Moore Claims Headquarters Broken Into–Where Was Campaign Staff At Peak Hours?

Moore’s headquarters located above Joseph’s Steakhouse.

Marilyn Moore claims her headquarters was broken into on Monday–at a time normally occupied by campaign staff four weeks from the general election.

Moore asserts, in a news release from her Campaign Manager Gemeem Davis, who has taken a leave of absence from Bridgeport Generation Now that has brought a lawsuit to overturn results of the September 10th Democratic primary, that “between approximately 5:30pm – 6:45pm, the Moore for Mayor campaign office at 360 Fairfield Avenue was broken into. Campaign staff discovered the break-in and called 911 last night. A Patrol officer was dispatched to the campaign office and took a statement.”

The campaign’s news release did not specify if any damage occurred or what led them to believe there was a break-in.

Under general protocol to gain entry into the building Downtown, you must buzz the intercom and announce yourself to be allowed access. Presumably no one was there, according to the news release, to allow someone in, unless the door was ajar.

That time period, for a political campaign, is peak efficiency to have a headquarters loaded with paid staff or volunteers. Why wasn’t it occupied?  Did they just leave the door open for a volunteer to show up? Any camera surveillance?

Moore’s campaign is clearly trying to make hay declaring from the write-in candidate “I want the people of Bridgeport to know that I will not be intimidated.”

From what?

On Wednesday the Bridgeport Police Department issued this statement about the incident:

In response to several inquiries, the Bridgeport Police Department has offered the following statement on what has been an alleged report of burglary two days ago at 360 Fairfield Avenue.

Officers on shift responded immediately to a call from dispatch on October 7th at 7:09 pm and arrived on scene at 7:10 pm for a reported “break-in.” The complainant at the scene stated that she did not believe anything was missing or out of place.

The incident reported on Monday evening is being investigated by the Bridgeport Police Department. The Bridgeport Police Department encourages any resident, to immediately report any criminal activity. Anyone with information on this or any other incident is encouraged to call the Bridgeport Police Tips line:  203-576-TIPS.



  1. Let me take a wild guess: When SEEC Investigators ask for campaign records for all Black Male paid staff or volunteer, “We got broken into and we didn’t realize thosr records were missing”.

  2. I received a copy of the full press release.

    It goes on to say public safety is an important issue for Marilyn Moore and the Joe Ganim ran on public safety as part of his platform in 2015, however he has been “incompetent” in this regard.

    The one word Marilyn Moore should not use to describe anyone else is “incompetent.”


  3. Bridgeport Generation Now Votes attorneys subpoened me and I had to be in court at 11:30 AM.

    We returned from lunch and I was sitting in the hall as it was my understanding all witnesses had to be sequestered. I noticed Lydia Martinez exit the courtroom. I asked her had she testified because it was my understanding that a witness could not be in the courtroom . She said she had not yet testified.

    In that moment I forgot that Lydia Martinez was also a named defendant.

    Although I specifically asked the question of Lydia Martinez and was looking directly at her Callie what’s her name started to interject and answer my question. I simply walked by her and stated “no one asked you a question.”

    What is more troubling is that Callie what’s her name’s attorney asked all witnesses to be sequestered in the hallway while other witnesses testified.

    Jorge Cruz, Rosemary Wong, Beverly Cox and another woman who were defendants in the matter exited the courtroom while their attorney Dennis Bradley just sat there. I believe as named defendants they had a right to be present in the courtroom to hear all testimony. Dennis Bralet is representing all four of them and said nothing as they exited the courtroom.

    Three of them testified today and although Dennis Bradley was their attorney he did not raise a single objection regarding a single question his clients were asked. City Attorney Bohannon repeatedly objected to to questions Dennis Bradley’s clients were being asked.

    1. So your hatred of Callie Heilmann is based upon which thing:

      1) She is challenging absentee ballots and you’re part of that inquiry and promised a character assassination?

      2) She’s white?

      3) She has a nice house in Black Rock?

      4) You’re a shill for Ganim?

      5) Your breath stinks?

      6) All of the above?

      1. None. I don’t “hate” Callie what’s her name.

        I just take issue with this lawsuit which used three vulnerable members of our community as pawns in this lawsuit.

        I take issue with the pretense that Bridgeport Generation Now / Bridgeport Generation Now Votes is “non-partisan.” Marilyn Moore is clearly their candidate.

        I take issue with the pretense that this lawsuit is about protecting vulnerable voters and democracy. It’s not. It’s about overturning an entire election because their chosen candidate lost.

        I take issue with members of this organization attempting to speak for those that are impoverished, downtrodden, lacking a great education, residing in public housing and more when they have no connection to those circumstances and those that have lived them.

        In closing I am “white”, I have no idea what Callie what’s her name ‘s home looks like, I am not a “shill’ for anyone, certainly not Ganim. In addition my mentor has a lovely home in Black Rock and I have no issue with my mentor.

        I have NEVER spoken with you, therefore you know nothing about my “breath.”

        Your post was sophomoric, especially for a well -educated, white, elitist tourist.

        I know you can do better. Those of us that so deeply admire and respect Limousine Liberals expect and deserve more from someone of your stature. 🙂

        1. Please note I am not a defendant in Callie what’s her name farce of a lawsuit.

          I was subpoened to testify about three residents in my District that asserted a black and Hispanic woman entered their home, filled out the voters ballots for the voters and that all three had no idea who they voted for.

          They discarded their ballots and I ordered them replacements which required a reason for the replacement. I had written that Ganim canvassers had entered their homes and completed their ballots, therefore they were discarded.

        2. Sophomoric is fine. We need some balance to your wild, Trump-esque narrative about ‘tourists’ & ‘carpetbaggers’ influencing YOUR city. Take a page out of ol’ Trumpy’s playbook, accuse the outsiders of lacking integrity, hammer the partisan angle and never mention any other founders of Bpt Generation Now except that one tourist, Limousine Liberal, Black Rocker, Callie. I think you nailed the narrative they fed you.

          1. Ummm…

            Nothing I have stated has been “wild.”

            Unlike Donald Trump I believe in being accurate and factual.

            I don”t have an issue with ANY Bridgeport resident having a seat at the table. I have an issue with those without roots attempting to take leadership roles related to issue and residents they have no connection to whether it be educationally, economically or socially.

            We don’t need saviors. We need those who really want to learn the issues and join in the effort in a respectful and supportive manner.

            Callie is the “Co-founder” of Bridgeport Generation Now. There is only one more founder other than her.

            I was not “fed” anything by anyone.

          2. Maria, I do believe you pride yourself on being factual, but continually referring to her as Callie “whats her name” reads like a petty attempt to discredit all of the good work she has done to get people civically engaged, similar to the good work you have done investigating discrepancies in the way our city is managed. You may not agree with her political motives but do her the courtesy of being factual and accurate by using Callie Heilmann’s full name.

  4. Oh yes and there was another shooter from the grassy knoll. Oh yes and Area 51 is full of little green men and UFOs. Oh yes I saw a dinosaur like creature swimming in Loch Ness.

  5. Wouldn’t it be funny if the alleged perpetrators discovered what her campaign could not; released it and watched as the public and pundits giggled, grinned and guffawed ?

  6. It’s so interesting that with all of the missteps that Moore campaign did including absentee ballots that Moore didn’t get any advantage with ABs and remember the issues with ABs didn’t start in 2019 with Marilyn Moore this problem has been going on decades before Moore but there hasn’t been outrage until now with Marilyn Moore people have blinders on about the DTC, Mario Testa and Joe Ganim who have gotten the rewards from AB;s and still Marilyn Moore beat Joe Ganim at the voting polls. Let’s see what Judge Stevens comes up with because he is a well respected judge.

      1. Derek, nothing new about that on Bridgeport, we had George Bellinger a business man and Carl Horton s banker both black men and both failed to get enough signatures to run for mayor. Moore has never ran in a Citywide election and both of her campaign managers were new, plus she was running against a veteran well oil machine, the DTC with Mario Testa at the control. Any candidate challenging the Democrat incumbent will need any where between 500 to 700 absentee ballots in the bank before they even run because that’s how far ahead of the game is with Mario.

        1. I hear what you’re saying; I don’t have any comment on the break in. By the same token, however, the sheer breadth of incompetence displayed by the management of her mayoral campaign borders on the absurd. Sounds as though Ms. Moore delegated too much of the campaign’s operation to individuals that think they know everything and had a fine line of bullshit.

          Senator Moore is no virgin to local politics. If the people running her campaign didn’t have a program to the Political Theater Of The Absurd In Bridgeport in Bridgeport she should have had one.

  7. The criminals were successful in full daylight during working hours. Witnesses say they were able to locate the tiny shreds under the file marked “Missing Signatures”.


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