1. Well that’s a ridiculously looong parade. Nearly 2.5-mile-long parade route in the June heat! I know that’s why a lot of bands and other marching units don’t participate and if they do, they charge a premium price.

    The Barnum committee really needs to rethink this route for the future.

  2. It’s about time. When Peter Hurst was the Ringmaster he had it changed to this route but then it was changed again. I have no problem in making the route shorter but the parade should end at our great park, Seaside Park.

  3. *** Isn’t this route the old route they used to take 25 years ago? I remember a route down Main St. headed South that passed St. Vincents Hosp.! Folks and offices on upper Main St. would have their water hoses out in the front yards to spray up in the air and k=cool down the marchers and animals too. From Central High School to Seaside Park at 12 noon Sun is a long hot route, especially in uniforms, etc. *** GOOD LUCK TO ALL! ***


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