Flashback: City Councilman Pete’s Poop Pickup Demonstration, A ‘Comprehension’ Issue


Pete Spain demonstrates the proper procedure for bagging poop. Screen shot from video he pulled.

UPDATE: Pete Spain flushed his Facebook video from public view.

Black Rock City Councilman Pete Spain has listed a litany of accomplishments in the OIB comments section as he goes out the door following one two-year term. Pete claims this was not newsworthy irrespective of him posting the video on his Facebook page.

We like this sort of thing on OIB, a Yale graduate lecturing the correct way for folks to dispose of dog poop along St. Mary’s, in the city’s highest-assessed area lined with million-dollar waterfront homes. So instructive. Check out his line about “comprehension.” Fitting for a Yale man.

Come Nov. 30 Pete will leave the City Council. We’re thinking about a new role for Pete the Poopslayer, an adjunct professorship at Yale titled Royal Flush.

In case you missed it, here’s a post from January 2018

Where’s Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood when you need him? You gotta hand it to City Councilman Pete Spain, he doesn’t waste for letting you know what’s on his mind. One of Pete’s pet peeves in his district, residents who don’t pick up the dog poop. Pete demonstrates in the video above from his Facebook page. Pete’s adding new meaning to waste management.

St. Mary’s by the Sea walk: I had to pick up someone else’s mess with a “Mutt Mitt” today. Going beyond the call of doo-doo for a violation of ordinance (corrected) 6.04.040–Allowing pet to defecate on public property unlawful, penalty $150. When #Bridgeport Public Facilities and Parks goes the extra mile and puts out free “Mutt Mitts,” there’s no excuse not to clean up after your dog. (Corrected) I’ll look into whether repeat offenses in same year can be fined double or more–and adding more signs that we don’t appreciate dog poop left in our public spaces.



  1. Good old Pete. He Said he did not run for city council because of work requirements. BS. He wanted a city job under MM. Pete does not believe in giving jobs out just because you work on a campaign, but that was exactly his plan and it backfired. For selfish reasons, part of me sometimes wishes MM won just to throw that in his face when he took the job. Most even keeled people in Black Rock can’t stand him.

  2. Watch, look and listen as Lennie weaponizes blogging to make Pete Spain look bad. Methinks that’s awful treatment for a departing City Councilman who was a significant content provider to your blog for over two years.

  3. I’m incensed that Lennie, who writes a blog that mainly criticizes Bridgeport and who does not live in Bridgeport and has done nothing constructive for Bridgeport, criticizes one of the most pro-active and intelligent council members who has done so much for all the constituents in the 130th. Lennie likes to often side with the Ganim/Mario political machine and its myopic simplistic way of thinking – looking for a city hall job again, Lennie?.

    Pete responds to all his constituents’ concerns, works cooperatively with citizen groups to solve community problems. He is always pro-active and focused on his constituents, unselfishly works to do so much: renovate a city park, protect the environment, clean up the streets, conduct testing of the city’s pollution of LI Sound, improve housing conditions for our less affluent neighbors, and offer informed, constructive advice to many city committees and commissions, and so much more.

        1. In the City, that is an incredibly explosive assertion.

          It is very difficult for many OIB readers to give you any credence because you hide behind a handle.

          For all we know you could be a high level cabinet member in Ganim’s administration that would have been ousted had Marilyn Moore prevailed in her election.

          1. This is that crack pot Dennis lady from Black Rock. Don’t even engage with her she’s wicked and not well considered in Black Rock as I remember.

        2. What do you say about a fellow citizen who has no dogs in his household who is willing to attempt to change behavior of fellow citizens who ignore the law and break it when they fail to pick up after their animals? I say, Well done neighbor. (But enough folks who refuse to provide their real names can only find humor at the subject matter and attempt to diminish Pete, as well as attribute his two years of service and recent candidate support to selfish interest in a City job.)
          Some dog doody humorists enjoy the status quo so much that they may actually enjoy stepping in or through excrement?? We may not know your real name, but at least we can track you to your home or car when the mishap occurs. Will that be funny? Time will tell.

  4. Pete Spain, thank you for your time and service for the City as a City Council member. You and I don’t always agree on issues and at times you get a little upset or mad with a few things I might say or suggest or push you about but your heart has always been about what’s good for Bridgeport. I was suggesting to you for years to run for public office but you kept telling me no but once you did run you got a front row seat of the inner running of the DTC and City government and I’m sure you didn’t like it plus you saw how hard it is to make changes. Pete, take a little time off to be with your wife then come back to join the fight for change.

    1. Also…..Thank you to Kyle Langan,City Council Rep from my neighboring 132nd district. He fought for a better Bridgeport. In the Dem Primary,Kyle won on the machines but lost from AB’s. He was on the WFP line in the general but it was not enough. TWO BIG LOSSES FROM THE CURRENT CITY COUNCIL.


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