New City Council Will Meet For Organizational Session Dec. 2

Aidee Nieves
Aidee Nieves is expected to be tapped for another two years as City Council president.

The first meeting of the new City Council will take place Dec. 2 immediately after the inauguration of municipal office holders which is scheduled to begin 5:30 p.m. in City Council Chambers.

The council business will be organizational. City Council President Aidee Nieves is expected to be elected by peers for another two years. She will then announce committee assignments.

A vote will also take place to adopt council rules.

New rules include allowing up to 10 public speakers at three-minute duration respectively. It had been up to six speakers for five minutes each. The initial public speaking session will start on Dec. 16, 30 minutes prior to the formal council meeting.

The full City Council generally meets the first and third Monday of each month. See calendar here. The bulk of the work, however, is done at the committee level such as budget, ordinance and contracts. So whatever is passed at the committee level is usually approved by the full council.

On Dec. 2, Mayor Joe Ganim will be issued the oath for another four-year term. Other office holders include city clerk, town clerk, City Council, Board of Education and city sheriff positions.



    1. It will interesting because Maria doesn’t have any idea of how to form a coalition of other Council members and she definitely doesn’t know how to make friends and influence other people. Maria’s past history on the BBOE shows her inability not to get a long with others plus her past in supporting Joe Ganim and Dennis Bradley then that love fest broke up and remember these Council members support and like Mayor Ganim and Dennis Bradley.

      1. And, you have no idea how to get elected to the City Council.

        As you recall you were absolutely trounced as a candidate in the 130th District.

        I am sure it was quite embarrassing to receive less than 27% of the vote.

        I couldn’t possibly understand how you felt as that has NEVER happened to me, not even close. 🙂

      1. Really Ron, comparing Maria to Trump? She is right about all you and Huggy Bear do is inject race in all your comments. I thought Maria was the New, Caruso. You know that person Moore chose to put on her ticket. 🙂

        Day, Ron, and Hearvey, dysfunctional is not the right term, JML, stated it best, Maria will shine a light on the issues that have been left in the dark, or she will be quite. And I can’t see that happening even if I was standing in the black hole at the center of our Milkyway Galaxy 🙂

      1. Harvey
        I hope to see you at council meeting. Let me say this I’ve seen many solo act. Former council member Rick Torres. Our work is done in committee. Our Chair-Co-Chairs Of Committees have the power on what goes on the agenda. Our rules are nothing like the board of Education. You must have 4 votes to pass anything out of committee and 11 votes to pass anything before the whole body. You can have meaningful 2 years or you can be a solo act. Harvey I’ll be looking forward to seeing you

        1. Harvey, please do try and attend.

          Ernie has publiclly stated he is “going to run circles around me” on the City Council.

          I have already made it clear that I will be taking the seat directly to Ernie’s left.

          I want to make it as convenient as possible to “run circles around me.”

          We shall see…

          1. Maria, that’s one of your problems, there was no need to follow up with what Ernie said but no, not you and that shows that you want everybody to see that it’s all about you. You are not s team player, there was no need for you to say anything to Ernie, you are easy to set up.

          2. There was no need for you to comment as all as you are not a member of the City Council, however you repeatedly chose to do so.

            You have an issue with trying to control who othere support or don’t support, what they say, do and more.

            No one on OIB reports to you.

            I will post whenever and whatever I like.

            I believe in Freedom of Speech and neither you or anyone else will infringe on my constitutional rights.

            Lennie Grimaldi has sole authority over OIB, not you.

          3. Really Ron? 🙂 No need for Maria to follow up on Ernie’s comments and all about her? Jesus Christ, Yo. Ernie when on his lunch break to pee in a cup because he followed up in one of Maria’s comments. 🙂

            You go Woman. Look at that Maria, Ernie’s left, right. You are already running circles around Ernie and you have not even been sworn in. 🙂

            P.S You have been in city politics for 40 years trying to so-called move the city and your constituents forward. And they are just now getting a decent grocery store so it can be easier to not only eat healthier and better food but also cheaper for them than the fast food places. Move a little faster for your people “Moses” God, you have a thing for 40 to get things done? 🙂


        2. Hello City Council Rep Ernest Newton. We’ve crossed paths here on OIB but have never personally met. I DO think we share a love of our specific communities and Bridgeport in general but we have had disagreements here on OIB. I am trying to reach out to the incoming City Council members. I am asking and hoping that the new City Council will allow formal public speaking before CC subcommittees. IMHO,most subcommittee meetings will have no public speaking but some may have. I hope you consider this.

    1. The BOE has little power. The City Council has some clout. She’s an elected official now. She has entered the corridor of power. In her new surroundings, Maria can sway decisions, build coalitions and introduce legislation.
      The pontificating piranha has power!

  1. Maria
    You are not my issue my job is to move our city forward and represent the 139th district. I hope that is why you are coming to the City Council. Everyone on the City has watched your work on the Board Of Education. You have to build relationships with your colleagues. Like I said Our rules govern what we do and chairs and co-chairs control their committees. Remember the magic number is 4 and 11 😉 Good Luck

    1. Actually the magic number is a simple majority of those present and voting. It is not “4” or “11 ”

      I am well aware that I am “not your issue.”

      By the way, Ernie. No current Board of Education member has proposed and passed more policies or initiatives on the school board than me. In fact, I have proposed and passed more policies and initiatives than the other 8 school board members combined.

    2. Ernie, if I’m the City Council President I wouldn’t assign Maria to any key committees until she demonstrate the ability to be a team player because this is not show time for Maria but it’s time to take care of City business.

      1. Well, we clearly don’t have to worry what you would or would not do as City Council President.

        You couldn’t even get elected to the City Council as a member representing the 130th District.

        I have the best attendance records of every school board member. In fact, I have a better attendance record on committees I am not on than the majority of those serving on those very same committees.

        I read EVERY document, conduct independent research, and prepare questions for every meeting.

        1. Maria
          Every Committee meeting most have 4 members 7 members make up a are right present and voting so if 20 members of the City Council aren’t present it’s a majority of Rhodes Voting. You can check my committee meetings and attendance record. I read everything that comes across my desk. I do my homework. The point I’m making it’s a team afore.

  2. Ron
    I can’t speak for the Council President but like most governing boards seniority rules when it comes to chairmanship to major committee. It’s also based on who supports the council President. Like I said before it’s about being able to work with others.

  3. Paul, were you drinking this morning when you wrote, “Maria can sway decisions, build coalitions and introduce legislation.”
    There is nothing in Maria’s past that would demonstrate that she has the capacity to do those things, NOTHING! In fact her past actions precedes her and that doesn’t bode well for her accomplishing anything other bloviating BS. That’s what she does well Paul.

  4. The John Bagley petition in support of John Bagley just hit 600 signatures in less than 72 hours!

    Can I please ask everyone who supports John to please share the petition with your friends and family AGAIN?

    Studies show the most successful petitions are shared 6 to 12 times.

    Thank you!

  5. Robert T
    You can Kiss Maria A- – all you like. I said it before and i’ll say it again Maria is not my issue. I’ve haven’t said anything native or positive about Councilwoman elect Maria Pereira. Her reputation speaks for it self. Robert don’t try and pick a fight between Maria and myself its not working. Like i said my job is to move this city forward and represent 139th dist. Robert your job is to do what you do best Nothing but Talk.

    1. Ummm… you have actually posted many lies and deragatory comments about me on your facebook page.

      People send me photos of your remarks when you post them.

  6. Robert
    Remember i passed many thing in my first two years back on the city council.. It happen because i worked with others to get it done. The City Council is not about I its about We, because we not only represent a district but the city as a whole. Its a team effort. Each councilperson looks at his’s or her’s own district first and then how it effects our city. People who live in Blackrock issues are different then those in my district.

    1. Ernie, these two lovers have no idea of the past history of old Common Council and the City Aldermen because one was probably one was in high school and the other was in his Pampers. The original “Lenny” was Leonard Paoletta and then Lenny Crone in Bridgeport politic, Ernie, you getting to get elected as the Common Council President was a fight because Paoletta was the Republican mayor with 10 Republican Aldermen, there were a countless number of votes for the Council President but no one could get a majority so Sam Baldwin, Clem Young and yourself negotiated so that you could get the necessary votes to get elected as the Common Council President. Ernie, that’s something that Maria could never do.

      1. Thanks, Ron
        I’m not New to this I’m true to this. I served 17 years in the legislature in the house as Deputy Majority Leader and Deputy Speaker of the House never in the history has a member of the house gone to the State Senate as a Leader. I became Deputy president Pro-tempo of the Senate. I look back over thought years when Bridgeport had clouth up in Hartford. My freshman term 1.7 million dollars for a New ST Marks Day Care at the time it was the largest Day Care ever build in Connecticut. Former State Rep Ken Green and myself sponsored a bill to get felons the right to Vote sign into Law by Gov John Roland who also sign a bill i sponsored on Banks Red-Lining poor neighborhoods. This was before any of the naysayer on this blog new anything about politics.

      2. You’re right. Maria Pereira would NEVER betray those that helped elect me and those that voted for me to cut a deal that benefits ME!

        Ernie’s own Democratic colleagues wouldn’t give him the votes to be City Council President, therefore he cut a deal with the opposition Republican Party to make him City Council President.

        You are 100% accurate that I would NEVER sell my soul for personal gain.

        1. Maria
          First of all that is not true. It was until my 2nd term as council President that the Democrats didn’t support me because i worked with Then Mayor Lenny Paoletta to move our city forward and some of my colleagues wouldn’t support me on my 2nd term. I put my city first instead of democratic Politics.
          Maria if putting our city first over politics is making a deal so be it. The art of politics, No Permanent Friends, No Permanent Enemies Just comment interested. Jobs housing education etc. Maybe if you learned that maybe people would work with you more.

  7. Ernie, please, you haven’t said anything native or positive about C Maria, ever? 🙂

    Ernie you said, I passed many things in my first two years back on the city council. Where did you go? JK 🙂

    I don’t kiss Maria’s ass. but if she let me I would take the one knee approach. 🙂 I do believe she means well and is probably one of the hardest working BBOE and elected officials, relates to their elected office. Her Judgement can sometimes be questioned, considering she helped elect Joe, Bradley, Jackson, people who she now says has no credibility. 🙂

    Please tell me and OIB readers and posters, what policies you have brought and pass regarding police misconduct in their duty, and that has helped your district in the last two years, besides a deflection of Stop and Frisk that changed the conversation for youth violence in the city to the police being racist. JS

    Ernie, you peed in a cup because of a comment she posted here. Maria may not be your issue but she is renting space in your head. 🙂

    PS Blackrock issues are generally the same of all the districts, they want clean, safe streets, a government who feels for their concerns, decent schools with quality education systems, and to be treated fairly, a decent quality of life for them and their family, because the last time I checked Bridgeport is a city not a section of town. The challenges are different but the issues are the same. I don’t blame Blackrock representative for not getting the East End a grocery store. PT has one. Surely you are not saying the people who live in PT have different issues the those in your district. JS 🙂

    1. Robert
      Let me say this to you it was a team afford. How bout you calling the City clerk” s office and asking them to send the Ordinances I’ve pasted in the last 2 years. Sponsored by myself and others.
      Rob I understand you want me and Maria to fight on the city council not going to happen.We watched a board of Education fight each other like cats and dogs. Like I keep saying Maria is not my issue this City and my district is moving this city forward should be everyone issue. Rob if you are looking for a show at council meeting Sorry 😐

      1. Ernie this comment is nothing more of the same old deflection. Like your proposal for Stop and Frisk. You don’t need me to encourage you and Maria to fight like cats and dogs. In fact, I believe I gave you the advice to stop hating on Maria. You even want so far as to make a post here on OIB to Lennie to call Tony Barr because he said he had the goods on Maria in ABs.

        I find it “disingenuous” you will go out of your way to take a drug test on your lunch break because Maria made a comment about you doing drugs and had the results posted here to prove you are not on drugs. But won’t post the ordinance you sponsored for the betterment of your district and city.

        P.S yes it was a team effort to get a decent grocery store in your district. It’s the time frame in that effort that’s in question “Moses” being first elected to the city council some 40 years ago. Did God and all its Glory come to you in a dream to deliver you from those false accusations that Evil Woman, Maria, Your words, and to post the results here on OIB for all to see? 🙂

      2. Ernie, you should contact the City Clerk and verify the status of new ordinances or amendments you introduced.
        You are likely still confusing resolutions with legislation.

      3. No contest.
        You downplay any “show” because you’re afraid of her lightning-fast reflexes. Her synapses move at a quicker pace than yours. Her stage is your dungeon and your threats become her alibi to attack. It’s Maria’s world-you only live here.
        When Bridgeport City Council meetings stream to a national audience, your wardrobe will draw ridicule while Maria’s poise will draw applause. After a brief skirmish, City Council meetings will become more entertaining than any reality show.
        Maria is the upstart with upside. With different results, you will both be discovered at the same time!

    2. Robert
      You have to be kidding me. Maria challenged me to a DRUG Test. I never asked her to take a drug test. Robert like i said i’ve seen many solo act in my day. We had some two years ago. Who felt doing it their way instead of trying to work together are no longer on the City Council. Tom you know i know the difference between an ordinance and Legislation and resolution. We passed new language on the set-a side for minority contracts, We also changed ordinance on hiring ex-felons and city residents first on jobs in our city. Just to name a few things.

      1. Ernie,

        I challenged you to a drug test because you repeatedly referenced my mental health and my “meds.”

        You continued that commentary to portray me as mentally unstable and desperately in need of psychiatric prescribed medications.

        I felt the best way to address your repeated assertions was for us to take a drug test.

        Even after we both passed the test you continued to try to discredit me by referencing my mental health and use of medications.

        You are not a victim You started the entire issue and perpetuated that narrative for months with absolutely ZERO evidence.

        I fired back about your well documented drug addiction which was prevalent while you were serving in the legislature.

        I have a real issue with those that portray themselves as victims after they initiate the conflict in the first place.

        As we used to say on the lower east side “don’t start nothin and there won’t be nothin.” 🙂

        1. Maria
          No You have a bad habit you love bring up people past as if you have no skeletons in your closet. He who is without SIN cast the first Stone. I’ve Maria been clean for 23 years. One thing about me i’m not a shame of the mistakes i’ve made in my life. I’ve learned the Sin is not falling down the sin is not getting up. You get joy in bring up peoples past just remember what goes around comes around. One thing you can’t say even with all the things i’ve been through. The Good people in my district elected me to represent them.On the City Council (1981-85) State House of Representatives,(1988-2003) State Senate(2003-2005) and now back on the City Council(2017-2019) 2019-Present. Maria like i said i’ve seen many solo act in my day. Two of them didn’t run again and one got beat.

      2. No, you are the one that’s kidding, Just like that proposal Stop & Frisk that CHANGE the conversation about youth gun violence in the city.

        That all you have done, to my knowledge, CHANGE the conversation, wording. JS

  8. Ernie Newton says:
    November 24, 2019 at 12:37 pm
    ” People who live in Blackrock issues are different then those in my district.:

    So Ernie, will you vote and help Black Rock Secede From Bridgeport?

  9. So they will limit public speaking time but made it look like they are “giving” the public something by increasing the number of “speakers” by 4 more people in the same 30 minute time period. It doesn’t really matter because most CC members are not listening anyway. I’ve seen most of them milling about before the session and even many who are actually seated are not paying attention anyway. JML has finally burnt them out!!
    On another note: Judge Radcliffe severely admonished Liskov in Superior Court last week during the appeal hearing on Council member Defilippos’ 4 year attempt at opening his liquor store across from his bosses pizza place. Liskov submitted a one sentence “brief” for the city indicating that a private attorney will represent the city. The Judge had a fit when Liskov told the judge that Chuck Willinger would handle the city’s side of the case! He admonished Liskov saying that Willinger represented Defilippo and NOT the city. Radcliffe, during the hearing directed questions to Liskov and received the bumbling fools unknowing responses. Liskov could barely answer any questions posed to him and HAD to defer to Willinger, again proving that this 4 year saga is just for 1 politically connected dirtbag.
    The judge of course has to rule on the law and not on what he and everyone else knows is going on. The law that everyone knows was changed via the Defilippo, Willinger, Haig, OPED conspiracy.
    Hey!! It’s bridgeport right?!!!
    Decision in a few weeks. More to come..

      1. Maria: as you well know- there are very few elected officials in Bridgeport that actually represent or have tried to represent “the people.” You are one of those few and probably sit on the top of that very small contingent. There are numerous examples of abuses of government in the city and many are extremely blatant. Anyone who knows anything about this particular case knows how blatant it is. All this effort by Defilippo and his attorney- Willinger, and how he enlisted Haig and others is absolutely outrageous. I was told 4 years ago that there was nothing I could do about it. Well, four years later- Defilippo has not been able to open his store. Although it will probably happen in the end, it was worth it just to UNCOVER and expose these slime balls. If more people paid attention and put some effort into doing what’s right then people of their ilk would have to crawl back under the rocks from which they emerged.

  10. Rich, that’s the way Hamilton Burger runs the City Attorney Office although Chris Meyers is the head City Attorney but they all have Hamilton Burger’s mindset and once again Judge Radcliff pulling the City out of the mud and exposing why Bridgeport needs change at the very top, the Turks have a proverb, “the fish stinks first at the head.”

  11. Ernie, you said, “We also changed ordinance on hiring city residents first on jobs in our city. When did this happen, what did the ordinance say and why would you need an ordinance when when Brother Mackey and I changed hiring in Bridgeport by putting together the preference points for city residents?

    1. Don
      We made a change In order to take advantage of the points One must prove residency for One Year. Many people have taken advantage of the preference point system who don’t live in Bridgeport.

  12. Ernie, so you submitted what I gave to you with the one year proof of residency? What about proof of a city drivers license, proof of voter registration and proof of vehicle registration in the city?

  13. Actually, “thou shall not steal” and ” thou shall not bear false witness against thou neighbor” are both sins.

    Kyle Langan lost the Democratic Primary with a massive fraudulent AB operation perpetuated by the Ganim and City Council members in the 132nd. He lost by all of 9 votes.

    I have studied the ABs in the 132nd from both the Primary and General and the AB fraud is flagrant.

    As I begin filing SEEC complaints in the 138th District I will also be filing 6-9 complaints related to the 132nd.

    1. Thank you Maria.
      Kyle Langan is a great guy guy and was a great rep for the 132nd. He won on the machines but lost due to absentee ballots. What puts more salt in the wound is that Evette Brantley is back on the CC and she had already cost BPT taxpayers $85,000 dollars and maybe even more. And Marcus Brown is a traitor. I saw Kyle speaking during CC meetings and he was a lion.

  14. Ernie you keep on fighting and standing up for your community like you been doing You are smart man if people would only listen to your ideas. I wish you and Maria could find a way to work together. She is sharp… we need more sharp people working together instead of fighting.

    1. Good comment Stephanie. The problem is that human nature gets in the way and it’s diffucut to separate ones personal concerns on an issue, from what would be good for the whole instead of the few. (chosen and or connected to the top dog leaders).
      Maybe with Maria’s diligence to help the many, common ground could be found by those who can separate themselves from their personal desires and view issues in a more pragmatic way. It’ll be a tough job since all the “leaders” are still in place. They dictate, and the followers obey.

  15. And yet Maria you knew what they have done and continue to do with ab’s and you still didn’t support Senator Moore for change. When someone says you’re sharp I tend to wonder what the hell are they taking about? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result isn’t being SHARP!

    1. I have done more to stand up to corruption and AB fraud than you,,Mackey and Moore combined.

      I just don’t complain about it on OIB. I actually do my very best to address it via the SEEC and the media.

      While serving four full years in the senate Marilyn Moore didn’t do a single thing to address AB fraud via legislation. Not one.

      The Mayor has no authority to address absentee ballot legislation. Senator Marilyn Moore does/did as a member of the legislature.

  16. I’m working on a pet peeves. I think Bridgeporters should also have a formal public speaking time before CC subcommittee meetings. I think that any and all meetings of the City Council should have formal public speaking. This should not be just left up to the discretion of the chair or members of the subcommittee. It should be written in the rules of the CC. IMHO,a large majority of CC subcommittee meetings will have no public speakers but some may have and ,I repeat, any Bridgeporters should have the right to formally speak to a CC subcommittee. I am trying to reach out to as many incoming CC members for them to consider this. IF ANYONE ON OIB BELIEVES IN THE,PLEASE CONTACT YOUR INCOMING CC REP OR ANY REPS YOU CAN REACH. PLEASE REMEMBER,THE CITY COUNCIL WILL HAVE AN ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING/CC RULES RIGHT AFTER THE SWEARING IN ON DEC 2.PLEASE CONTACT INCOMING CC REPS TO ALLOW FORMAL SPEAKING BEFORE CC SUBCOMMITTEES. THANK YOU.

    1. Hey Frank what are you drinking? Lol !!
      I want some.
      If it makes anyone believe that (most) Council members would want public opinion then it must be a good concoction you have there!!
      Hey bartender! Can you please opine on whether you would want the public to speak out their concerns to you and most if your colleagues? ……………..
      I didn’t think so. But…….. I’ll have another- and……no tip for you!!!
      P.S.: Frank I doubt that whatever it is will be available at Defilippos’ store (if it ever opens). Most product there will either be old or watered down!

  17. Hot of the press
    Just got a call from someone that asked me to please not to respond to Maria’s comments anymore. You have to remember nothing you say would ever changed Maria’s mind on working with others. From this day forward as long as we are colleges together I will not respond to anything she saids about me. I made a promise and i will be a man of my word but i had to respond to her interpretation on what happened with me being elected to the city council 1981-85

  18. Brother Newton, what’s going on with you and Maria? You got a call not to respond to her and she said she got a call not to respond to Mackey or me! I can understand if you or Maria decided not to respond on your own, but I’m at a loss of why either of you would allow someone else to decide what your 1st Amendment rights should be or ask that you two acquiesce your 1st Amendment rights! Man and Woman up!

    I’m disappointed that either would hide behind someone else’s idea of the 1st Amendment and stop the flow of a healthy dialogue between consenting adults, unless YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE?

    1. C’MON MAN, Don, would the hell could tell Ernie and Maria what to say or not to say and more importantly who would they listen too? NOBODY. Don, what black candidate for mayor has Ernie and Ralph Ford endorse and supported? Ernie is the senior in time serving as a elected person in the City and Ralph Ford is the senior district leader in the 139th district and they are always supporting candidates for mayor, they can’t find a black candidate to get behind and support and same goes for the chairman of the Democratic Town Committee. Even now Mayor Ganim is passing out crumbs to the black community with a few appointments, there’s a whole damn pie out there and blacks are still getting crumbs.

    2. Brother, Don
      No i have nothing to hide.Nobody spoke to me about not to responding to Councilwomen Elect Maria Pereira Comments. This is my choice sometimes you just have to walk away. It is what it is. Ron its not my job to find a black or hispanic candidate for Mayor.

  19. I got you Brother Newton, it’s just that you said;
    Ernie Newton says:
    November 26, 2019 at 10:29 am
    Hot of the press
    Just got a call from someone that asked me to please not to respond to Maria’s comments anymore.


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