie for their insightful and meaningless, er I mean meaningful analysis of the lack of absentee voter complaints in the general election.
    This is truly Pulitzer Prize winning journalism.
    Or maybe you should be asking why only 60 more votes were cast while opening up the total population to independents and Republicans.
    But then again that would take more work than just easy picking on Sen Marilyn Moore.

  9. Lennie wrote two separate stories about my arrest in September 2018 and the warrant issued for my arrest in in July 2019.

    He repeatedly contacted me prior to writing his stories to offer me an opportunity to offer my own perspective. I declined to respond on the advice of counsel.

    Lennie had to write those stories because he has a responsibility to do so. His reporting was fair and balanced. I did not attack him on OIB for writing those stories.

    I don’t think he should be attacked on his own site. It’s similar to my going on YOUR facebook page and criticizing YOU on YOUR own facebook page.

    Every OIB reader is free to create your own blog if they are not pleased with the content of OIB.

  10. Sorry to disappoint but I don’t have a Facebook page.
    I guess Lennies blog will have to do.
    As long as he and Ernie are attacking Marilyn I guess you are happy 😃

    1. Bob
      I never attack Sen. Moore I attacked Generation Now and asked the Question No one said shit about absentee ballots in the general election. While Mayor Ganmin received 60 more absentee ballots in the general Election than in primary absentee ballots. It lets you know that Generation Now really didn’t do it so much for Sen. Moore but more for its self. I don’t give a damn about what Ron and Don say.What generation Now did was to intimidate many of our seniors and to cut down on the votes in black and brown district. People have a right to vote by absentee ballots and i’m so glad our seniors still Voted. Bob Ron and Don saw nothing wrong with what generation now did. I ask you if Joe Ganmin Mario or anyone else had done this to our seniors what generation now did to our seniors you guys would be talking so much sh- -.

      1. Ernie, you must be dizzy as hell with all of your bullshit spin, Ernie let’s say that everything you said about Generation Now is true it’s nothing compare to what Lydia Martinez has done to voters for years and again you have never said anything about Lydia Martinez because you are either scare or you don’t. C’MON MAN, THE GENERAL ELECTION, the fight for power is always in the Democrat Primary, period. Ernie, you have made it really clear to everybody that you will NEVER that challenge or say anything bad about Mario Testa and Joe Ganim.

    2. Bob,

      Lennie has not “attacked” Marilyn Moore.

      If I held a Christmas Tree Lighting in my neighborhood and invited you would it be okay for you to get on the microphone and criticize me because you didn’t like my welcoming remarks or how I promoted the event?

      I don’t always agree with Lennie and we have definitely had it out privately, but he does provide a valuable service.

  11. Ernie
    Cut it out. First of all, people have a right to vote by absentee IF THEY HAVE A QUALIFYING REASON.
    Being elderly is NOT a qualifying reason. If they qualify they have no reason to be intimidated. It is not voter suppression.
    Being out of the city during all hours of voting is a qualifying reason. Not being sure they will be back, maybe having to go to the store before it closes, getting up and ready for work does not count as being out of the city and the list goes on.
    Making sure a voter qualifies for an AB is not voter suppression. At least not in most of the city and not in the Black Rock.

  12. C’mon Ernie you’re totally confused about our lawsuit or lying. Mandanici fought and lost our lawsuit in every federal court it went to and when the Supreme Court refused to hear their appeal the city had NO OTHER CHOICE but to settle. You or Paoletta had absolutely NOTHING to do with our lawsuit being settled.

    Now you’re saying some convoluted cramp about its the Firebird Society job to hire firefighters and not that of Mayor Ganim and David Dunn of the Civil Service. This clearly shows that you continue to absolve Mayor Ganim of any liability for his failure as a Mayor whether it’s absentee ballot fraud or his inability to hire women in the fire service!

    Finally my Brother, it’s admirable that you marched with officer Daniel’s, but don’t you ever try to compare your petty accomplishments with that of Ron and me.
    First time in the history of Bridgeport;
    Put together study groups to hire 40 to 50 young Black’s, Latinos and women for the fire service.
    Put together study groups to promote over 30 Black’s and Latinos to elevated positions within the BFD.
    Put together a Power Point program that Donald Clemons used as a city councilman to get Preference Points for Bridgeport residents.
    Ran the first smoke detector drive for Bridgeport residents.
    The only Black organization in Bridgeport with its own building other than churches.
    Helped change the hiring process for the City of Stratford that resulted in 5 or 6 young Black’s being hired as firefighter’s including the first Black women for their department.
    Help Black’s in New Haven, Stratford and Hartford pass promotional exams in their fire departments.
    All of these things are easily verifiable if you are so inclined, but don’t you ever fix your mouth to compare yourself to Ron Mackey or me because the things that we did to help our people
    are legendary and likely never to be replicated.

    1. WOW, That quite a list of accomplishments. Now if you can get Blacks to change their minds on Never Vote For A Puerto Rican. Your words and mindset, not mine. BAM 🙂

      1. And let’s not forget Ron supported Bob and his racist rant. Are you two and Gen Now going to put in the effort in making sure Moore make some changes to how ABs are being abused in the Port. JS

  13. Ernie,

    Joe Ganim did NOT win because his constituents believe in him, support him , are inspired by him or believe he is a great Mayor.

    Many voters did NOT vote for Marilyn Moore because voters believed in her, supported her, were inspired by her, or believed she would be a great Mayor.

    In fact, many people did not know who she was or what she stood for, however she was not Joe Ganim, therefore many voters decided to vote for her because she was not Joe Ganim whom many despised.

    There is a difference in voting FOR someone and voting AGAINST someone.

    Marilyn Moore could have won the Priimary had she had a really knowledgeable inner circle who advised her and managed her campaign.

    Please know this, had Marilyn Moore been on the WFP line in November she would have won.

    Joe Ganim has been a horrible, absentee, Mayor whose 2015 campaign promises meant absolutely nothing. There is only one person Joe Ganim really cares about. That person is Joe Ganim.

    Joe Ganim is a pathological liar, a narcissist, and a sociopath.

    He will NOT win reelection in 2023.

    1. Maria
      You may be right. My point was Generation Now used Sen. Moore’s campaign for its on purpose to bring a Lawsuit against absentee ballot fraud which should have been handle by the SEEC. I do agree had she been on the WFP line it may have been different. Ron and Don ask why i don’t say bad things about Joe Mario DTC because we have enough people on this BLOG who share how they feel about them. My question to Bob, Ron and Don Why haven’t you put the blame where it should be on the WFP for dropping the Ball if the City had done something to keep the Sen.of the ballot you all would have been bitching about unfair treatment!

      1. Maria, according to the Judge there are the issues that need to be address by the legislation regarding ABs. Where Moore is a current Senator. Or is only Judge Lopez all-knowing and wise? JS

  14. Her weekly tirade will be aimed at the Mayor but she’ll be sitting at the same table as Ernie, who’ll have a chance to defend the mayor is real time and match wits with the “pontificating piranha”.
    Will Ganim attend each meeting or will be intentionally avoid it?
    What about JML? Will his musings have new meaning with the new council?

  15. Gen Now Votes is still working on this city-wide problem of absentee ballot abuse. I believe the absentee ballot vs. machine count at each precinct were only released a couple of days ago so there is a lot of analysis to be done.. And the Supreme Court has yet to issue their ruling of the legal case.

    I also find it insulting that Lennie and Ernie are saying that this intergenerational, multiracial, cross-class, citywide group organizing on this important issue was just Black Rockers. That is a terribly biased view. By framing it this way, they conveniently erase the work of many people across Bridgeport in an attempt to undermine social movement here. Lennie and Ernie denigrate people who are intelligent and educated as somehow just uppity and elitist instead of problem solvers that they are and who sincerely want to work with all classes together toward a more just and lawful system.

    1. Everybody frame everything for their benefit. Take Joe raising taxes (the mill rate) for years other parts of the city, homeowners were paying more in taxes because their homes were overvalued and Blackrock homeowners were reaping the benefits. That’s a problem they were not looking to solve. I think this has more to do with Joe than AB’s. And you Bepo In The Know, your SC comment says it all. Why not say we are going to Hartford to seek new laws to stop this AB abuse. Not Just the hope on SC taking Joe out.

      That being said. One can look at this intelligence statement, considering Maria’s comment, that received a lot of likes, at least I don’t have to hear people ask about Marilyn Monroe anymore. like being not black enough, each with their own perspective. It can be said Whites handpicking a Black woman in the hopes of winning the black vote. That’s all this race was about, no real substance. Like Spain’s video there not much you can do, just have to deal with it. In the words of JML time up.

      P.S If Joe can grow Bridgeport like he did his hair., Watch out Greenwich. 🙂

  16. Just went to the article that kicked this off.
    Marilyn Moore’s name was mentioned 5 times. Bridgeport Generation Now was 1.
    And yet Ernie says the article was about Bport Gen Now?
    I don’t think so.

    1. Your point is Bob? Ernie was mentioned six-time, a picture, and referred to the Moses of his peeps. This article and Ernie’s statement is about stirring the pot and Ernie, “Moses of his peeps”

      P.S Ernie the only one you hair about AB’s in a General is you, and that is because everybody knows ABs has been deciding The Port’s primaries for years and years. I agree with Day and Ron.

      This is a deflection of AB’s abuse system that has rigged-ish primaries in the Port. Ernie Now wants to deflect from that reality AB abuse to the general election, like Gen Now or any other case brought about Port’s ABs was not valid. At Deflection from the problem and its solutions.



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