Ganim Pledges Tax Cut, More Money For Education

Ganim at fundraiser for City Council incumbents.

Cutting taxes, safer streets, more money for education. Those are promises Mayor Joe Ganim made Tuesday night–if he receives another four-year term–four weeks from the general election.

Ganim attended a fundraiser for City Council President Aidee Nieves and Maria Valle who represent the East Side 137th District.

Finance Director Ken Flatto, according to Ganim, gave the mayor the green light to announce taxes will be cut next year. Ganim cut taxes slightly this budget year. Ganim also declared “We are going to commit more money for education.”

Education spending has been a thorny issue for Ganim in the face of a cash-strapped school system. Education spending is something he’s hearing from voters in his door-to-door campaigning. What does more money for schools mean?

Ken Flatto gives thumbs-up for tax cut.

Ganim also drew a contrast with State Senator Marilyn Moore, who lost a tight primary to Ganim September 10th and is waging a write-in campaign, regarding a commercial casino for Bridgeport, something that has not always been on the radar for Moore who voted to approve a casino in East Windsor a few years ago that has not yet broken ground.

“We need to continue to push the casino issue for Bridgeport,” Ganim told applauding supporters. “One of the members of the delegation (Moore) who thinks she can do a better job for Bridgeport voted for a casino for everywhere in the state except for Bridgeport.”

Moore has stated she’s open to a casino for Bridgeport if it’s part of a larger entertainment destination for the city, but has not championed the effort as a state senator.



  1. Lol yea ok!! Coming from the guy who the people did not vote for on the machines haha. btw Lennie this like button is different and I like it in a weird way but we should have a dislike button to!

  2. HAHAH..Joe will say anything for the next few weeks.Joe please give the people of Bpt a little credit,don’t blantantly lie to us.We know all about you,and no one believes this. Geezz

  3. Joe, has to be pissed that you put this information out there in public. He didn’t expect the room of 25ppl would be risky place to tell these funny stories of reducing taxes and increasing education spending.

    Maybe someone can ask him why he has yet to match the $3.7 Million Marilyn got from state boding in Dec. 2018 for the Congress Street Bridgeport. There’s also an additional $10Million dollars in federal funds for this bridge that we have not matched. The bridge could have been under construction already if it was truly a priority.

  4. “We cannot depend on AB’s again” -Mario Testa at 5:25

    My theory is that Ganim reached the maximum amount of people who were willing to vote for him in the primary. They would have been way better off with an even lower turnout. Now that they are scared of the state looking into their “AB operation,” I wonder how they plan to rally more support without the AB’s that always seem to save the day for them?

    With all the reporting that is highlighting Ganim’s questionable integrity (especially the NTY article I find it hard to believe that #TeamGanim will be able to recruit new players in an honest way.

    It’s time to give Bridgeport Moore. Maybe the New York Times will have something nice to say about BPT for a change.

  5. Joe Perkus, sir, please tell me how Moore is any better. All the deceptive and manipulative tactics by her people is just downright sick. Nobody should be afraid to vote for who they want. This is not about AB’s this is personal. If it was about AB’s then folks would have challenged in long before now. This entire situation is scandalous. The New York Times will have something good to say about Bridgeport when people stop acting crazy and respect people! If we don’t value one another who WILL?

    1. Hey Stephanie,

      Tell us how Boca Oyster Bar benefits the people of the city of Bridgeport. That’s the only “development” Little Joe Ganim can claim as his own this term.

      1. Hey Derek,

        Let us talk about economic development: What has Moore done to increase jobs and revenue in our city. She voted against a casino among so many other things that would help boost jobs in our town. I am confused. How could the pot call the kettle black.

  6. Bridgeport voters,
    He is mocking you now. He is promising things that he can’t deliver but, what the hell, he believes you are stupid enough to believe him.
    If you’re like Stephanie, then go out and vote for Joe.
    Otherwise, you are write with Moore.

    1. Bob, I find it troubling that so many people don’t know the history of voting problems in Bridgeport but they want to blame Marilyn Moore for the worse ABs in the City’s history. All one has to do is to go back to when Joe Ganim and Mario Testa came into power and look at how many DTC members and elected Democrats have bought on charges concerning ABs, let me start with this:

      City Councilwoman Lydia Martinez admitted to illegally assisting in the filling out of absentee ballots, as well as encouraging those not eligible to vote absentee to do so. Martinez targeted residents of an assisted living home, Harborview Towers. She was ordered by the Connecticut Elections Enforcement Commission to pay a $500 fine. This was not the first time she was fined by the Commission: In 2008, she was found liable to pay $664 to the Citizens Election Fund for the excess expenditures her campaign committee made for her failed run for the State House.

      Sybil Allen, while serving as a Democrat on the Bridgeport Town Committee, engaged in a range of absentee ballot-related fraud. Allen completed ballot applications in the name of residents, forged signatures, and on at least one occasion got a voter to forge a ballot registration form for a family member who no longer lived in the community. Allen also told one voter that a candidate was not on the ballot and watched voters fill out their ballots before taking possession of them. Allen eventually agreed to pay a civil fine of $5,000 and was barred from running for re-election for two years.

      Warren Blunt, a city councilman in Bridgeport, pleaded guilty to being present while people cast their absentee ballots and subsequently taking those ballots while running for re-election in the town’s Democratic primary. The State of Connecticut Elections Enforcement Commission fined Blunt $2,500 and required him to resign from the town committee. He was also barred from running for elected office again for two years.

      As part of a “get out the vote” campaign leading up to the 2000 election, Ronald Caveness admitted to distributing absentee ballots, being present while people filled them out, and then collecting them. After an investigation by the Connecticut Elections Enforcement Commission, he agreed to resign from the Democratic Town Committee, not seeking re-election for two years, and pay a fine of $4,000, which was eventually reduced to $1,000.

      Plus here we have Joe Ganim who had to do time in federal prison for stealing taxpayers money plus losing his law license for lying and what did Marilyn Moore do?

      Paulette Park, while working for a candidate for Bridgeport’s 2000 Democratic Town Committee primary election, illegally persuaded voters to list false reasons for requesting absentee ballots, assisted them in applying for absentee ballots, and took possession of the absentee ballots after watching voters fill them out. The State of Connecticut Elections Enforcement Commission fined her $5,000 and banned her from working on future campaigns.

      Jacqueline Rogers was a campaign worker for James Holloway, a candidate for City Council. In the 1993 primary, she was paid $150 to dress up in a nurse’s uniform with a certified nurse nametag and solicit “emergency” absentee ballots from patients. She instructed at least one voter to cast her ballot for Holloway. The primary was ultimately decided in Holloway’s favor by just nine votes. The Connecticut Elections Enforcement Commission barred her from participating in political campaigns for five years.

      Curtis Mouning, a campaign volunteer for State Representative Mario Testa during the 1990 election, admitted to signing the names of five of his friends and family members to request absentee ballots to vote in the primary. He was ordered to pay a civil penalty to the Connecticut Elections Enforcement Commission in the amount of $500.

      Former state representative Christina Ayala pleaded guilty to two counts of providing a false statement and was sentenced to a suspended one-year prison term followed by two years of conditional discharge. Ayala had voted in a series of elections, including the 2012 presidential election, in districts in which she did not live. When confronted about residency discrepancies by state investigators, Ayala fabricated evidence to corroborate her false residency claims. Before agreeing to a plea deal, she faced eight counts of fraudulent voting, 10 counts of primary or enrollment violations, and one count of tampering with or fabricating physical evidence. As a condition of her plea deal, she is barred from seeking elected office for two years.

    1. I know you asked Lennie but I may be wrong but I think I know. The original video was a Facebook link and the poster deleted it. When this happens all copies of the video that was shared disappear. Team Ganim deletes a lot of their own posts, and blocks dissenting opinion. This is why I have taken to screenshots and photos and reposting them where they can’t be deleted. Unfortunately video cannot be screenshot.

      I mean there’s things I I’ve said on FB wish I could take back, but erasing or deleting it is just grimy. We all heard it though it happened. Here’s a clue for team Ganim if you don’t mean it, don’t say it.

        1. In my humble opinion there is no there there. My reading of the statute “must be signed in the presence” is satisfied. After about the first minute and a half you hear Ms. Moore in the room (listen carefully) and after about two minutes Ms. Moore appears on camera 3 TAbles away. She was present in the room when it was signed. So there is no there, there unless of course there is a part of the statute that disallows someone else presence while the petition is signed. $50 says this case is found to be lacking merit.

      1. You might want to take some of your own advise. A person who post a snap shot with their version of context is like FOX. You want to impress someone with “THEIR OWN WORDS” but use them as “You” Please. That’s semi slimy. Post the entire conversation . Let the reader decide who had REASON…

  7. Judge Barry Stevens noted that some votes were cast by people who did not meet the strict requirements for absentee ballots: illness, military service and being out of town on the date of the primary, among others.

    “The criteria does not include not wanting to go physically and voting in the voting booth,” Stevens said. “In this regard, their absentee ballots …should not have been submitted.”


    1. Stevens opposed Bohannon and Droney’s reading of state law on the definition of a mistake in vote counting, giving the plaintiffs more room to pursue their case. “If it should not have been submitted, it shouldn’t have been counted,” Stevens said. “An error in this context is synonymous with a mistake in the count.”


    Senator Moore has studiously avoided this topic — being well-connected to the SHU BOD and Trumbull-Bridgeport-border developers that are now building hundreds of SHU apartments on Lindeman Drive (adjacent to/upstream from the already flood-prone area of Lake Forest) that will use Bridgeport services and pay Trumbull taxes, per the politically-sanctioned policy of suburb-pirating of Bridgeport services even as they profit by the taxes (and in this case, as they fulfill, state, “affordable housing” quotas per housing that is essentially in Bridgeport…).

    The Ganim and Finch Administrations have actively cooperated (actually facilitated) the SHU expansion and takeover of the North End (Ganim I rolled-over and acquiesced to the first dorms, and later, Ganim II sold Bridgeport parkland to SHU for expansion; the Finch Administration rolled over to more dorm construction and gave SHU carte blanche to our schools and use of our parkland…

    But, on another level, as a state senator for the 22nd, Senator Moore has remained silent on SHU actions in the North End and has avoided acknowledging the many environmental and public-safety/public health issues (of state-level concern) related to the SHU-rentals in the North End (22nd District), as well as SHU-related (and non-related) Trumbull (also 22nd District) development issues that negatively impact her Bridgeport constituents…

    Read the article and realize the lack of concern of the aforementioned candidates for the welfare of their constituents — and the likelihood that they will do nothing, if elected/re-elected, to salvage the quality of life for residents in the huge North End of Bridgeport…

    Mayor Ganim’s concerns, voiced in the Post article, will last only until 8 PM, November 5… Senator Moore apparently doesn’t have such concerns — even for the election season… (No comment from the R/Rodriguez camp, either…)


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