Murphy, Blumenthal To Host Meeting With Puerto Rican Community

Senators Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal will meet with members of the Puerto Rican community Wednesday, 3:15 pm in Conference Room A of the Margaret Morton Government Center, 999 Board Street, to provide an update on relief efforts and receive feedback after Hurricane Maria left Puerto Rico without many critical resources such as power, shelter, running water, accessible roads, and medical supplies.

State Representative Chris Rosario will join the meeting as well as relief organizations. Murphy and Blumenthal will also emphasize that “Washington’s continued neglect of Puerto Rico has made the devastation worse.”

More than 275,000 Puerto Ricans live in Connecticut, making up about 8 percent of the state’s population, according to the senators.

Bridgeport has the largest Puerto Rican population in the state.



  1. Bridgeport’s Puerto Rican community has made some mighty contributions to the culture and vitality of the city.

    It is appalling how badly the current administration has dealt with the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico. Mr. Trump has shown nothing but antipathy toward the Spanish speaking world.

      1. Mr. Trump’s antipathy and disdain for the Spanish speaking world is going to haunt him. The United States of America is home to a karge and growing Latino population thatbis savvy in business and politics. Alienating that community will cost the GOP its najority in the House of Representatives and possibly the Senate. Once the Democrats tke control impeachment proceedings are a sure thing.

  2. Cosmic Jibaros will be performing a concert at The Acoustic, 2926 Fairfield Avenue in Black Rock, this Sunday October 15th. 

    “Come move your feet and put your hearts together to stand with Puerto Rico!! Outside food is welcome, so grab your dinner and come enjoy and evening of community support.

    “Doors open at 5:00pm

    “Suggested donation of $20 – Minimum donation $10

    “Proceeds benefit The Band Together Fund for Save the Children (Band Together has generously offered to match funds donated at the show up to $2000!!)”

  3. Some of the school children effected by the hurricne devastation on on the island of Puerto Rico recently arrived in Bridgeport to continue their education. Joe Ganim, true to form, used the occasion for a photo op to promote his brand. How touching. The people of Puerto Rico have experienced devastation on a Biblical scale, 85% of the island is still without electricity, drinking water is in woefully short supply, virtually every home destroyed, hospital patients are dying from lack of facilities and medicine, and it’s still raining. The children that arrived in Bridgeport have been uprooted from the only homes they have known and Joe Ganim used them like props on a movie set. 

    This weasel has got to go.

  4. Mr. Trump is more concerned with how his administration is perceived than anything else. He bristled at  Carmen Yulín Cruz, the mayor if San Juan, for her apparent lack of gratitude. Really? As the mayor of an American city she has every right to expect the federal government to step up to support American citizens in time of need. (Trump thought Puerto Rico was a foreign nation  until someone told him it was a U.S. territory.)


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