New Q Poll, Plus: Himes On Health, And Okay Class, We Need Ideas For A City Welcome Wagon

Morning Update:

Hey, I’ve just returned from four days in Pinehurst, NC where Frederick Law Olmsted, designer of Seaside Park, created a New England Village in the south.

It’s a mighty fine place to chase golf balls and pamper yourself in a world-class spa. I posted the past few days from my trusty notepad while I was away, although I really wasn’t away if I posted, was I? I think the 11-hour drive home has turned my brains (what’s left of them) to spaghetti. So I’m playing a little catch-up.

I see Mayor Bill Finch and Steel Point developer Robert Christoph signed the deal designed to overhaul 52 acres into a treasure trove of housing, stores, hotels and other stuff. Let’s hope this time it works. I also note that State Senator Anthony Musto has a Republican opponent and Mark Smith didn’t waste any time poking Anthony for supporting Governor Rell’s juvenile detention center for girls (that Anthony retracted after neighborhood opposition) on the Upper East Side. (See Smith’s letter below.)

Dodd Dull

Just when you thought Senator Chris Dodd’s standing among the electorate was improving he slips back. Not good for the senior center. All announced GOP candidates run well against him. See Q Poll release below.

Former Connecticut Congressman Rob Simmons has an early lead in the Republican primary race for the 2010 U.S. Senate contest and runs better than any other challenger against Sen. Christopher Dodd, topping the Democratic incumbent 49 – 38 percent, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

Former World Wrestling Entertainment executive Linda McMahon gets 43 percent to Sen. Dodd’s 41 percent, the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University poll finds.

Even potential Republican contenders with almost no name recognition and almost no Republican primary voter support give Dodd a run for his money.

Simmons leads a Republican primary matchup with 28 percent, followed by McMahon with 17 percent. No other contender tops 9 percent and 36 percent are undecided.

Connecticut voters disapprove 54 – 40 percent of the job Dodd is doing, compared to a 49 – 43 percent disapproval September 17, and say 53 – 39 percent that he does not deserve reelection.

“After inching up in the polls for months, Sen. Christopher Dodd is sliding back down again on job approval. He continues to struggle with independent voters as 60 percent disapprove of the way he is handling his job. President Barack Obama is still popular with independents, but voters say that his support of Dodd won’t affect their Senate vote,” said Quinnipiac University Poll Director Douglas Schwartz, PhD.

“Healthcare is an issue that should work for Sen. Dodd. Voters who tell us it’s the most important issue side with him. But voters who care most about the economy say the Republican candidate will be better able to deal with it. If the economy worsens, this will hurt Dodd.”

If McMahon spends millions of her own dollars to be elected U.S. Senator, 61 percent of voters say that means she is free of pressure from lobbyists and other special interests, while 29 percent say this gives her an unfair advantage and looks like she is buying the election.

Connecticut voters say 34 – 25 percent, with 41 percent undecided, that McMahon does not have the right kind of experience to be a U.S. Senator.

In an open-ended question, allowing for any answer, 33 percent of Connecticut voters say the economy is the most important issue in the 2010 Senate race, with another 30 percent who cite health care. No other issue tops 5 percent.

Dodd gets a negative 42 – 49 percent favorability from voters. Simmons gets a positive 40 – 10 percent favorability, with 49 percent who don’t know enough about him to form an opinion. For McMahon, 66 percent don’t know enough about her to form an opinion.

For other Republican contenders, the “don’t know enough” score is 74 percent or higher.

“Linda McMahon made a big splash into the race two months ago and finishes second in the primary to Rob Simmons. She tops Dodd by a couple of points, but it appears that more than 40 percent of voters would vote for anybody but Dodd at this point,” Dr. Schwartz added.

Sen. Joseph Lieberman

By a 51 – 25 percent margin, Connecticut voters say Sen. Joseph Lieberman’s views on issues are closer to the Republican Party than to the Democratic Party. There is agreement on this among voters in all parties.

Voters approve 49 – 44 percent of the job Lieberman is doing. He gets 74 – 20 percent approval from Republicans and 52 – 40 percent approval from independent voters, but Democrats disapprove 62 – 31 percent.

Voters say 64 – 29 percent that Democrats should not strip Lieberman of his committee chairmanship if he joins Republicans in a filibuster against the Democrats’ health care reform.

Connecticut voters approve 58 – 35 percent of the job President Barack Obama is doing, but they disapprove 48 – 45 percent of the way he is handling health care.

Congressman Jim Himes visited Bridgeport today. I wonder if Town Committee checked this out:

Himes to Hold Health Care Q&A at Fireside Apartments

Theme: What does health reform mean for me?

BRIDGEPORT, CT—Last weekend, Congressman Himes helped pass the Affordable Health Care for America Act, the most substantial health care reform our country has seen in a generation. He will hold a meeting at Fireside Apartments in Bridgeport to answer questions about how health care reform will affect individuals and families.

Key topics will include:

· Medicare: This bill strengthens Medicare and makes prescription drugs more affordable.

· Young people: New provisions allow young people to stay on their parents’ insurance until age 27.

· Pre-existing conditions: This legislation bans insurance companies from denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions.

· Rescission: This legislation prohibits insurance companies from taking away your health insurance if you get sick.

WHO: Congressman Jim Himes

WHAT: Health Care Q&A: What does health reform mean for me?

WHEN: Thursday, November 12 10:00 am

Fireside Apartments Community Room
730 Palisade Ave

Walk The Walk

Welcome to Bridgeport David Walker.

The new Black Rock resident who purchased former Congressman Christopher Shay’s waterfront jewel wrote in a letter to the Connecticut Post that he almost didn’t buy it because of the $31,000 price tag for city property taxes. That would be enough the scare the Ben Franklins off just about anyone. (If you missed his letter, you can see it here: 09.11.10 CT Post Letter.)

Walker, president of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation in New York and former comptroller general of the United States (the nation’s chief accountant), also expressed his lament for the lack of information packet for new residents.

Well this got me thinking (always a dangerous thing), what goodies should be included in a Welcome Wagon basket?

Let’s start with a shameless self promotion: a copy of my book Only In Bridgeport. Trouble is I’m down to a few copies, maybe this will provide some incentive to get off my lazy butt and update it for a new edition.

What else?

Passes to Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo; The Barnum Museum as well. Maybe the owners of the Bluefish can cast a few tix into the basket. How about the business community stepping up to spread the wealth with some Bridgeport Bucks certificates for downtown eateries: Épernay, Joseph’s Steakhouse, Café Roma, Two Boots, Ralph ‘n’ Rich’s and a bunch more.

A friend of mine suggested a voter registration card. Sounds good to me. If I’m Republican Town Chair Marc Delmonico who’s flock is outnumbered (what it is 8 to 1?), I’d be all over that.

Wait a minute, how about including 10,000 absentee ballots in the welcome basket?

Oh I know, how about a delicious meal at Testo’s owned by that venerable Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa who can enlighten the new resident with a discourse in donkey politics Bridgeport style? My my that would be some education.

How about a tour of the Upper East Side, where Governor Jodi Rell wants to place a new detention center for girls, given by State Rep. Chris Caruso. Davd Walker noted in his letter that the city must work on building the grand list of taxable property. Maybe he can persuade the governor to stick the tax-exempt prison in her hometown of Brookfield.

Okay boys and girls, let me hear your suggestions. By the way, who’s David Walker? 60 Minutes did a piece on him not long ago. Check this out:

News release from Mayor Finch

Citywide Leaf Pickup to Begin Nov. 16

The City of Bridgeport’s Public Facilities Department will begin picking up leaves throughout the entire City beginning Monday, Nov. 16, 2009, weather permitting. New this year: residents are asked to rake leaves into the grassy area between the sidewalk and curb for pick up.

Leaf collection will continue through December 11, 2009. After that time, the City will continue to pick up leaves in brown recyclable bags, placed at the curb on the regular recycling day. Bundled branches, no more than four feet in length, also can be placed at the curb for pick up on recycling day.

The City does not accept plastic bags during leaf pickup. Plastic bags and other containers of leaves may be taken to the Asylum Street Transfer Station during normal operating hours. The Transfer Station is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and Saturday from 7 a.m. to 12 noon.

For more information, call 576-7124 or 576-7751.

Mark Smith To Challenge Anthony Musto

From: Mark E Smith
Subject: A run for CT. State Senate in 2010
Date: Tuesday, November 10, 2009, 2:39 PM

Dear Friends,

Over the past two years as a member of the Trumbull Board of Finance, many of you have come to know me as a strong fiscal conservative during this difficult economic climate. However, over the past few years I come to recognize that our town hall and Hartford run solely by the Democrats have not worked with the taxpayers of Connecticut in mind while in this deep recession. Their “tax and spend” policy has laden us with much debt and a great hole for which to dig out of. It is this type of mismanagement of our tax dollars that got me involved in local politics for the first time on the Trumbull Board of Finance.

While on the Board of Finance, it became evident to me the negative economic impact that the Democrats in Hartford bestows upon our town. Over the past two years, and especially this past year, the Democratic controlled State Legislature and Senate have lost their way and have created a state that is going bankrupt, creating massive debt, chasing out companies and raising more taxes. As a financial professional I see continued financial and economic hardships for years to come because of our economic climate and this financial mismanagement. The Democrats are incorrectly thinking that the economy will come back soon and new revenues will save our budget. I know that they are wrong, and the taxpayers are going to be hurt by this.

This is why I am asking for your support to become the next Republican nominee for State Senator for the 22nd district next November.

This is a position that two years ago was not even in my vocabulary and now I believe a very important job that needs the right person in it. I believe that I am well qualified and motivated for this office and will truly work in the best interest of the citizens of Connecticut and this district. As a former U.S. Marine I have the discipline to do the hard work necessary to make the hard decisions. I have the integrity to my constituents to do what is best for them and not the special interests in Hartford.

My agenda is simple:

· Attract business and jobs back to Connecticut and to this district

· Cut wasteful government spending

· Cut middle class usage taxes such as licenses fees and gas taxes

· Cut and stop unfunded mandates

· Bring our budget back in balance

· Make our state’s Education leaders more accountable

· Tax incentive programs for businesses that invest in Connecticut

In order for this economy to grow again we need to do two things; one is create more jobs in the private sector, and the other is help home values increase. Home values will not increase without more jobs for both blue and white collar workers. Urban economic centers need to be established and companies need to be attracted there with various incentives around investing and hiring locally.

The Democrats, in the worst economy in seventy years still could not make any tangible cuts, and in some cases raised expenses and taxes while many taxpayers lost their jobs and their homes. This past year they would rather put the $900 million deficit on the state credit card that you will have to pay for in the future. How has that helped the people of our state in such economic times?

The state of Connecticut is the largest employer, at the same time the state is broke, with the rainy day fund gone and the unemployment insurance fund gone how can we function on a state job economy?

We need to bring back to Connecticut good paying private jobs in High Tech, Health care, Trades, Finance and other blue and white collar industries now. Right now the businesses fees and taxes are prohibitive to just about any type of business growth in this state and that has to change. Last year 9,200 businesses either left the state or closed completely. We need to get business growing again; we need to give them incentives to invest in Connecticut and its people. This can be done with various tax incentives programs as well as loan guarantees for small and mid-sized companies.

In the case of Bridgeport, I don’t think adding a women’s prison is going to bring new jobs nor make the area attractive for business. We need good paying skilled and unskilled jobs for everyone so that they too can have greater opportunities in the future. We need to attract people back to our retail and commercial areas with viable attractive venues and shops, not prisons.

In education we spend hundreds of millions of dollars on education yet we are still failing in many areas while the rest of the world is passing us by. How will our children compete on the world stage when we are lacking in the basics of math and science? We owe it to our children, parents and taxpayers to make sure that children are getting the necessary support for their success. I believe that every child should have the opportunity for higher education after high school, this is why we need to make sure as much money and resources goes to their education.

I believe that every education system in the state who is receiving 50% or more of their budget from the state should have a financial and operation forensic audit conducted every five years. We need to make sure that the investment in education goes to the children in the classroom and not to bureaucrats.

In these difficult economic times we need better. We need more responsible people representing us in Hartford. These are just a few things I want to accomplish as your State Senator, with your support we can achieve it.

I am asking you for your support so that we can make Connecticut a state where people and business want to come back to.


Mark Smith




  1. If you put things in perspective most of us are paying the same type of taxes Mr. Walker is. My house is valued at $300K or thereabouts on the market. I pay close to $7K in taxes or 20% the same as he is paying. He knew what he was getting when he bought that house.
    We can send him a package with Bluefish Tickets, Zoo tickets, Barnum Museum Tickets, Play House Tickets, restaurant tickets, Caberet Tickets. The one thing we can send him is a resume on how well this city is being managed. We can’t send him information on how well the 2-party system is working.
    We can send him information on how we treat our city employees. We can send him a list of properties that are covered by the state Pilot program. We can send him a list of the organizations and prisons that take care of all of the local social ills.
    The best thing we can send him is a For Sale sign.

  2. First, Happy Veterans Day and may God Bless those who have served, protect those who serve us now, and give us a peace that we never need this service in the future.

    Next, welcome to B’port Mr. Walker. I for one am happy to have you as a resident. If you can pay your taxes you’ll be a better resident than Mr. DiNardo, for one, and so many other “people who care about B’port”.

    Some of our residents and bloggers can’t see the forest for the trees. If Mr. Walker can spare some time and a dime to prune the deadwood from the B’port political scene he will have done a great service to the community.

    Let’s cut Mr. Walker some slack! After all, he’s made a greater financial commitment to B’port by buying a piece of prime real estate and paying taxes on it. Can we say that about the Steele Pointe development, or any one of many “friends of Bill & Mario”?

  3. Maybe the reason David Walker didn’t see a Welcome Wagon is because he hasn’t moved in yet.

    But in my own self-serving way, I’m doing my part. Yesterday, based on the wise advice of a fellow OIB poster, I sent him a postcard. Here’s a sample:

    The digital Welcome Wagon for new residents looks like this:

    Am I the only person who thinks David Walker looks similar to Chris Shays? Maybe they both have an “Edifice Complex”? Judge for yourself below:



    The daily price of The Connecticut Post is now $1.00. That’s a 100% increase in less than a year. Would somebody puh-LEEZ prove me wrong?

    Today’s Gratitude:

    MANY THANKS to all military veterans past, present and future. Happy Veterans Day.

  4. Yahooy: I guess my pessimism is showing. Sure Mr. Walker spent a lot of money on this huge house and sure he is going to pay a lot of taxes but we all are. He is not making any greater commitment than a young family is making when they buy their first house in Bridgeport.
    I really do welcome him and his family to Bridgeport. Other than having someone we know will pay the taxes on his property I can’t ask for anything else nor do I expect anything else.

  5. I already know of some savvy Black Rock restaurants and a couple of Bridgeport non-profits have sent out their welcome wagons to the Walker’s.

    For Pete’s sake, I’m starting to get Peter’d out on all this Pete Peterson potpourri. Send them some Peat Moss, too!

    Mark Smith is Mr. Bridgeport and Trumbull rolled into one. He has dedicated his life in service above self. He’s got my vote.

    Thanks to all those who served and continue to serve.

  6. I’m tired of all this “welcome wagon” effluent from bulls. Seems to me we need an UnWelcome Wagon. We can fill the unwelcome wagon bus with all the detritus-blogging buffoons, get them an E-ZPass and send them packing.

    Anna … how long do you think it would take for you to upgrade your drivers license to include buses?

    1. *** You can bet there’s a “reserved” seat in (the back of) the wagon for you Yahooy! *** Maybe B/K might be driving as well, you’d like that! *** Happy Vets. Day to all Vets. reading or blogging on “OIB”. *** “Hoorahh”, leave no man behind! ***

      1. Mojo. (Please note that I did not refer to you more accurately as ***MoPho***.)

        I have decided to no longer bust your balls. Why? Because you are the parent of a true American hero, a son who has been deployed into war and may possibly find himself deployed again. The irony of war is that those who wait at home suffer as well in different ways. Those who wait do not deserve disrespect.

        I have enjoyed eliciting your pseudo bravado. Sometimes you made it way too easy. But alas, I shall no longer make reference to the fact that you are fat, ugly and have a breath that would kill a thousand mules (thereby eliminating most of your love life).

        I am proud of your son and genuinely thank him for his selfless dedication and his service. In harms way, character finds a way of emerging.

        I will also stop busting Anna’s balls (all six of them) should she ever decide to “ruck up” and go off to war. (I wonder what side she would be on.)

        1. *** Why, unless you’ve been having delusional homo dreams of kissing me would you worry so much about my breath, weight or looks? And please don’t do me any favors by stopping in being your ignorant self, it will not help you should we ever meet! Just continue being your miserable self, it’s okay! ***

          1. Ladies and gentlemen …

            I present the true ***MoPho***.

            My magnanimous gesture has dissolved.

            You are simply not worth the time it takes to type “asshole”

      1. They sure as hell don’t miss you at the LR. I hear you’re featured there every Thursday for their famous “nickle nite.” Don’t forgot to report all those enormous (no pun intended) profits to the IRS. At that rate you must make a fortune.

        1. *** Yahooy, just get on the fucking bus, forget about us & put the blame on thee; if you don’t see a rainbow-colored ribbon round the old oak tree.*** “One-way please”! ***

        1. Here’s a winning strategy: ALWAYS GET on Mojo’s team because he rarely loses.

          This guy spends so much time in the winner’s circle he’s got a suntan from all those digital “flashbulbs”.

          OIB Rumor Mill:

          yahooy was last seen waving goodbye from the back seat of The UnWelcome Wagon’s inaugural trip which will dump yahooy into a cornfield in Nebraska with nothing but 2 gbta bus tickets.

          POLITICS is the story of who-gets-what from the public purse.

          1. Apparently, one who actually knows how to spell Italian dialects. Try not to show off your ignorance.

            “cazzo” is Italian for penis. Hints for you: In Neapolitan dialect, a hard “c” is often pronounced as a hard “g”. A “z” is pronounced “ts”, a “zz” is pronounced the same, only a little longer. Final vowels are often omitted, and the word “cuesto” (“this”) is often shortened to just “u,” pronounced “ooh”. “u cazz'” is Neapolitan for “this prick.”

            Here’s a good dictionary for you:

            And here’s an overview of Italian profanity for you:

            Look up “testa di minchia.” Another hint: in English it’s one word.

    1. *** Yahooy, do you “honestly” think, in your darkest thoughts, that anyone who reads these “OIB” blogs really cares what you “think” on just about anything? “Please,” just say you’re trying to humor us, okay? *** Thanks, buddy old pal, old buddy! *** (L.O.L.) ***

  7. One of my fellow bloggers asserts that a new homeowner is making a bigger bet on Bridgeport than the current Steel Point developer is.

    I disagree.

    The Connecticut Post and this blog both gave low priority to yesterday’s Steel Point signings which will soon put $500,000.00 in Bridgeport coffers. This is a nonrefundable payment and represents direct investment as opposed to a transfer of home ownership.

    In the process, Mayor Finch adds another economic development story he can call his own.

    1. That measly $500K will never cover the costs of the union grievances that will be won due to the hiring of political friends and family to replace the many civil service long-term employees that were laid off. It may take a couple of years until these things come to a head due the city’s labor offices ability to delay these cases … but those past employees with the wherewithal to persevere will certainly win, and it will cost the taxpayers, big time.

      1. The $500K will barely pay Ralph Jacobs and Attorney Bucci when that case is settled. Nevermind all the other grievances. Labor Relations can delay if they want. It will all come home to roost right before the 2011 election.

        And Mojo, what’s with all the homo stuff? I try to back off you too, in respect for your son, but the homophobic remarks need to stop or you should be censored.

        1. *** Why are you so obsessed with anything that may sound like homophobia? Just step out of the closet already, it may help you feel better about yourself. When people of color, veterans, seniors, the handicapped, women, the poor, immigrants, etc. start getting their deserved respect in general, then I might start being less anti-gay as you claim or think I am. Also, censor me for what? Go back to work & stop blogging during working hours! ***

          1. So that’s why we have discrimination!!! I did not know that!!! It’s been the GAYS all along. Go figure.

          2. So Mojo, what if I’m a low-income, black lesbian 60-year-old women with a disability and a green card? Does that make it okay for you to make anti-gay remarks?

            I am so glad you are no longer on the City Council because you would be a disgrace to that legislative body.

            You don’t even understand that what you are saying is totally offensive and derogatory towards an entire group of people. You are just ignorant. Enough said.

  8. To my friend Local Eyes: I respect your disagreement with my position re Mr. Walker’s arrival and the “soon” to be deposited check from Steel Pointe. I want you to prove me wrong … because we all will benefit. But if you look at Mr. Walker’s credentials you would have to admit that having him as a resident of this city is a good thing. I’m hoping he becomes a model resident and participates in the community. I hope he leverages some influence and money to make B’port a better place.

    And what will Mayor Finch do with the new-found loot? Hire more cronies or invest in something that will have an even greater return? Or yet, why not ask Mr. Walker what HE would do with this? I’d like to be in on that conversation.

  9. “In the process, Mayor Finch adds another economic development story he can call his own.” ANOTHER; did I miss the first one?
    Finch will throw this money into the general fund but whoever heard of a “nonrefundable deposit?” If it’s a deposit it’s refundable. For some reason they did not say a nonrefundable payment.

  10. Reaper–Just FYI and don’t bite my head off, but it is a legal term of art. A payment and deposit denote different types of transactions. Think of it as a car. You can put a non-refundable deposit on a car, which would be entirely different from making a non-refundable payment.

  11. independent soul:

    You insist on comparing a certain new homeowner with Mayor Finch’s involvement with Steel Point. That’s like comparing apples and oranges.

  12. Public facilities handling of bag leaves has been going along great. They are here on a regular basis. Good Job!!!
    I do have one suggestion for Public Facilities. Please put the transfer station back on a full day of operations on Saturdays. Saturday is the one day that most people have to get things to the transfer station. Every Saturday lines of trucks and cars are turned away because the station is closing early. There is only one city employee at the transfer station. The other employees are paid by Resco. Let’s keep this facility open all day Saturday.

  13. Ray Fusci is OIB’s resident fixer-upper. He’s backstopped my posts many times. His behind-the-scenes approach makes our text look better.

    It takes a lot to get him to come off the bench to correct a blogger.

    But if you want to know what it’s like to get your head handed to you by Lennie’s right-hand man, just ask yahooy–he’s an expert on that subject.

    1. Yup LE, he cleans up my crap every day. It’s nice to have a webmaster with a PERFECT SAT score, especially for a guy like me who had the lowest score in Masuk High School (Monroe) history. No, I’ll not take the test again.

  14. Wheel of Mis-Fortune!

    Hey Ray! Can I buy a vowel? A-E-I-O-U and sometimes Y!

    Since we are all in a Lingual Mood. That’s very cunning in Lennie’s lower case.

    Can you also explain the proper spelling and pronunciation of Pasta Fagiola?

    1. Well, your spelling is accepted, and means bean-style pasta. Another variant is pasta e fagioli, which means pasta and beans. I always ask for that when I visit my uncle, his is great! Pahstah eh fah-joe-lee.

      Or if you want a Sicilian version, pasta fasol’ (fah-zole).

  15. *** Try reading my blog again CHS, slowly, then you may understand a bit better. (Example.) Being gay cannot compare with, let’s say the prejudices against people of color, black, brown, yellow, red, etc. Why, because being gay is a personal sexual preference lifestyle that’s chosen by the individual, there are no bio-freaks born gay or brainwashed from an early age to choose that lifestyle! It’s far from the struggles of being black, hispanic, indian, etc. Gays of color are probably much more disliked for their skin color than their personal bedroom sexual preference. So stop acting a fool every time the word rainbow is blogged on OIB, after all the word “rainbow” existed way before it was ever used by the gay community, have a multicolored chill pill & stop your childlike hatred in general! ***

  16. *** Perfect example of skin color or ethnic background ills, & “$” status that seem to be the on-going battle in the West Side over a Rest. liquor license for a Mr. Tito Ayala. The nearby neighborhood residents have no problem with the Rest. serving alcohol, however St. Peter’s not the actual parish mind you, “does” have a problem with it! This corner business place years ago was a bar, also most of the nearby neighborhood bodegas sell beer. As far as drugs are concerned, most areas near or far in the West Side have had their fair share of drug dealings throughout the years come & go with nothing to do with the restaurant. Mr. Ayala who is a Catholic but does not belong to St. Peter’s Parish has tried to come to some type of agreement with the church but without success. The P&Z is using the so-called neighborhood city Master Plan to cite not giving the permit, however beer & wine would be okay? I wonder what’s the “$” amount St. Peters pays in city taxes to have such political juice in that neighborhood? Or is it just a sign of forthcoming biblical times ahead, preparing for the ultimate battle yet to come concerning the separation of state & religion as we know it? *** Time will tell. ***

  17. Hey Ray …

    I got three words for you … in English. You pedantic prick. (Those aren’t the three words.)

    Hey ***MoPho***

    “… because being gay is a personal sexual preference lifestyle that’s chosen by the individual …”

    You have absolutely no clue whatsoever.

      1. Let’s see if I can bring this down to a level you can comprehend …

        Just as you were born with a genetic predisposition to be an asshole, homosexuals are born with and genetically predisposed with same-sex attraction. You didn’t choose to be an asshole nor did the homosexual choose that sexual preference.

        1. *** Yeah right, every gay person in the world has more female chromosomes than male, so that’s why they’re gay? You’re a damn fool along with the other ho if you believe that B/S! It may be true in some cases but not all nor can it be used as a sole reason. You M/F must really think you’re all that & then some when it comes to logic! *** Get a fucking life! ***

          1. What’s a “ho”? Is he referring to me as a “ho”? I’m a “ho”.

            I’ve often thought of myself as a slut but never a “ho”.

            Do you believe this stupid son of a bitch thinks it’s a chromosome thing?

  18. *** Ho’s of the same feathers always seem to flock together! One ho says “yes” & the other says “yes of course,” has to be! Like yin & yang, ebony & ivory or black & white, as clear as night & day and happy or sad. Pretenders all relate to each other, one way or another. ***


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