A Tour Without Jodi, Plus: Lieberman Health Vigil, And Your Phone Digits

Weekend update: This should be fun.

State Rep. Chris Caruso recently asked Governor Jodi Rell to take a tour of the Upper East Side where Mother Rell wants to shoehorn a juvenile detention center for girls, another tax-exempt economic development project for the city. No one’s challenging the governor on the need for such a facility, it is needed. But why Bridgeport? Why not Brookfield where the governor resides, or a rural GOP oasis to address the needs of troubled kids from throughout the state?

Well, because residents there would likely show up to protest clutching hatchets. They don’t like that sort of thing in their backyard. Bridgeport becomes a convenient place to drop one of these facilities because it already serves a region that drops its garbage, sewage, sick and homeless. For crying out loud a detention center for boys was built on waterfront property downtown. What’s the big deal for a center for girls smack in the middle of a residential neighborhood?

The funding for this was on the agenda of the last State Bond Commission meeting chaired by Rell. At the last minute the agenda item was pulled. Lots of pols, led by Caruso, made noise. It may very well be built on Virgina Avenue in the end, but neighborhood and political opposition has created some pause.

Meanwhile, even though Caruso’s gesture to Jodi was declined he’s decided to go ahead with the tour. Our friends at www.doingitlocal.com David Smith and Steve Krauchick will be there to film the impact such a facility would have on the Upper East Side. They are coordinating schedules. As soon as it’s set, OIB will let you know.

From Mayor Bill Finch:

Fire Department confirms identities of 4 who died in early-morning fire

Bridgeport Fire Department Chief Brian Rooney has confirmed the identities of the four people – a mother and her three young children – who died in the early-morning fire at Apt. 205, Building 12 of P.T. Barnum Apartments.

The dead are: Tiana Black, 22; her children, 4-year-old twin girls Nyasija Williams and Tyasjia Williams, and Nyshon Williams, 5.

Lieber Vigil

The Connecticut Citizens Action Group sent this out:

This Sunday at 6:00 PM, come to Stamford High School, 55 Strawberry Hill Avenue, Stamford, CT 06902 to send a message to Joe Lieberman: stop the opposition to the public option and work for real health care reform.

It doesn’t matter if you are religious or not – come and offer your prayers or your good wishes that Joe Lieberman will hear our call and the nation’s call for health care reform.

After a short program in the Stamford High School Auditorium, we will be led by the faith leaders of the Interfaith Alliance for Universal Health Care in a candlelight procession across the street to Lieberman’s residence. Together, we will offer our prayers and good wishes to the Liebermans.

There is plenty of parking behind Stamford High School and you will be directed where to park upon arriving. We are also coordinating shared rides and shuttle rides from the Stamford Metro North station for those riding the Metro North trains from New Haven or New York City. For rides and train shuttle info, log onto ccag.net and click on the “Interfaith Prayer Vigil for Joe Lieberman” under “Upcoming Events” on the right hand side of the page.

Please make every effort to attend, and please forward this e-mail to family, friends, neighbors and your fellow worshipers. Joe Lieberman needs to hear your voice. See you Sunday night in Stamford.

This is nuts, from the Connecticut Post

Cops: Baby severely beaten by angry babysitter

By Daniel Tepfer
Staff writer

A 1-year-old girl is fighting for her life in Yale-New Haven Hospital with severe head injuries that police say were inflicted by her babysitter, who repeatedly banged the baby’s head against the floor because the child interrupted a television program she was watching Wednesday night.

The baby is in intensive care with multiple skull fractures and bleeding on the brain, police said.

The babysitter, 24-year-old Keamira Fatal of Locust Street, has been charged with attempted murder and risk of injury to a minor.

During an arraignment hearing Thursday afternoon in Superior Court, Supervisory Assistant State’s Attorney Joseph Marcello urged Judge Kari Dooley to hold Fatal on $500,000 bond because of the serious nature of the allegations.

However, the judge set the bond at $250,000 and continued the case to Nov. 24.

Police received a call from Bridgeport Hospital reporting that a baby had been brought in with head injuries. They later learned the child had been at her babysitter’s home when she was injured.

Police said they confronted Fatal and she admitted injuring the baby.

Fatal allegedly told police that she was watching television in her living room when the baby began crying. She said she became angry because she couldn’t hear the program and picked up the girl and began slamming her head into the wood floor until she stopped crying, police said.

After the program was over Fatal noticed the girl lying motionless on the floor and decided to call an ambulance, police said.

See You In Black Rock

“Bridgeport – How the City Works”

A Discussion of the inner workings of Connecticut’s largest city

With Associate Professor of Politics and Black Rock resident

Don Greenberg


Author, Journalist and Blogger Extraordinaire

Lennie Grimaldi

Please join us for a fascinating discussion of just how our municipal government is designed to function in Bridgeport and the often very different way in which it actually functions. Professor Greenberg and Lennie Grimaldi will share their unique perspectives on the Bridgeport political scene – the good, the bad and the ugly.

• Date: Tuesday, November 17th

• Time: 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

• For more information please call: (203) 337-9676

News release from DPUC

Beginning November 14, 2009, all phone users in Connecticut must use area codes when placing all local calls in Connecticut. If they do not use area codes, their call will not be completed and a recording will instruct them to hang up and dial again. To try a different service that you already have, now you can try these mobile phone plans.

To complete local calls, the new dialing procedure requires callers to dial area code + telephone number. This means that all local calls in Connecticut that are currently dialed with seven digits will need to be dialed using area code + telephone number.

What will Connecticut phone users need to do? In addition to changing their dialing procedure, all services, automatic dialing equipment, or other types of equipment that are programmed with a 7-digit telephone number will need to be reprogrammed to use the new dialing procedure. Some examples are life safety systems, fax machines, Internet dial-up numbers, alarm and security systems, gates, speed dialers, mobile phone contact lists, call forwarding settings, voicemail services, and similar functions. Connecticut phone users must be certain to check their business stationery, advertising materials, personal checks, and personal or pet ID tags to ensure the area code is included.

What Will Remain the Same?

Their telephone number, including current area code, will not change.

What is a local call now will remain a local call regardless of the number of digits dialed.

The price of a call, coverage area, or other rates and services will not change due to the overlay.

They can still dial just three digits to reach 911.

If 211, 311, 411, 511, 611, 711 and 811 are currently available in your community you will still dial them with just three digits


To ensure a continuing supply of telephone numbers in the state of Connecticut, the Department of Public Utility Control ordered two Area Code Overlays in Connecticut. Beginning December 12, 2009, new telephone lines or services may be assigned numbers with the 475 area code. The new 959 area code telephone numbers will be assigned at a future date. No date has been announced at this time.

What is an Area Code Overlay? An overlay is the addition of another area code such as (475) to the same geographic region as an existing area code (203). An overlay does not require customers to change their existing area code or phone number.

The new 475 area code will serve customers in the same geographic region as the current 203 area code and the new 959 area code, when implemented, will serve customers in the same geographic region as the current 860 area code.

Who may customers contact with questions?

If customers have any questions regarding information provided in this advisory, they should contact their local service company or wireless service provider or the Department’s Consumer Assistance and Information Unit at 860.827.1553 or 800.382.4586.

From Bridgeport Child Advocacy Coalition:

Lost Class Time

The State of Suspensions in Bridgeport Schools

Thousands of school days lost to school suspension

Bridgeport Child Advocacy Coalition (BCAC) has released its latest reportthat documents school suspensions in Bridgeport public schools. The report also looks at promising practices the district has implemented and makes recommendations for addressing this serious issue.

BCAC’s reportLost Class Time: The State of Suspensions in Bridgeport Schools asks whether suspensions have a positive impact on students’ behavior.

“Out-of-school suspensions are meant to remove disruptive or potentially dangerous students from school for serious disciplinary offenses,” said Barbara Edinberg, Acting Director. “However, for students who don’t want to be in school, suspensions can be just the excuse they need not to come to school. Out-of-school suspensions can lead students to become disengaged with school. Worse, students left unsupervised while out of school can get into even more trouble.”

The report found that in 2006-07, Bridgeport had the highest number and percent of students suspended out-of-school in the state. Since then, the district has been closely monitoring each school’s disciplinary data and has successfully reduced out-of-school suspensions by nearly 46% in the last two years. However, in-school suspensions have increased by 36%.

Dr. John J. Ramos, Sr., Superintendent of Bridgeport Public Schools, said at the press conference, “School suspension is a complex challenge impacted by issues of learning and teaching, adult beliefs, student behaviors, school climate and resources. As such, we welcome support and true collaborations from community partners such as the Bridgeport Child Advocacy Coalition.”

Also speaking at the press conference was Hernan Illingworth, Co-chair of BCAC’s Education and Early Care Task Force. “We applaud the district’s hard work to reduce out-of-school suspensions,” remarked Hernan. “The district has made tremendous strides in reducing the number of students who are given out-of-school suspensions. However, there is still much work to do.”

The report found:

• Two out of three students are being given suspensions for violations of school policy, including skipping class, insubordination and failure to attend detention.

• There are certain groups of students who are disciplined (90% of disciplined students are suspended) in numbers disproportionate to their share of school enrollment:

o Boys were twice as likely as girls to be disciplined in 2007-08

o African American students are more than one and a half times more likely to be suspended than other students

o In 2007-08, Bridgeport students with disabilities were twice as likely to be disciplined as students without disabilities.

• In 2007-08, students in schools with grades kindergarten – 8th grade, had a much higher rate of out-of-school and in-school suspensions (23%) than students in schools that only went up to grade 6 (8%). The suspension rate at the high schools was 29%.

• There was a wide variation in suspension rates among schools, from a low of 4% to a high of 39%.

• More than half of Bridgeport students received more than one suspension; 33% of students received 2-3 suspensions and 39% received four or more suspensions in 2007-08.

• There is a high rate of suspensions in 8th grade and 9th grade. In 2007-08, the number of suspensions among 8th graders exceeded the total student enrollment for the grade because of multiple suspensions of the same students.

• Suspensions are being given to students in younger grades, kindergarten through 3rd grade. Suspensions per 100 students in grades K-3 at one school (136 suspensions per 100 students) was higher than the rate per 100 9th grade students at one of the high schools (118 suspensions per 100 students).

The report also highlights promising practices the district is undertaking to reduce suspensions. These practices include:

• Establishing a goal of reducing both the number of students suspended and the number of out-of-school suspensions by 15% by the end of the 2010-11 school year.

• Increasing monthly monitoring of suspensions and expulsions at each school.

• Revising the Code of Conduct to include a continuum of disciplinary consequences that do not exclude students from class and can be used as alternatives to in-school and out-of-school suspensions.

• Expanding Positive Behavioral Supports (PBS), a proven program for preventing and responding to discipline problems, to most schools in the district.

• Providing professional development to teachers, and training programs for school resource officers, to help schools deal with crisis prevention and develop strategies for de-escalating disciplinary challenges.

Funding for this report came from the Anne S. Richardson Fund.

This report follows another education report, Five Bridgeport Schools Rise to the Challenge, issued one year ago. That report honored five schools which overcame tremendous hurdles to achieve significant progress in academic achievement.

The Bridgeport Child Advocacy Coalition is a coalition of organizations, parents, and concerned individuals committed to improving the well-being of Bridgeport’s children through research, advocacy, community education and mobilization. The Education and Early Care Task Force has worked for years to publicize and address inequities in state funding for education distributed to Connecticut’s cities and towns.

Big Read Stuff


Experience an old-fashioned LIVE Radio Show Adaptation of

The Maltese Falcon on November 19

(Bridgeport, CT – November 11, 2009) — The Barnum Museum and its community partners (see the list at the end of this release) have been hosting many educational and fun events since early October for The Big Read celebrating Dashiell Hammett’s “The Maltese Falcon.” This popular reading program is an initiative of the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) designed to restore reading to the center of American culture.

Bridgeport and Shelton’s Big Read for the fall of 2009 will conclude on Thursday, November 19 with a fabulous Live Radio Show Adaptation of “The Maltese Falcon” at 7:30 p.m. in the downstairs theater at The Watermark, 3030 Park Avenue in Bridgeport. The program will be presented by Dandelion Productions/Connecticut Free Shakespeare and the show will be broadcast live on WPKN-FM 89.5 radio. The audience, both at the theater and those listening on the University of Bridgeport’s WPKN station will hear a story that employs Hammett’s knack for engaging dialogue and his understanding of the depths of the human soul. The radio performance directed by Connecticut Free Shakespeare’s Ellen Lieberman, replete with period music and real sound effects, will bring back old-time radio for a half hour. The talented cast includes actors from New York and Connecticut. Whether you attend the live broadcast at The Watermark in Bridgeport or tune in to WPKN at home, as the falcon circles in your imaginations, you might well wonder why radio drama is no longer as popular as it once was. The experience will truly be “a theater of the mind” one!

A closing reception, with light refreshments courtesy of The Watermark, will be held immediately following the program in order to thank all the community partners and participants. To see a complete list of remaining events, scroll down, visit www.neabigread.org/events.php or www.barnum-museum.org or call 203-333-1104 ext. 100. Reader’s Guides and a Teacher’s Guide to the novel are available electronically from www/neabigread.org.

In addition, there will be a preview performance for the press and residents at The Watermark at 3:30 p.m. on Thursday November 19.

Saturday, November 14

Mystery In Our Life, Memoir Writing Class

2:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m.

This is the second memoir class during this year’s Big Read. Participants share and write about their personal and family memories of how the stock market crash of 1929 impacted their lives and how they made it through the years of the Great Depression. Examine how the crash of 1929 has influenced us today as Americans live through another challenging economic time

WHERE: Bridgeport Public Library Historical Collections, 925 Broad Street, Bridgeport

Friday, November 13 and Saturday, November 14

The Rocky Horror Show

Each day: 8:00 – 10:30 p.m. & 12:00- 2:30 a.m.

It’s alive following last fall’s smash hit production, The Rocky Horror Show returns to the Playhouse. Experience this tradition for the first time or do the time warp again! This cult classic by Richard O’Brien is a mysterious, campy, sci-fi rock musical and features the local band Greasewheazer and hilarious audience interaction. Recommended for mature audiences.

WHERE: Playhouse on the Green, 177 State Street, Bridgeport

Cost: Adults $26 to $29

Tuesday, November 17

Big Read for Little Tykes

11:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m.

The mystery story will be “The 13th Clue” by Ann Jonas and the children will create their own clues. Beginning with a diary entry of a child the book leads the protagonist (and readers) on a merry chase from the attic to the backyard, across the pond, through the woods and up a hill where a surprise birthday party awaits the child. Children will be captivated by the clever clues. “A guaranteed-to-please selection that deserves a spot in any collection,” states the School Library Journal. This program is designed for toddlers three and under (little tykes) and is free with general admission to the museum.

WHERE: The Barnum Museum , 820 Main Street , Bridgeport

Cost: Free with General Admission

Wednesday, November 18

Read the Book/See the Movie: The Maltese Falcon

Book Discussion 4:00 p.m. and Movie showing: 5:30 p.m.

This is the second memoir class during this year’s Big Read. Participants share and write about their personal and family memories of how the stock market crash of 1929 impacted their lives and how they made it through the years of the Great Depression. Examine how the crash of 1929 has influenced us today as Americans live through another challenging economic time

WHERE: Newfield Branch Bridgeport Public Library, 1230 Stratford Avenue, 203-576-7413

Continues through November 21

Big Read Mystery Lab

Tuesday – Saturday, 10:00am – 5:00 p.m.

The Big Read Lab will bring out your inner detective, whether you’re a puzzle-ponderer by nature or not. Visitors can gather clues and examine evidence to solve totally fictional, historically hokey “Crimes of Science.”

WHERE: The Discovery Museum, 4450 Park Avenue, Bridgeport CT 06604

Cost: Free with General Admission

Continues through November 22

Art of Deception, Special Exhibition

Tuesday – Saturday, 10:00am – 4:30 p.m.

Sunday, 12:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

A special exhibition presented in the historic Blue Parlor period room at The Barnum Museum. Art of Deception will present the extraordinary moment in time just at the edge of America’s Black Tuesday; the day the Stock Market crashed on October 24, 1929. Examining the carefree days of the pre-depression epoch, the exhibition will focus on the unbridled, frivolous attitude that captured much of society’s imagination. Breaking free of strict ‘Victorian’ styles, the emergence of urban living, votes for women, automobiles, and radio, the exhibit will take you on a journey of society’s self exploration and self indulgence. From Jazz to prohibition, flappers to gangsters, the age of the ‘Roaring Twenties’ set the stage for a modern America.

WHERE: The Barnum Museum, 820 Main Street, Bridgeport

Cost: Free with General Admission: Adults $7, seniors and students $5, children 4-17 $4, children under 4 free.

The NEA presents the Big Read in partnership with the Institute of Museum and Library Services and in cooperation with Arts Midwest. The Big Read brings together partners across the country to encourage reading for pleasure and enlightenment.

Contributing sponsors allow the programs to be offered mostly free of charge and include the following organizations: Bank of America, Barnum Financial Group, The Barnum Museum, Bridgeport Regional Business Council, Center Stage of Shelton, Dr. DeJesus & Associates, City of Bridgeport, City of Shelton, Connecticut Post, Duchess Restaurants, Food World, Greater Bridgeport Transit, HealthNet, People’s United Community Foundation, SportsCenter of Connecticut, Stockbridge’s Gourmet Cheesecakes, The Edge Fitness Club, The Watermark at 3030 Park, Tremont & Sheldon, University of Bridgeport, Valley Community Foundation, Star 99.9 and WPKN-FM.

The following local organizations are also partnering with The Barnum Museum for The Big Read: Bridgeport Board of Education, Bridgeport Health Department, Bridgeport Public Library, Burroughs Community Center, City Lights Gallery, Connecticut Free Shakespeare, Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo, The Discovery Museum, Downtown Cabaret Theater, Fairfield Historical Society, MACH, Playhouse on the Green, Ralphola Taylor Center, Shelton Library System and Written Words Bookstore.

The Barnum Museum Big Read initiative is just one of 269 nonprofits–including arts, culture, and science organizations; libraries; and municipalities–to receive a grant to host a Big Read project between September 2009 and June 2010. The latest Big Read grantees represent 44 states, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Since the 2006 pilot program with ten participating organizations, the NEA has given more than 800 grants to support local Big Read projects. This year, Bridgeport and Shelton received $20,000 from the NEA.

City Lights

November 19-January 8, 2009

City Lights presents:

Artful Gifts

Opening Reception Thursday 11/19, 5:30-8

City Lights will be bursting with art, jewelry and artful gifts, including Seaside Jewels made specifically for City Lights with authentic Bridgeport sand … a beautiful Bridgeport souvenir!

Two Openings Downtown

Come to the opening on Thursday 11/19 from 5:30-8. While you are downtown, you can enjoy a second opening by visiting the Read’s Art Space. View works created by the artists that live and work in the one time Read’s Department Store building, located 2 blocks from City Lights. For more info: www.citylightsgallery.org, (203) 334-7748, City Lights & Co. 37 Markle Ct. Bridgeport, CT 06604 Gallery Hours: Weds- Fri 11:30- 5, Sat 12-4, Thursdays Open ’til 7 in December

Other Events:

AV/XPERIMENT, Nu Media Showcase Friday 11/13, 7p.m.

Suggested donation: $5.00

Explore the Holiday Artful Gift Trail!

Friday – Sunday 12/4-12/6

Bridgeport Artists throughout the City are joining forces to establish the Bridgeport Art Trail with the innaugural event on December 12/4-12/6. We invite you to visit galleries and studios and explore the Bridgeport Holiday Artful Gift Trail as an alternative to mall shopping.

Friday 12/4 City Lights Holiday Party, featuring UNPLUGGED Acoustic Rock ‘n’ Roll by the official band of the Playhouse on the Green Rocky Horror Show:


$10 admission fee can go towards a City Lights Annual Membership, food and drink included

Buy tix in advance, space is limited!

Info for this and other events soon to be posted on our website: www.citylightsgallery.org



  1. Look, Caruso was the only politician to initially step forward on this detention center. The administration (Finch) knew about it a year ago and said nothing to the residents and did nothing to fight this project.
    No one did anything about the pile of broken-up concrete that is still on the property. There is no doubt that this pile contains hazardous dust and other carcinogens. I called DEP about 3 months ago and to date zip has happened.
    It’s time for this administration, the legislative delegation and the council to stand up and say no more nonprofits, no more putting the state’s problems in Bridgeport. It’s time for the suburbs to do their share.

  2. My condolences go out to the family of the four people that died in a fire at PT Barnum. My heart goes out to the firefighters that fought that fire and who tried to save these victims. I know how you feel, it’s extra tough when kids die.

  3. Going Rogue!

    Sarah Palin, in conjunction with her book tour for Going Rogue!, has come out with a new line of cosmetics and lipstick for Mavericks, called Going Rouge!

    “You’ll Never Pale In Comparison To Sarah Again!” is the slogan, along with “Hockey Moms Love It, Too!”

    It comes in a hockey-puck-shaped black container.

  4. *** Not in our backyard, what else does Bpt have going for it? Nothing! *** Just “wannabes” with all the so-called answers like all gays are that way because they have more female chromosomes than male? None are that way ’cause of personal preference, etc. *** I’m sure if the choice for this detention center were the (lower income) West Side, South End or East Side, East End, there wouldn’t be so much opposition in getting new, much-needed revenue & jobs in Bpt. either. ***

  5. There had to be a lot of work done on the pre-development phases of the proposed juvenile detention center; environmental reports, architectural drawings construction documents, construction estimates, selection of the contractor. When an item goes on the bond commission it is often the last step before construction start. This was the best-kept secret to the neighborhood but lots of folks in Hartford had to have been working on this for the better part of a year. Why is Bridgeport the last to know? For the existing juvenile detention center, the state came down and met with all kinds of people; the design was significantly improved after all of those meetings. I think the top floor of the existing juvenile detention center should become the girls dorm and call it a day. No more state bond money for public buildings in Bridgeport. Put the bond money into helping Bridgeport grow its tax base and attract jobs like they do in the other towns.

  6. Countdown–A good idea regarding calling it a day and a night with top-floor bunks for Juvie Girls.

    Can you tell me who DOC and DOED met with on the boys facility? Joe Ganim? Paul Pinto?? Burns Construction??? Paul Timpanelli???? Certainly didn’t meet with the people!

  7. Apropos a new prison:
    Am I the only one who read Rell’s press release at the bottom of Lennie’s posting a couple days ago here? political-sinners-and-saints-plus-bring-home-the-beacon

    It starts saying
    “Governor Rell: State Exploring Prison Consolidation

    “Cites Decreasing Inmate Numbers, New Correction Officer Graduating Class And Effective Post-release Programs As Factors”

    Does anyone else wonder why we’d even consider building a new prison when we’ve apparently got so much extra capacity that we’re considering closing a prison?

  8. Mojo: I am against any more state social agencies coming here. Period. It’s time for the suburbs to start doing their share in handling the state’s social problems.
    The jobs you speak of are probably union jobs where very few of the workers are from Bpt. The other jobs, counselors and such are already in place as this program is already functioning. Taxes??? We will get Pilot money and still get screwed.
    Yeah someone will say the ‘burbs put in all kinds of affordable housing but that’s bullshit. They build affordable housing that can start from $300K and up. I don’t know anyone looking for affordable housing that can afford those prices.

  9. Up on Bridgeport,
    I can answer that question. The decision to turn the old trolley barn/DPW site into a juvenile detention center was made during the Ganim Administration. The design and construction happened during the Fabrizi administration. Mayor Fabrizi knew that it was a very polluted site and the city didn’t want the liability for what was under the ground. However, Water Street is an important Boulevard for the city and the design of that facility was critical. It went through several reviews with various city departments. The first design looked like a jail. It was awful. Now it looks like a courthouse/campus. My disappointment is that the riverwalk didn’t happen. The UI power generation parcel immediately between the detention center and the bus station stopped the riverwalk from happening. Huge security issues. I hope you agree that Water Street is a huge improvement from the condition it was in in 2004.

    The cost to construct that juvenile detention facility and the complicated remediation was very very expensive for the State. I was told that they even had to use the $5 million that was planned to design the new courthouse that was to replace the historic one on Golden Hill. Remember all that land that Ganim purchased between Water and Main was for a new courthouse that was going to be like the Meriden complex, two stories spread out like a suburban campus. That made no sense to me. Whatever, that design money was swapped out to pay for the juvenile detention center change-orders.

    I agree with Countdown’s suggestion to make the top floor of that existing facility on Water Street the girls dorm and use the $15 million in state bond money to help the city grow its tax base and private-sector jobs. The October 2009 State bond commission had millions of dollars for Gen Re to move to Long Ridge Road in Stamford and United Health Care to move to Asylum Street in Hartford. We need that kind of State Bond Commission support. Help the private sector grow in Bridgeport. It can’t do it alone. There is a huge gap between development costs and market rents in Bridgeport. Bridgeport needs the State’s support to close the gap like they have done in the other cities.

    1. Nancy, I think that you and countdown are correct in some of your observations. You might say that you are cut from the same cloth.

      From a historical perspective the original site for Juvie Jail was to be North Washington Ave. where Burns Construction is now located. It was part of the Ganim corruption case with Pinto brokering the deal. The Downtown North Judicial District project was filled with demolition corruption. It will become another 40+ year Congress Plaza ghost project. Furthermore with the Downtown North retail/housing component with Eric Anderson et al. was flawed, because once again we allow a preferred developer the keys to the kingdom with a 15-yr. development window. We should bid these deals to multiple entities to create a quicker critical mass. I’m right on board with you on bonding and state tax credits. Look at Diageo moving 3 exits up to Norwalk to Merritt 7 for 42 million tax credit. Bridgeport for the most part does not need to develop housing. We need to create economic development with real jobs and taxes.

  10. *** Or maybe according to some genetic predisposition as some of “OIB’s” infidels believe, it’s been predetermined as to where exactly this female juvie center will be built? *** Not by choice mind you but already predetermined by Gov. Rell who is female, and the center which is for female juvies? I wonder if the Gov. is Gay? Wow, I could see the “OIB” blogs from the 2 ho’s, Yahooy & C.H.S. now! *** Forget about it! ***

  11. Some news today about John Gomes and company. After repeated, and I mean REPEATED, attempts to contact the Mayor or Adam to no avail, the members of the Cape Verdean club are organizing a major campaign against Finch. These are educated, well positioned and in some cases, wealthy people. They are starting with a voter registration drive and then will run candidates against Finch and all of his people.

    This could have been settled with a sit-down with John Gomes and the SET Team. Instead, Finch and his band of clueless aides have turned this into a bloody war.

    If someone were smart (paging Caruso, Fabrizi, Ganim, ABF), he’d meet with the CV members and make peace. This is definitely a group of people you want as friends if you plan to challenge Finch. Just a suggestion.

  12. CHS: Rumor has it, your true identity has been confirmed. The investigation is coming to a close (OIA) (L.R.) (I.T.S.) have been watching you run your trap on OIB during working hours! Oh Boy, How sweet it is, when you are put on suspension UNPAID, and all this information about you and your other half can not only be read here on OIB, as well the CT POST … FRONT PAGE!

    John Gomes, I wish you all the best, with hopes of a reasonable outcome with the Administration. These events were unfortunate and put all involved in a difficult position. Maybe there was a misunderstanding and all will be resolved!

  13. ctcitizen: I think that what you state concerning CHS is just that, rumor. Proving that someone is blogging from a computer belonging to the city and being used for other than work-related business is not rocket science. If they had the goods they would have acted already. This administration is not shy when it comes to getting employees.

  14. CHS; I found that Gomes made a mistake in his handling of the CV incident. I don’t think that a 7-car response is too much when you consider that at most you had 14 cops if in fact they were all 2-man cars. There were 150 people (reported in the paper). The other fact is what was said when the report was called in to 911 that could have triggered the response.
    I like Mr. Gomes and saw him in action at the North End meeting about SHU students. To me it seemed that he had a good working relationship with the PD and the SET unit.
    Based solely on his position with the city he might have wanted to act differently.

    1. TC, you may be right. This could be regular PD procedure to send all those cars. Maybe Gomes did get hot-headed and said some things in anger. It happens. But couldn’t it have been resolved a lot easier? You don’t suspend without pay one of your supposedly key department heads without hearing his side of the story. Especially for something that happened outside of work.

      We had high hopes for Gomes (and Carol Curry). He was uncovering some important stuff and seemed to be backed by Finch. Then Carol got fired. Gomes was transferred out of CitiStat. All of their research was shredded. Yes, it was shredded. I think he did his job too well.

      1. Smoker why do you act like you don’t know what’s going on here? Gomes is on the shit list for one reason, he dissed Charlie Carrol and his girlfriend. You said yourself that he was suspended because he asked her to make copies and he asked too many questions about the non-municipal plates on Public Works vehicles including Charlie’s among other things. Charlie announced at Mario’s that he would get back at Gomes. He gave the perfect excuse by fighting with the police. Stupid move but Charlie got his man. CHS like you I am waiting to see if Gomes talks. Lots wrong and corrupt at Public Works and Gomes knows it.

  15. *** It’s 7 come 11 down in the girls’ gym! *** Great idea P/F, best blog I’ve hear all day! *** And let’s keep our fingers crossed that C.H.S. gets unmasked also; however I would only suspend her & take her toy away, “not” fire her! She does make some sense, however is too disrespectful at times in getting the message across. *** That’s why I try to zing her whenever I blog! ***

    1. I’m disrespectful? When was the last time I called someone a “ho” or made an anti-gay remark or blogged about someone’s mama or grandmama? But thanks for the compliment (I think), Mojo. I think I make sense most of the time too.

      1. *** Let’s not start playing, “Real Truth For Dummies” here, or “Who Dun Did It”! Most of my zings from the beginning have been in response to current or past disrespectful blog responses from the usual pretenders that can’t handle a difference of opinion without name calling, etc. Why, basically because they’re able to get away with it while under the web mask. A sense of power that in person they would think twice about doing because they’re cowards @ heart! You know exactly what I’m saying, and also must realize that many of the OIB readers also understand what I’m saying if they’ve been around for awhile. I’m far from being innocent in some cases but I don’t make up rumors or bash bloggers for their opinions and don’t hide behind a website mask to speak my mind. “Opinions” are like your favorite word (“assholes”), everyone’s got one! *** TAKE 2 ASPIRIN & “STOP HATING”. ***

    1. *** My point exactly, do you honestly think a coward like Yahooy would be so quick with his mouth in public? Not really. Why? Because he would get “BITCH SLAPPED” without a doubt. He would be apologizing so quick if he were to run into someone he’s offended on the blogs, big time! But behind a website mask he probably feels like the Marvel Comic character the green “HULK,” when in reality he’s more of a (Homer Simpson) type of person! He means well but is not the sharpest pencil in the box when it comes to day-to-day public relations & expressing his warped sense of humor on this forum. He’s what would be labeled in prison as a “MAYTAG”! *** (LOL) ***

  16. Mojo, I am in agreement with you regarding CHS. I cannot comment about Yahooy, other than to say there is a personality conflict between both of you. However when you speak of CHS, you couldn’t be more accurate about her continued disrespect for the Administration and others who have blogged on this site. Why don’t we have Mr. Grimaldi show off her blogs for the last yr-1/2 blatantly attacking certain city employees up to and including the Mayor himself?

    It is sickening to say the least. She deserves every cheap shot given to her, and then some! Why does she constantly attack Charlie Carroll and P.F. when she blogs? What does she have to do with P.F.?

    She thinks she knows, or has the answers about anything and everything regarding the C.O.B. Her problem is her personal attacks on certain employees backfired in her face. As a result, her credibility has diminished, and her true character has been revealed! Now, everyone looks at her convinced she is truly a piece of garbage who does nothing more than create uneccessary problems for the City employees, the Admin and the taxpayers. Every Councilman/Administration (including you) has brought some good to this City, including Finch. Why can’t she start giving a little credit, where credit is due? I can only hope the people of power have had enough of her and her other half, and finally put their lights out! It is long overdue!

    1. *** I couldn’t agree mor;, yes there are problems in City Hall & I too have criticized the current admin. But @ the same time, anyone who’s been involved with the day-to-day operations of city government knows it’s not easy to please everyone all of the time nor make all of the right decisions. Plus opinions are an American way of life, not disrespectful ones! ***

  17. Just go over to 990 Housatonic Ave and look around. The place looks like a dump. Piles of dirt and rocks that have been there for years. Old boats that have been there for years. Dumpsters overflowing with trash. Go inside the older building and look inside “the chain room” the work station for any maintenance performed on site there. That will depict the atmosphere over in that Dept. Equipment rusting and falling apart. Sand and salt from last winter still in and on equipment. Trucks with cracked and rusted-out frames due to neglect. Foreman who play games on computers and transport family members to school and work while on City time. Oil and hydraulic fluid all over the floor. Gasoline and kerosene containers not properly secured in required storage containers. Propane tanks and 55 gal. drums filled with who knows what stored outside against the building. So before you call me disgruntled and a troublemaker, get off your ass and take a look around. I see it every day. With no change in sight. Everyone has a full plate. No more money will be paid to take charge and rectify these inadequacies. Out of site out of mind. Stay in the Annex and look at your paperwork. Everything looks good on paper. Sure could use a few more of those politically connected, do-nothing, ass-kissing foremen over here!

  18. Meatball: I have ridden by the complex and could not agree with you more. We spent a lot of money there and the grounds are a shit house.
    I have to wonder what was in the CitiStat report done by Gomes & Curry? That report was never reported on and Curry was fired and Gomes transferred.


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