Moore Supporter Calls Judge Stevens A ‘Slave’

You never know what Tony Barr’s gonna say next, but one of Marilyn Moore’s biggest boosters describes Superior Court Judge Barry Stevens repeatedly as a “slave” in a Facebook video following the jurist’s rejection of a lawsuit brought by Moore supporters challenging the results of the September 10 Democratic primary for mayor. See video above.

Judge Barry Stevens

The whip-slashing syntax of Barr, a Democratic Town Committee member, is often a thing to behold but directing the inflammatory rhetoric at a minister of justice–whom lawyers and judges alike following the proceedings maintain framed the correct legal decision–highlights the personal acrimony Barr has espoused during the campaign.

Tony Barr with Marilyn Moore.

“He chose to be who he is, a slave … all I got seeing you up there in that courtroom sitting up there is a slave,” Barr remarks into the camera.

Barr writes on his Facebook page:

Tony Barr 138th district elected official. Judge Stevens had the opportunity today to change the ugliness in Bridgeport. However he looked the other way. He could have been Thurgood Marshall instead he chose to be Clarence Thomas. Meaning no matter what level we reach in life. We still have to follow master!

What that actually means is unclear, perhaps a suggestion that everyone is an infidel for not genuflecting to his candidate’s calling. Barr wears proudly in the video the 20 years of heavy federal prison time as a drug enforcer. Barr declares the judge had a chance to make a difference, not once pointing out the real power comes from lawmakers, not those who interpret the laws. Moore as a five-year state senator has not advanced any reforms regarding absentee ballots.

Barr, who briefly entered the mayoral race, then waged a failed candidacy for City Council in September losing handily, enjoys the “loose cannon” declaration, a screen shot to boot featuring an image of him with Moore, something that was chronicled in a CT Post article.

Perhaps Frederick Douglass’ quote is a far more appropriate rejoinder considering Judge Stevens’ ruling: “Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave.”



  1. I believe he meant “Clarence” Thomas not “Clearance” Thomas, unless Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has been marked down.

    He starts with stating the Judge ruled the way he ruled and he does not have a problem with it, but then goes on to repeatedly call him a “slave,” compare him to Judge Clarence Thomas, state that the plaintiff’s attorney’s were just okay and that although he offered them legal advice and strategy, they chose not to pursue his advice although he knows everything about the law because he learned about it while in prison for 21 years, and he further states the Judge will never reach the pinnacle of becoming a Supreme Court Justice because of this ruling and because Tony Barr says so.

    What intelligent and strategic candidate for office would EVER publicly align themselves with Tony Barr?

    This is who Marilyn Moore aligned herself with in the 138th District. We were all incredulous and laughed uncontrollably when it first became public. I hope it is obvious why.

    1. Maria,,,,,,for chrissaakes. We are all going blue over your incessant and over the top anti-Moore. I can live with that. However. I will not stand for your attacks in Bridgeport Generation Now.

  2. Dear Tony Barr(ier),
    Do you feel better for calling out Judge Stevens(on)? Terming him a “slave” serving a “master” yet unable to correctly pronounce his name multiple times? Or is that merely a sign of your disrespect for him and disappointment that his decision had more to do with the parties, the facts brought forth, and the law than your “plantation analysis”? Comparing him negatively to Justice Thurgood Marshall and similar to Justice Clarence Thomas?? He is a person of color so he fit your “slave” category, perhaps. And he went to law school, has read a lot of law, represented clients before the bar, and received a judicial appointment to the bench so that kind of matches up to your having much time on your hands behind bars for 21 years and therefore reading a lot of criminal law and procedure. (But you did not read to find out that bearing arms while dealing drugs was illegal.)

    You were seeking a path out, to the freedom you did not see the value of even when folks were going out of their way to assist you? Is Tony Barr(ier) experienced as a helper or harmer currently?

    Do you not see that your way of dividing the world into good heroes and not-good un- heroes leaves few for folks to follow? We are sinners,or at least sometime sinners, and it appears that more than a few wish to remain in sight but unrepentant and unforgiven while active on life’s stage. Technology helps you project an image, but the longer you strut around waiting and wanting to be listened to without addressing actual issues, facts and figures, and the current context from your point of view, just what is that image? Where is your grace and spirit showing? Why do you act like a judge so often, becoming an “authority” when you have missed the entire human viewpoint? When you do that your stage explodes again and again. You become old news, disregarded, and then what? Is this a road to “followership” or whatever you were working on with Charlie? Take a breath…..or two…..reflect and consider what others see offered when you put out your hand to shake?? What do you think folks see? Where is the spiritual being within the human experience? Who is the man in your mirror? Truly? Time will tell.

    1. JML, we do not have to wait for time to tell. I will tell you Tony Barr is currently a helper. Somewhat like Gen Now with their lawsuit that Moore can distance herself from, considering this race was based on racial emotion, not substance on how to address the Port’s problems like AB’s abuse.

      While Barr calls this Judge a slave, he does not call Moore a slave who is making the laws this Judge has to play with, with regards to the corruption in the Port and its Abs current system. I go back to Lennie’s statement; Moore as a Bridgeport Senator could have proposed laws to address AB abuse prior to being a victim of it. It’s not like she didn’t know. There were other lawsuits, I believe few primaries were already overturned by courts. So, there was no doubt Moore was fully aware of the abuse in the Port.
      Many people in CT when to prison for selling weed because the law said it was an illegal drug. Now lawmakers what it changed it to get a cut of the income through taxes. Let’s not forget was a legally lawful for a white to own slaves with laws governing those rights. Made by lawmakers, be it not Moore, but lawmakers in the same American legislation bodies She resides in. As well as judges who had to adhere to those laws like Judge Stevens.

      Again, you are white, like not being black enough, or the reference of the N-word. You are removed or distance from it. You can get a sense of it, but it will never conjure the emotion of it. While it may conjure up different feelings among blacks. One thing will remain constant for them they are black the remnants of slavery in America is inherent. You yourself had/have many things to say about white privilege and the treatment of black by whites. What was your purpose? To change one’s mindset, particular, racist whites, because you will not get much push back from many black people. So too is Barr trying to change one’s mindset, the black and minority to not vote for Joe based on the emotion of treatment of those who are without “privilege”. However your condemnation, being white, of a black man could suggest, A, black is not always right, B, more telling is the emotion in you about the past treatment by white of Blacks and being white you are adherently connected to slavery even though you are far removed for it yet are still being blamed for it because you are white. But defer on making on assumption on your mindset, not to mention my aluminum hat is wrapped pretty tight and I’m not getting much blood flow. BAM 😊

      PS. When you look in the mirror at your spiritual being. You will never understand the human experience of being black, and the emotion of slavery in the American and the New World. Even though today black Americans are far removed from those who lived and experienced it, and they are even farther removed from the slave system by other blacks in Africa, for that matter, many blacks living throughout Africa today.

      You have to understand whites like you in Blackrock are not going anywhere. You’re protecting your privilege, power, if you will be it, you are all slaves yourselves. For you are all slaves to the will of the “Master” of our universe, who or whatever it is, do you think there is a legislative body creating the law of physics for the universe like the laws produce in Hartford?

      1. You have met Tony? Listened to what he has told you? Continued to follow him on occasion in person and on paper, perhaps. Congratulations. So there are people you meet in person. Since I am not one of them, and since I have had no recognition by Tony, that you speak for him, save your 600 word outbursts in the future, please.
        Until you choose to meet face to face, the way many confident people do meet in the course of public activity, I shall ignore discussions with you. You wish to learn? Take a risk. What could you possibly lose? Time, perhaps but it took you lots of time to write over 600 words of opinion. Your right. Perhaps you are not familiar with the term ‘universals’ as with human respect? Think about it. Time will tell.

        1. But JML, discussions with you are such a learning experience, especially with my grammar and sentence construction. 🙂 This 600-word opinion took longer than most of my other 600 outbursts. As you can tell it’s with fewer grammar mistakes and better sentence cohesiveness structure. I took more time then you think. I for you. 🙂

          No, I have not met Tony or you personally, I am not saying his behavior in calling the back judge a slave or his continuous statements about race is helpful to HIS border brand of voters. But as a surrogate for Moore reminding blacks how White Americans as abused them and trying to attach Joe, Yes it helps by conjuring up emotion within the black “universals” because of slavery that White “universal” will not understand. Is that not what was done for Trump by the media with white middle America?

          Although you may have no recognition of Tony Barr it didn’t stop you from your 389-word outburst. Come to think about it maybe there is some “universals” between you and me. BAM 🙂

          We are talking about Universal Studios Right? 🙂

  3. Why does Tony Barr get so much coverage on OIB. He is nothing. And for people to talk about him is inexplicable. Yes,Marilyn Moore made a mistake of allowing him anywhere her campaign. IMHO,this post about Barr is meant to show poor decisions by Marilyn Moore. I truly believe that is the intent of this posting. And I am not backing off.

    1. Letting Tony Barr into her campaign is a series of mistakes by the Marilyn Moore campaign. The mistakes are so egregious that I cannot vote for Moore. I will not vote for Ganim. In fact,I will not vote at all in this year’s municipal elections. I would like to work and move forward with groups like Bridgeport Generation Now and other groups that are bringing forward fresh new faces and fresh new voiced. Be warned,anyone and everyone who goes after Bridgeport Generation Now will be dealing with me on OIB(at least to the point that Mr.Grimaldi will print my remarks). I am ready to go to war for anyone and everyone who denigrates BGN. I really do mean every comment will get a remark from me.

  4. I want to know who’s bright idea it was to put him on the DTC slate in the 138th. He loves saying Tony Barr elected official. Tony Barr is not an elected official, he rode the coattails of everyone else. Tony Barr makes no sense when he does his Facebook live videos. Doesn’t even know the judges name for heaven sake. And Marilyn Moore wants to be mayor, This is who she surrounds herself with. Just imagine who will be on her administration.

  5. Wow! That’s quite a succinct summary of the labyrinthine analytical process that lead to the diplomatic assessment of the Judge’s character by Tony. What an asset for Senator Moore’s mayoral campaign! Maybe he can work to help her get re-elected to her senate seat?…

  6. If I didn’t know better,I would think Marilyn aligned herself with Barr to make sure she wouldn’t win…And honestly,after seeing how she ran her campaign,it just may be true.

  7. Tony Barr, I strongly suggest that read about Willie Lynch and you will see that it’s talking about you. “The Willie Lynch Letter and The Making of A Slave” is a speech delivered by Willie Lynch to an audience on the bank of the James River in Virginia in 1712 regarding control of slaves within the colony. The speaker, William Lynch, is said to have been a slave owner in the West Indies, and was summoned to Virginia in 1712; in part due to several slave revolts in the area prior to his visit, and more so because of his reputation of being an authoritarian and strict slave master. The Willie Lynch Letter is an account of a short speech given by Willie Lynch, in which he tells other slave owners that he has discovered the “secret” to controlling enslaved Africans by setting them against one another.

    1. Ron, I suggest you open your eyes beyond race. What about whites controlling other whites? American’s so-called whites Europe descendants, including Maria’s people, had been fighting wars for centuries in Europe for control. over each other. As well as nations in Africa. Maybe you didn’t pull back that curtain Malcome X pulled back for you that revealed the wizard.

      Ron, let’s not forget, AB’s “harvesting” has been an issue in the Port for many years and many white people were losers because of it . As well as minority winners. This Judge, who Barr called a slave, clearly stated the process and laws regarding AB’s needs changes at the legislation level.. And let’s not forget the judge only heard this case because Moore didn’t have a ballot line. So if Senator Moore loses, You, Day, Jim, Bob, donj, Gen Now, and all of her supports, including Moore, herself, needs to change it. So win or loose change in the Port should be coming, Right? However, I hear nothing about real change to even the playing field, regardless of what game you seem to be playing, just the change of control of the helm of the Port. That being said, this judge could have ordered a new primary based on the evidence. We have to come to an understanding Judges render unjust decisions, contrary to evidence, all the time, right Judge Lopes.

  8. Have voting the weekend before Election Day and onElection Day itself. No excuses.
    If someone still wants to vote by AB they will need to fill out a more detailed application giving specifics of what their illness or disability is. Stating where they will be for being out of state (not city) for all three days of voting. Make voting more accessible and AB ‘s more restrictive.
    And make the penalties more.
    But that won’t pass in Hartford. The other way to do it is by making AB’s no reason needed and watch the abuses become even worse.

    1. Bob, do you know of any Bridgeport elected official or Democratic Town Committee leader in the past or now who has been fighting for absentee voting and voting fraud with any type legislation to correct the terrible past history of voting fraud?

      1. A few years ago there was a “proposal” to have no excuse AB’s. Anybody can vote by AB and they didn’t need an excuse. It was defeated.
        At least my way of thinking in Bport you would have 100% turnout or more.
        If they cheat like this when there are limits can you imagine how much they would cheat without any???

  9. it would take the scammers about a week to control it all.
    Mario supported a change in the law that would allow anyone over 65 to request an AB.
    Why would he support that if he didn’t think he could control that.


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